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Pubblicato da Christin il aprile 7, 2015 was one of the first deep integrations that came with the launch of Mailbird 2.0. Thanks to this awesome partnership and the great support of the team you can turn your Email into a real To-Do list that you can organize, prioritize and schedule right alongside all your projects and tasks.   Getting organized can be that simple 1. Simply activate the App in your Mailbird App Store. It will then appear in the menu panel on the left of the Mailbird window.     You will also be able to access it from your Mailbird sidebar and have your To-Do list open right next to your Inbox.     2. Sign up for using your Gmail account. uses your Google Drive to store and synchronize your data. has only access to the folder created by No other folders can be accessed and your data will not be sent to any other server.     3. Once you have signed in, will take you through the first steps to get started. You will also have the option to import data from your other To-Do list Apps and keep working on these within     4. After setting up your To-Do lists and agendas, you can simply drag and drop Emails related to your set tasks in to your list. When clicking the Email in your list it will open the Email in Mailbird. The Email dragged in to your…

The Power of in Mailbird 2.0

Pubblicato da Christin il aprile 1, 2015

  Another great partnership that came with Mailbird 2.0 is Thanks to the great support of the team, we were able to implement the awesome App, that will transform your Inbox into an organizer! It lets you schedule automatic reminders so you will never forget an important email or task. Simply activate in your Mailbird App Store. It will then appear in the left menu panel.   Getting Started 1. Click on the icon and sign in with your email or gmail account.   2. After signing in you are all set up to schedule your first reminder. You will have a little calendar icon displayed on the bottom of every compose/reply/forward Window. Click the icon to set the date you want to be reminded.   4. will automatically appear in the BCC field of your message. The email address will differ, depending on the date you picked.   5. After sending, you will receive a confirmation mail, listing the details of your reminder. You can easily disable them if you prefer not to get one.   6. The email reminder will appear as a regular email in your Inbox, giving you different options on what action you would like to do next. Reminder can be snoozed, rescheduled or simply be deleted or archived.  Advanced Tips If you have signed up for one of subscription-plans, you can simply manage your reminder, by going to the icon on the left. The reminder will be listed in your…

Mailbird Hackathon Wrap Up

Pubblicato da Andrea Loubier il marzo 26, 2015

Fastest Month Ever After another amazingly productive week, with long hours and sleepless nights, we are sad that the Mailbird hackathon will be coming to an end this month. These hackathons are amazing for our team as we all really get to sit together, collaborate, share ideas and have fun as we move fast on all the great things that we are planning for Mailbird. Even more innovative things to come, now that Mailbird 2.0 has launched. It’s only the beginning which is super cool, so brace yourselves for more developments you are going to love with Mailbird 2.0 this year. In the spirit of our hackathon last year, here’s a video update from the team. In case you didn’t catch it all in the video above, get the snapshot below of what we’ve been doing. What Happend Last Week Mailbird has been invited for a tech segment on Bloomberg TV in Indonesia. We have a ton of new followers via Twitter since Mailbird 2.0 launched – so we are working on responding to all the great engagement on Twitter more these days We published 2 new blogs in the last 7 days: Mailbird Takes Your Privacy Very Seriously Mailbird Welcomes Veeting Rooms We’ve been reviewing potential new candidates to work with Mailbird. Interested in joining our awesome team? See if any of the open positions fit you HERE. We have moved forward with our partnership with Meebox, a Danish internet service provider. So now any Meebox user can start managing all their…

Mailbird takes your privacy very seriously

Pubblicato da Christin il marzo 19, 2015

UPDATED: All points mentioned below have been addressed and every user is given the option to opt out of Mailbird’s usage reporting. Mailbird also no longer sends name and email address to the License Management System.   Please note, that any data collected by us has never and never will be used for any commercial purpose, outside of using it to improve Mailbird.   With the rising security and privacy concerns worldwide we thought it would be a good idea for us to share with our users what are we doing about it at Mailbird. We have summarised everything in the form of FAQs which will help you understand how and why things work the way it is.   1. Is my data being encrypted? The data sent from Mailbird to our license server and vice versa is done over a secure HTTPS connection. ‘HTTPS’ is one of the most secure communication channel widely used over the internet by various organizations specially finanical institutions like banks. If you have ever seen a website address like this it is using a secure https connection. This is done to protect your data from eavesdropping or snooping from unauthorized entities.     2. Can the Mailbird team read my mails? We guarantee you that Mailbird can not ever read any of your emails, nor see your attachments, account passwords or anything else. Mailbird works as a local client on your computer, and all sensitive data, such as emails, folders, contacts, attachments, account details etc. is…

Deep into week 3 of the Mailbird Hackathon

Pubblicato da Andrea Loubier il marzo 19, 2015

Wow that was an intense last couple of weeks. So as mentioned in “The Last Blog Post Before Mailbird 2.0 is Live” we kicked off the next big Mailbird hackathon at the beginning of this month of March. It’s been two weeks of grinding away for the Mailbird 2.0 launch and we are so happy to have finally shipped it. We’ve been received hundreds of emails and requests since Mailbird 2.0 went live, and we are loving it! So great to connect with Mailbird users and to be able to listen to all the wonderful feedback and requests. Keep the feedback coming, and hang in there as we continue prioritization of the development of Mailbird 2.0.   Mailbird Last Week Have you seen the new Mailbird 2.0 video?   The Mailbird March 2015 Hackathon in action.   This is what a hackathon looks like.   All the hard work and long hours, you have no idea…finally Mailbird 2.0 is live! The surge of traffic to our website, once Mailbird 2.0 launched, actually put our website down.  We were able to get it back up and running in no time, and made sure to share via email and social channels an offline Mailbird 2.0 installer link so you didn’t miss out. We are so happy to have brought Mailbird 2.0 to the thousands of people who were waiting patiently, and are so grateful for the tremendous feedback and support. Mailbird users are the best!   Other things we’ve been hacking away at: 1) Bug fixing. 2) Performance improvements. 3) Better…

The power of Evernote in Mailbird

Pubblicato da Pallav il marzo 17, 2015

With the new Mailbird 2.0 release we started early integration with  many new apps and one of the special ones have been Evernote – a workspace to organize your life’s work. Evernote is present in the Mailbird app store and can easily be activated with a single click.   Once you activate Evernote, a small icon will show up in the left pane which can directly take you to Evernote app whenever you want. Evernote is a powerful app to organize your documents, files, audio, video and everything else. Here is how you can use Evernote to maximize productivity and increase collaboration: Write your task list You can write short lists or lengthy research paper inside Evernote but organizing it using bullet points and other text formatting options makes it simpler for you to check them off when you’re done. Using email as your to-do list has always been a bad practice so now you can do that with Evernote and best of all you don’t even need to go to your browser window.   Collect, store and share images, videos, articles and more You can create different notebooks and start collecting images, videos in Evernote which you can then share with others via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email or by directly sharing the link of the notebook. Collect your favorite web links and articles to reference later or to share them with others through Mailbird. Organize and never forget You can either use different notebooks to collect similar type of information or…

Mailbird 2.0 is More Than an Email Client

Pubblicato da Christin il marzo 12, 2015

Are you ready for this? Mailbird has been flying this last year and the team has put every waking hour into making email stress and mismanagement a thing of the past. How did we come to this? Well, it is many thanks to those who gave Mailbird their vote of confidence. Thanks to those of you who held nothing back in telling us how you really feel so that we could take your suggestions into consideration and transform Mailbird into an even stronger productivity tool. It’s more than an email client, it’s an all-in-one communication hub. Mailbird 2.0 allows you to connect all your favorite email accounts with great apps you can choose for messaging like Facebook and WhatsApp, task management like Todoist, Evernote, Asana and, calendars like Google Calendar and Sunrise Calendar, and video meetings like Veeting Rooms and a whole lot more. Try the Pro version of Mailbird 2.0 free for 30 days. It’s freaking awesome!   The Mailbird 2.0 Goods 1) Polished Check out the design difference between the old Mailbird 1.0 and new Mailbird 2.0 below.       2) The Help Button It can take some time to learn new software and be comfortable with it, so we thought it’d be super helpful to add a nice “?” help icon to the top right of the main window allowing you quick access without navigating to the support page on our website for assistance. You can easily search for answers to your questions or hit the “Submit Request” button at…

The Last Blog Post Before Mailbird 2.0 Is Out

Pubblicato da Andrea Loubier il marzo 6, 2015

The Final Countdown So yes, this is the final blog post you’ll read before Mailbird 2.0 is launched publicly. We are so antsy to get it out to you now, the wait, the final countdown is killing us! Remember those who sign up here get first dibs on the glorious Mailbird transformation from a really great email client for Windows, to The All-In-One Online Communication Hub. Email. Messaging. Calendars. Tasks. Video Meetings. All in one beautifully productive place called Mailbird 2.0 – already over 90,000 people have signed up HERE.   Mailbird Hackathon We’ve officially launched our Mailbird March hackathon of 2015. If you followed along during our last hackathon, you know that our team worked diligently, aggressively and professionally to bringing you the best email experience ever. Now, Mailbird have evolved and we have a lot to share with you. This hackathon is important as is leads up to one of the biggest launches and updates ever made to online communication. Also, after Thursday March 12, 2015…the hackathon doesn’t stop there. We are going to start the next big things in development….finally the Wingman feature, Unified Inbox/Folders, Advanced Search and more amazing apps in the Mailbird platform for integrated online communication. It simply makes life so much easier. Stay tuned for the next series of Mailbird March Hackathon blog posts to keep updated. We promise not to bore you with the details either – unless you ask for them. But let’s get to the updates on the good stuff…

The Date Is Official

Pubblicato da Pallav il febbraio 25, 2015

Mailbird 2.0 Launch Date Is Out The moment of truth has arrived and the Mailbird launch date you were anxiously waiting for has been decided. Mark your calendar for March, 12th 2015, the day you’ll be able to download and experience the awesomeness we have been working towards for so long. We are super stoked for this launch and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Let’s see what else happened last week… 4th Episode of Startup Show Is Now Online In the 4th episode of Startup show all the participants were challenged on their marketing and sales aspect which is the core to grow any business. The judges were looking to understand who are the target customers, how participants are trying to woo them through their messaging and their acquisition channels. For Mailbird the message was simple – ‘An easier way to email’. Email is a form of communication and spending half your day sorting through it doesn’t get your work done which is what Mailbird is designed to combat. It makes a difference in your life by providing a simpler and faster way to manage email so you spend less time in your inbox and more on things you love. Watch how Andrea presented Mailbird and what judges thought of it. Like to say something to Andrea? You can tweet her at @aloubier. Crowdfunding Handstand Remember we promised if we cross $5000 by Feb 16, ‘Mary’ (Christin) in the video will do a handstand for 20 minutes? Even though we didn’t…

Get your update on the Crowdfunding Challenge and Mailbird 2.0

Pubblicato da Andrea Loubier il febbraio 19, 2015

The Crowdfunding Challenge Wow! What a week since the launch of the Mailbird crowdfunding show as part of the competition for the StartUp show by Channel News Asia. It has been an incredibly tight race! But as of today, Mailbird is on top with the most number of funders and the highest funds raised to date. They say in a crowdfunding, your campaign will be successful if you can raise at least 30% of your total funding goal in the first week. Well, we did it and couldn’t be more happy about it. You can see all the great campaign updates here, and some hilarious videos with a collaboration between Temploy and Mailbird as the two leading startups in this Crowdfunding challenge for the StartUp show. Check out the best harlem shuffle dance moves you’ve ever seen in your life below!   Mailbird 2.0 For A Great Cause We also announced as part of a greater cause, that all funds we raise after reaching our $10,000 sgd funding goal will be donated in full to the International Diabetes Federation. Something that is close to my heart as the CEO of Mailbird, as this is a tough disease that I’ve been living with my whole life. It has always been a dream of mine to give something back to those less fortunate in being able to live and manage their Diabetes. A big thank you from me to you below, because for those who’ve pledged – just know that you are…


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