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IncrediMail Windows 10 Email Client Alternatives in 2018

There have been growing reports of IncrediMail (now Perion), a popular Windows email client, are not working well on Windows 10 machines. It appears that crashes, bugs, and more issues related to supporting new Windows 10 updates have cropped up recently. There are also several reports of malware that have … Continue Reading

Affiliate Marketing

How to Boost Web Traffic and Consumer Count with Affiliate Marketing

Every business in the world is a brainchild of people who once had dreamt of making it big in the domain of corporate communication, sales and client acquisition. Well, talking of digital marketing or online businesses in today’s world where various marketing strategies and innovative approaches towards businesses play a … Continue Reading

Mailbird - alternative to Windows 10 Mail app

Best Alternative to Windows 10 Mail App in 2018

Windows 10 Mail App Not Working? Windows 10 is out and without a doubt it is the best Windows version so far. With its wonderful new features like Cortana and Spartan web browser among others, it also shipped with a default Windows 10 Mail app. Since Windows 10 launch we were … Continue Reading

Email Marketing

Effective Ways to Target Customers Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is when companies target large markets by sending commercial messages through the electronic mail. When an effective strategy is put in place, successful email marketing leads to brand awareness, customer loyalty, and highly personalized content. In its broadest sense, it is mainly used for the purpose of enhancing … Continue Reading

The Best Mozilla Thunderbird Alternatives for Windows in 2018

Mitchell Baker, Mozilla’s Executive Chairwoman, announced Monday that Mozilla would prefer to stop supporting Thunderbird, their popular email client, as it represents a continuing “tax” on other development projects within Mozilla. She stated that it is constantly in competition for resources that the leadership feels should be “laser-focused on activities … Continue Reading