Star Wars Your Email With These Awesome Signatures

Posted by Jason Ephraim on October 30, 2015

A huge chunk of the team here at Mailbird are die-hard Star Wars nerds. We are beyond excited about the upcoming release of the next installment to the Star Wars series, “The Force Awakens”. That’s why we wanted to share these awesomely simple signatures that you can use in your emails right now.   Spread your benevolence and wisdom as a noble Jedi Knight.   Or, spread fear and corruption as a tyrannical Sith Lord.     The choice is yours! Just copy and paste into the signatures setting of your preferred client.   Jedi Knight   May the force be with you, John | Vice President | Mailbird Inc. | | +1 123-456-7890   Sith Lord   Give yourself to the Dark Side, John | Vice President | Mailbird Inc. | | +1 123-456-7890   If you are a Mailbird user, it’s as easy as going to your menu, select “options”, select “identities”, select the account you want to apply the signature to, “edit” and paste your choice in the “Signature” field   If you don’t have Mailbird yet, now it the perfect time to try. You’ll even get access to Mailbird Pro FREE for 30 days, no credit card required. Try Mailbird