Mailbird Hackathon Commences!

Posted by Christin on October 22, 2014


Marketing Manager

PR & Media Relations Supporting the team by communicating Mailbird and its great features to existing and potential users and media.

Published on October 22, 2014

As you know, all of us at Mailbird are so fortunate to be able to work with a wonderfully international team from around the world, and we are mega excited to announce the first Mailbird Hackathon 2014!!


Why should you care?

Because this is a really special time where all of our team members come together at the Startup Getaway (a Startup Studio by Livit) to put in long hours coding, planning, developing and prepping the next big things to come for Mailbird. With intense collaboration, we’ll be working around the clock just for you guys.

What we are getting done:

1)      Fine tuning the contacts manager with the new Mailbird 2.0 design
2)      Designing and developing final versions of a beautiful and productivity packed Mailbird 2.0, you are seriously going to love it!
3)      A new licensing system making it much easier activate and set up your Pro account, it will no longer be associated with the email you used when going Pro. Also, it will handle subscriptions like a charm.
4)      Switching from Awesomium to Chromium Embedded Framework (means better message handling, speed and more apps to integrate)
5)      A super handy, brand new notification center helping you get the most out of Mailbird
6)      Snooze feature as an early part of Wingman
7)      A snazzy new website to launch with Mailbird 2.0
8)      Educating others just like you, about how Mailbird can help you manage email better and free up more of your precious time so you can focus on the important stuff. Stay tuned for Hackathon progress updates on our blog!
9)      Finally, Mailbird is HIRING! Join our team, have a blast, learn a lot and be a part of our big vision to build the world’s best email solution that is highly secure, fast and innovative. We are looking for an experienced Senior C# back end developer here are the details, please share. We are simply looking for someone who rocks at coding – because building an email client is no easy feat.

Are you ready?

Get ready, because the Mailbird Hackathon commences Wednesday October 22, 2014 and ends Sunday November 23, 2014. It’s going to be epic.

If you have any special wishes or requests that you would like us to work on please do let us know by visiting our feature request page or by emailing We are here to listen and make Mailbird really awesome for you.

Finally, we just want to tell you how much you rock!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for choosing Mailbird. Thank you for giving us your vote of confidence in delivering a beautiful, fast, secure, highly productive and innovative email platform to the world.


Marketing Manager

PR & Media Relations Supporting the team by communicating Mailbird and its great features to existing and potential users and media.

Published on October 22, 2014


77 thoughts on "Mailbird Hackathon Commences!"

  • From some reason the mailbird software time isn’t correlated to the PC clock and users that I am sending emails to are complaining that it’s messes up their inbox.

    How I can change the time?
    needless to mention that the PC time is correct πŸ™‚

  • Is there an Android app in the works? Please and thank you!

  • Yes please! an app for Android would be awesome!

  • I
    All attempts at sending ends up in drafts– without any reason, I use MacAfee and malware anti virus ,otherwise I like it

  • Aaron Schmiedel says:

    Hiring!?!? COOL! How about me for uh.. senior do-nothing-but-sit-at-home-and-get-paid?

  • Won’t be able to use it for my companies until you have a unified inbox and unified search, but when that comes, I’ll definitely give it another try.

  • Can you add fast customized tags with hotkeys (as Foxmail

  • Waiting for MailBird 2.0 and hope that CalDav and CardDav features will be included !

  • Wunderlist app, option of managing folders, add filters

  • I just thought I could throw in my two cents. Love what you guys are doing btw!

    1. Would love to see sort by, or even better… GROUP BY sender/date/etc. And i honestly don’t mind if I have to dig through menus to find it if it had a beautiful UI πŸ™‚
    2. I think maybe different layout options would be great too like split-horizontal messages or some other design you guys can come up with. Cheers!

  • Can you give us an option for embedding replies without the line down the left? Just a normal inline copy would be great.

  • Can we please get support for iCloud contacts and calendar? This is so important for managing to work alongside iPhones.

    iCloud email woudl be good too.

  • Hi, I really love mailbird, but for my business it’s necessary manage archives of mails and be able to backup of each archive on a specific path.
    Thanks guys. Awesome work, continue in this way!

  • I would love to be able to drag and drop emails to folders also. And, it would be a time saver if I could tag multiple messages at the same time, and archive or delete them all at once. Thanks for a great piece of software!

    • Michael Bodekaer says:

      All your wishes will come true very soon – it is in fact already done for Mailbird 2.0 in our internal alpha πŸ™‚

  • I’m really just looking for the simple things. πŸ™‚

    β€”Serif font options
    β€”Sorting the inbox with the oldest mail on top
    β€”Ability to tag multiple messages at the same time, and to archive or delete multiple messages in the inbox all at once.
    β€”More keyboard usage (for example, being able to expand the “to/cc/bcc” area and add an e-mail address to the bcc without having to use the mouse)

    Loving Mailbird and looking forward to 2.0!

  • would be awesome, if someone hasn’t mentioned it yet, but if you were able to drag emails from the inbox to a desired folder say for instance new email thats a receipt and you have a folder where you keep all your receipt emails. Just drag the email to said folder instead of right click > move to > receipt folder. Unless there’s already a shortcut that i haven’t noticed yet

    • Michael Bodekaer says:

      Check. I finished this new feature in the upcoming MB 2.0 a few weeks ago πŸ™‚
      There is a shortcut already today though to help you do it.
      Press “V” to move to folder, or “L” to copy to folder.

  • I would love to get the drag emails for folder option soooo bad.

  • I just want to be able to delete contacts!

  • Really looking forward to hearing about everything that you’re working on!

  • LOVE Mailbird and excited to see all the new improvements! I would like to see the following:
    1. Editing tools such as HTML, spellchecker, fonts, backgrounds
    2. Being able to delete only one part of a conversation
    3. Better search
    4. Being able to scroll a page at a time through emails instead of one at a time (maybe I am doing it wrong though LOL)

    Keep up the great work!!

    • tropicaltech says:

      Thank you Pattyz!!!! Great suggestions and we are going to work hard on. We have spellchecker currently and yes more fonts would be great.

      Get ready for 2.0 in terms of backgrounds – some nice color theme customization coming your way! Stay tuned.

      It’s in the roadmap to create an advanced search allowing for you to search for specifics – like within particular folders, To field, subject lin etc.

      Love the requests πŸ˜€ thank you!

  • Delightful email client…I am (was) a long time Outlook user and business owner…now retired! I see several issues that I believe are critical for businesses to adopt Mailbird:
    1) A well integrated contact manager – with the ability to import and exchange contact data with Gmail, Outlook (the program), Hotmail, and the native Windows contacts feature.
    2) A well integrated calendar manager – with the ability, as noted above.
    3) Offline storage capability – with the ability to create user chosen folders for storage of messages and attachments – this is a critical issue for modern business given the record keeping and legal demands prevalent today. Online storage capacities are rapidly exceeded in the business world and additional storage for online storage are unnecessary expenditures.
    4) Following #3 above, the abilty to read, import, and write data to Microsoft Outlook “pst” files would be a powerful approach to solving the offline message storage issue – AND would really make business transitioning to Mailbird almost a “transparent” and painless move. Such read/write capability need not include any feature capabilities that Mailbird would not natively support.
    Here’s hoping that Mailbird progresses forward!

    • Awesome, thank you for your feedback, contact manager and native calendar is coming with Mailbird 2.0.

      As for offline storage and Import, they are already planned for future updates.

  • Purple Drank says:

    #1 should be the unified inbox. #2-#9 should also be the unified inbox. Also, why are the avatars in the back flipping us off?

  • Alex Mavrocordatos says:

    Option to see all received emails (from two or more accounts)? Currently I have to remember (!) to check. i.e. switch between primary account to secondary mail account

    thanks again

  • Alex Mavrocordatos says:

    Any chance to drag and drop mails from , say, inbox, to another folder? Currently you only get the option by right clicking in the messge header in the middle [messages] panel.
    Thanks for the clean interface!

    • Michael Bodekaer says:

      Check. We finished this feature just a few weeks ago, so it’ll be ready for our upcoming 2.0 release πŸ™‚

  • Hello, great job. If I can ask for some mailbird option.. Automatically save attachements to computer from specific sender will be great. Thnks

  • Great product-possible to make it more touch friendly for windows 8 laptops?

  • I absolutely LOVE that you’re introducing the snooze feature (which I have been using very much in Mailboxapp on my phone) πŸ˜€

    • Michael Bodekaer says:

      Me too hehe. And I think everyone here at the Mailbird team is especially excited about this feature – perfect productivity and inbox management booster feature πŸ™‚

  • yes please – an app for Android

  • Mine doesn’t always show the sent message along with the reply.
    Can the icons on the left also have the name of the icon next to it rather than or as well as when the mouse hovers over it.

  • i wrote some features missing (not mentioned before i think) when i was uninstalling mailbird, but noone replied, even i asked for it πŸ™

    • Dita Anindhika says:

      Hi Jacek,

      We did read every reasons why you’re leaving and what you would love to see in an email client. You’re the one with auto generated identity idea, right? πŸ™‚
      Anyway, we also sent you a reply to birdy********** on Oct 15. Could you please check again? Perhaps the message end up in your spam folder πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, that was my mail πŸ™‚ I re-checked my inbox and found only “Mailbird welcome email”, no personal replies πŸ™ I’m filtering spam by myself (I’m getting it once a month), so nothing goes to Spam folder without my click action.

  • A unified inbox, fresh for 2.0, would be a welcome feature.

  • I really miss the option to have a normal toolbar, like in any other applications

  • cant’t wait for linux version, but according to C#, i think i will never see it…
    Why you not switch to D language ?

  • Should be able to add / delete contacts…
    Icon should have some image rather then blank.. u can sync with google +, twitter, etc
    since its a conversation view, there should be a indication in which folder is particular mail

  • Justin Joshua says:

    Please allow for customization. Include Javascript or a scripting language.
    Supercharge filters. Look at the presentation of Facebook and Google+, with regard to linking recipients and sender, also the ability group emails, perhaps by means of tags or #hashtags.

    • Michael Bodekaer says:

      Can you explain more what you mean by including javascript or similar?
      We plan to release open sourced apps, that allow you to develop your own apps for Mailbird (in C# or as web apps)

  • Chaz Tyldsley says:

    Any chance of adding standard text editing functionality? It’s currently far too basic πŸ™ Indents for example.

    • Rishi Maharaj says:

      You can indent with Ctrl+Tab. It works with demoting (tab) bullets too. To promote (shift+tab) a bullet, clicking the bullet icon on the WYSIWYG bar usually does the job.

      • Some coworkers reported me that my emails (composed with Mailbird) contains different fonts or styles (sometimes in the same paragraph) even when I see my emails correctly on Mailbird. Is there some fix about this? Do you need a special test case?

  • I’m a big fan but here are a few things I’d really like to see in V2.0:

    – Ability to add .ics calendar invitations attached to emails to Google calendar
    – When pasting images into email the ability to drag the corner of the image to resize
    – A Format Painter button for when you copy text from another app you can easily reformat it.
    – Clearer distinction between read and unread message styling
    – Reply, Reply to All and Forward buttons on the message header (not having to click twice)
    – Better stability (seem to get quite a few crashes)

    Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  • Label management for the accounts would be great! I also expect the new Mailbird to consume less memory. Anyway, great work so far, it’s almost the perfect mail client πŸ™‚

  • The only and the biggest issue for us is mailbird is so late getting emails. All our devices get mails before mailbird.

  • Just make it faster and am happy… its so slow I don’t check email on my windows machine anymore.

  • An app for Android would be great! And also, more editing tools, like html integration, newsletter pre-made designs, etc. Great job anyway until now :D! Thank you for this great client!

  • Time for flat design and apps for smart phones in my opinion.

    • Michael Bodekaer says:

      We’ve done a complete redesign of 2.0.
      It is all flat, modern and even more beautiful now πŸ™‚
      We all love it already here at the team – can’t wait to share the new designs soon πŸ™‚

  • is there a spellchecker for the quick reply window? Can you add more font choices?

    • Michael Bodekaer says:

      Yep. We’re working hard on getting a faster and better spellchecker ready + it will work in Quick Reply too πŸ™‚

      • Just in case, it would be great if the spellchecker can auto-detect the used language in the mail (or in each paragraph). Mac OS X Mail app does that, and it’s great if you write mails in several languages on a daily basis.

  • Can’t wait for 2.0!

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