Productivity at Work Series: How Becky Kane of Todoist Gets Things Done

Posted by Jason Ephraim on November 19, 2015

Here at Mailbird, we are obsessed with productivity. Especially, as it relates to the workplace. That’s why we are excited to open up this new series exploring how people working in successful tech startups manage their time and their work effectively. We want to learn how top tech executives, writers, reporters, programmers, and people in various other roles stay on top of their work. We will also explore the challenges they face every day, ranging from overcoming their own behaviors to dealing with common workplace distractions. Today, we are really excited to talk with Becky Kane of the to-do list and task management app Todoist. We had an awesome call with Becky where we asked her a wide range of questions to try and understand how she stays productive as a content writer for Todoist. We also went into a few challenges she faced early in her role, and how she overcame those challenges to become more productive and just get stuff done. Describe your role at Todoist: I’ve been with Todoist for about a year now. I primarily do content marketing, so I run our company blog. It’s a lot of writing and content strategy, and project management; making sure you get all the copy and design together. Then it’s a lot of outreach as well to influencers, guest posters, collaborating with freelancers. It’s a lot of email time. Can you describe a typical work day? I’m trying to get more of a routine down right now actually. I love…