Being a Female CEO of a Tech Startup in Southeast Asia (Part 4)

Posted by Andrea Loubier on September 17, 2015

What did Marissa do for Yahoo? Women in Southeast Asia and the world could always use more female role models. Having role models motivates us to diversify roles within companies big and small. Role models encourage women to be fearless, bold, hungry for learning, striving to do something amazing for the world. When Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo’s new CEO, it was all the craze on all the major news outlets. Marissa was going to turn Yahoo around – but interestingly enough, the focal point of the news was the fact that she was female, a mom. That didn’t quite go over well with her. What is Marissa’s take on this? For starters, she has made it very clear that her gender should never be a factor in how she is evaluated as a CEO. She expects to be attributed by her experience, contributions and ability to excel in computer science, mathematics, software engineering and keen sense for running a company. A real leader. A recent January 2015 Bloomberg report shows that Google’s market share – mind you Marissa was one of the early founders of Google before it became the giant information technology super power it is today – has dropped to an all-time low since 2008. However, Yahoo’s market share took a nice little hop up by 5%. Yahoo’s stock increased 75%. Marisa managed to re-shape the dying culture due to consecutive losses in Yahoo. She reformed the culture of work at Yahoo so it became more democratized. Employee…