Our New Contact Manager with Contact Sync Is Out

Posted by Christin on August 13, 2020

Mailbird Contact Manager app

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Published on August 13, 2020

The Mailbird Contact Manager deserves a full write-up, because this feature is ridiculously awesome. It’s been a year in the making, so this release means a lot to us. We built this for email users worldwide, to make their lives better with the most critical contacts that keep our personal and business connections thriving.

Find people in the contacts sync app

Let’s look at the highlights of your brilliant new Contacts Manager and how to best use it. It is our ultimate obligation to you to deliver the absolute best damn unified, beautiful, and synced Contact Management tool that practically manages itself. It’s beautiful. So here we go…

How to Get Started with the Mailbird Contact Manager

Before you become a contact-managing machine, the first step is to get all your contacts into Mailbird. It’s simple and will be done in no time. A heads up: the more contacts you have, the longer it may take (instead of 10 seconds, it may take 20 seconds). A step-by-step guide to get the Mailbird Contact Manager as soon as possible:

  1. Activate the Contacts app in our Mailbird App section.
  2. Once you have activated the app an introduction window will pop up. Press the blue “Connect accounts” button on the final slide of the introduction. 

Syncing Google accounts with Mailbird

  1. Mailbird gives you the option to choose contacts from your Google and/or Outlook accounts (including Google Apps and Office 365) that you have added to Mailbird. Check the boxes next to the Google and/or Outlook accounts to start syncing and adding your contacts to the Mailbird Contact Manager.
  2. Should you want to add another Google and/or Outlook account that is not yet in Mailbird, hit the blue “+ Connect other account” button.

Connect accounts to Mailbird

5. Choose your account.

Google account sign in

Note: If you add a new account to Mailbird, you will need to log into your account with your email and account password. Both Google and Outlook will ask you to grant Mailbird certain permissions to access the account, necessary to sync your contacts.

Agree to the permissions to proceed with syncing your contacts in Mailbird. If at any point you do not feel comfortable, please get in touch with our support team to confirm this process. We assure you your information is safe and secure, and you have nothing to worry about.

Voilá! All your contacts as synced in Mailbird. Search, add, remove, edit, and connect seamlessly with all the important people in your life with Mailbird. Anything you do in Mailbird will sync with Google and Outlook. Finally, our Contact Manager app is here, and life just got a heck of a lot better in how we stay connected.

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Awesome Features of Mailbird Contact Manager

After you have added your contacts to the Mailbird Contact Manager, it’s time to get them organized. When searching for a contact, notice that a single person may be listed in two or more accounts. The single person will show as two different entries even though they are the same person. Here’s the magic of linking, where you can link both entries into one in the Contact Manager. Your contact details of this one person are unified into one entry.

Linking Contacts

  1. Link contacts: Mark both contacts, right-click, and choose “Link contacts.” Mailbird will combine the details from two separate entries into one linked contact. Note: These contacts are not merged, only linked.

Linking contacts in Mailbird Contact Manager

  1. Edit linked contacts (unified contact): When you edit any details in a linked contact, the edits are automatically applied to the individual contact as well. Imagine the time you save when you only have to edit a contact once!

In some cases, you may link contacts that are not 100% identical. As an example, a contact might have different last names in two separate entries, even if they are the same person. To decide and set the name you would like to use for that contact, go to the unified contact and check the last name you would like to display in the linked contact. It can also be empty if you wish. The same can be applied to the image and other contact details listed.

Personal details in the contacts sync app

  1. Unlink contacts: Some people prefer not to link their accounts and keep them individually separated. No problem — you can easily either unlink individual entries from a unified contact or just unlink all of them.

Note: Linking works only in Mailbird! You will have separate individual contacts in your web-based accounts. Any changes you are making within your unified/linked entries will be synced.

Copying Contacts

You may want to copy or add a contact from account/group A to account/group B. You have two options to do that.

First, you can add the contact to a new group by using the “+” icon in the group section of the individual contact.

Copying contacts in Mailbird contacts app

Grouping Contacts

We want things to be easy for you when you choose Mailbird for managing your accounts and contacts. So, we’ve taken the time to make it so you can drag and drop contact entries to any contact group or account you want, which is totally awesome.

Grouping contacts

If you add a contact to a group in another account, they will be linked, because it’s another account.

Why will it link them? Because when copying the contact it will create an identical entry in a different group. To save you time, Mailbird creates a unified contact for you. As mentioned before, you can easily unlink those contacts again.

Moving Contacts

There is also the option to move a contact between accounts and/or groups but NOT copy it. Hold the shift key while dragging the contact entry. The contact will be moved to the group you chose.

Moving contacts

Based on experience, it is very easy to end up with a large number of copies in your virtual address book due to the convenience of moving contacts around. To avoid a huge amount of copies, Mailbird will actually delete the contact once you “drag” them out of the group. Other clients like Apple Mail i.e. will leave the contact there, but Mailbird will keep your contacts free of “rubbish”. Mailbird removes the contact from the group you moved it out of.

-> Note: Moving contacts does not work if you are in “All Contacts” so be sure you are not in “All Contacts” when trying to move a contact entry.

Customization and layout

No matter how long you have been using Mailbird, you will have noticed one thing for sure. We love customization. We know that people are more productive when they can arrange and customize their experience with the design and layout of apps they use every day.

Your Mailbird Contact Manager delivers the customization you need. Show or hide all the groups if you prefer the layout to be less cluttered. Customize profile pictures/avatars of your contacts by uploading any image you choose to associate with that contact entry.

Mailbird Contacts Manager layout customization

Last but not least, unlinking accounts is done by clicking on the drop-down arrow at the top of the linked contact and selecting any of the accounts you want to unlink. This unlinks and removes the accounts one by one.


The Mailbird Contact Manager has a lot of valuable functionality to keep your contact list organized. The best way to learn how it all works is to experience it yourself. This was not an easy feature to build, so we really hope you love it, given the hard work and over ten-thousand hours put into it.

With that being said, we welcome any questions, bugs, or suggestions in the comment section below or by simply sending us an email

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Is Mailbird really free?

We do not have a free version of Mailbird at the moment. However, you can use a free trial period to try out its features and benefits. Over several years, we’ve learned that the paid version of Mailbird has helped people get organized and manage emails faster with a really enjoyable experience. To continue using it and enjoy all the features you need to purchase a license.

How do I export contacts from Mailbird?

You can export a whole group, or you can export an individual contact. To export a whole group, select the group you want to export, then select the triangle button located at the contact list column. After that, simply hover to the selected group options and choose “export to vcard.”

Who owns Mailbird?

Mailbird is an email client for PCs owned by Livit Tech and inspired by the Sparrow email client for OS X. The company headquarters is in the Livit Tech Startup Ecosystem in Bali, Indonesia.

How do I create an email group in Mailbird?

You can add the contact to a new group by using the “+” icon in the group section of the individual contact.

Does Mailbird work with Gmail?

Yes, it does. Mailbird lets you connect all your email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft email, and other webmail clients — anything really) all into one integrated email client.

Is Mailbird better than Outlook?

If the complicated layout and user interface is your biggest qualm with Outlook, then Mailbird is definitely one of the best alternatives to Outlook. Mailbird is designed around the user — a clean user interface, an intuitive user experience, and a simple design that allows for quick navigation through the app

Marketing Manager

PR & Media Relations Supporting the team by communicating Mailbird and its great features to existing and potential users and media.

Published on August 13, 2020


95 thoughts on "Our New Contact Manager with Contact Sync Is Out"

  • Are there any news about the Cal-Card Dav support?
    I like to repeat lots of the comentators here. I was triying to integrate Kerio with the exchange protocoll, but this is just supported on mac version if mailbird. And nowhere the detailed protocolls are written. Ah yes, I bought the business licence… 😉

    • Andrew @ Mailbird says:

      Hello Lukas! I am afraid Cal-Card Dav integration is not on our roadmap at the moment. Thank you for your interest!

  • Hi. is it possible to link icloud contacts like in Windows Mail? Thanks

  • William Bliss says:

    CardDAV support has been requested for years. I keep trying Mailbird to see if it has FINALLY added support — but nope.

    • Hi William,

      Thank you for your interest in Mailbird. There is a lot of other things to consider when we wanted to develop a new feature for Mailbird. Besides the number of users that request it, there are also other things like development time, how much development resources are need, alternative workaround, acquisition percentage, etc. We even have a whole document that keeps calculating this based on the variables that I mentioned.

      Right now the CardDAV position was on 20th. The status right now is under consideration. If you want to make this feature develop sooner, please upvote this feature here. https://mailbird.featureupvote.com/suggestions/74489/carddav-support.

      Thank you for your understanding. Have a nice day and stay safe. 🙂

  • Mailbird seems to be a great tool, but there’s a deal breaker for me:
    I can’t beleave that you still have no CalDAV and CardDAV support, nearly 3 years after the first requests was made.

    Also, Nextcloud-Integration (or at least WebDAV) would be a great feature.

  • Great mail software, really.
    Nextcloud integration should be a must !!

    • Andrew @ Mailbird says:

      Hello Julien, thanks for the feedback, we’re really glad to hear that! I’ll pass you suggestion to the team for further consideration. Thanks!

  • Uninstalling as caldav support is needed.

    • Andrew @ Mailbird says:

      Hello Gavin, we are very sorry to hear that. We aim to support Caldav in the future but I am afraid I do not have ETA on this at the moment. Thank you.

  • Herman Idzerda says:

    CalDAV and CardDAV please. Bought a PRO license some time ago and was told it would be implemented “some time” in the future. However it is still not implemented.

    Could you please get goin’ ?

    • Andrew @ Mailbird says:

      Hello Herman,

      Thank you for reaching out regarding CalDAV and CardDAV support. I am afraid I do not have any ETA to share at the moment, but we are aware there is a growing demand for them.


  • +1 CalDAV and CardDAV!

  • +1 on CalDAV and CardDAV, such basic features need is a must.

  • +1 on CalDAV and CardDAV – will switch immediately once this works

  • you can ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is stable and your phone is properly connected to a power source then try to restore iPhone from iCloud backup again.

  • Hello, can you please submit us a support request at support@getmailbird.com about this issue?
    Thank you!

  • Just bought it as the test period was over without being tested…. without CalDAV/CardDAV:

    Useless. Uninstalled.

  • I’m guessing that your apparent reluctance to integrate CalDAV is because you have a deal with Kin. Apologies if not, but it is so obvious that a lot of people use CalDAV that you have to wonder why such a basic requirement is not met. I really like MailBird, but until you address this, I’m back to Thunderbird/Lightning. And please be aware that I have bought more than one MB license, so I was really hoping MB would be everything I thought it might. I have used it extensively in testing and I really do like MB, though, so I’ll keep on looking in to see where you take this.

  • Dear Folks,

    I am migrating a few Windows based company computers from Thunderbird to the Pro version of Mailbird.
    This exercise is a test-bed for just how functional and useful the Mailbird product actually is, in a commercial office environment.
    In order to evaluate the product honestly, I have already paid for two Mailbrid Pro. Version. 2.5.x, lifetime version licenses.

    The features required for general use are mostly functional and the overall behavior is acceptable, with a few outstanding short comings.

    For the sake of convenience, I will skip these issues and address what is functionally missing.
    Firstly, no LDAP support, which as this is a product offered for a fee, targeted towards business and commercial use, this is a major issue that needs addressing, in the short to medium term.
    A near term schedule for this feature would be nice.

    The next issue, which is related, is CALDAV and CARDAV support.
    Unfortunately, these very important features seem to be entirely lacking.

    Once again, as Mailbird is targeted towards business and commercial use, this is a major issue that needs addressing, in the short to medium term.
    A near term schedule for these features would also be nice.

    As for the business case, which having read your forums, seems to be entirely missing from any discussion, is that this product that is supposed to be geared towards work-groups and department use, in any organisation.

    Having the ability to look up LDAP directory’s, even read only and fairly simplistically, is a must.
    The same applies to CARDDAV and CALDAV features.

    The reasoning here once again, is the requirement to access centralized work-group and departmental lists, particularly address books and both private and group calendar features.
    As noted, even read only support to start with, is a good start.

    As a working example, and because the source code is open and free to browse, might I suggest you point your developers towards the Thunderbird Mail Software stack.
    The features required mostly exist in the Thunderbird Mail software stack and are used extensively by the clients of this product.

    Also, note that like many who currently use, recommend and support the Thunderbird Mail software stack, over various platforms, that being Windows, MacOS and Linux Workstations, the issue is the Thunderbird Mail management team, not the Thunderbird product.
    Note that would the Thunderbird Mail management team be open to dialog from their client base, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    Please also note that as a senior enterprise application developer, I’m also aware that it isn’t a design issue, just a code time, test and cost issue.
    You are also not reinventing the wheel, just reusing somebodies else’s Intellectual Property, albeit with some modifications and additions, as required.

    Also, as per Google’s example with Android, and Microsoft’s various examples over the years, writing or rewriting this or other publicly available code, even as a GPL’d plugin, isn’t a major issue.

    As to the cost issue, that is self evident.
    These features as noted, would then offer Mailbird as a serious contender for a drop in replacement for Outlook in most use cases and for Thunderbird and it’s free clones, albeit for a fee.

    Obviously, even as stated, even as read only features, this would dramatically increase your user base. More so if they were only made part of the paid version.
    The actual issue you would then address would be grandfathering these features in to your existing fee paid client base and working out a (5 pack/10 Pack) Work-group product option.
    As for the Return On Investment and the related costs, the business case for this, then becomes obvious.

    So, with this in mind, I trust that I will get a more intelligent and timely response than that offered on your forums.
    Failing that, I will retire the Mailbird product internally, write of my investment and cease further investment and recommendations for it’s use.

    Yours sincerely,

    Christopher Thompson

  • Jerry Stephens says:

    The article indicates syncing is supposed to be 2-way. My GMail contacts imported into MB but none of my MB contacts synced into GM. What am I missing?

    • Christin Baumgarten says:

      Hey Jerry, thanks for reaching out. Yes, it should be 2-way indeed. Can you please reach out to our support team (support(at)getmailbird(dot)com), they will help you find out what is causing the issue. Thanks and have a great day, Christin

  • Also need CalDav and CardDav , without these standards I will NOT RECOMMAND mailbird !!!
    Any idea when you will catch up the concurrents ?
    Tnx Theo

    • Tom Boucher says:

      I would like this as well, I do not use the big guys for email and run my own service (Helm) and it provides CalDav and CardDav. Would love to add those.

  • Lương Trí Khải says:

    I wish this wonderful email client supports Mac OS

  • Miroslav Petrov says:

    This is a great feature, but the contacts in my global directory (Gmail) are not synced.

    • Christin Baumgarten says:

      Thanks for reaching out Miroslav. Please make sure you have activated the ‘Contacts’ app in our AppStore. Should you have done so and they are still not syncing, please reach out to our support(at)getmailbird.com . They will help you solve the issue asap. Thanks:-)

  • Steven West says:

    I keep having the screen freeze up and it makes everything BOLD. It stays frozen for about 10-20 seconds. I have already PAID for a lifetime License. I have an open ticket with 8 banters where they say something and I reply. This has been going on since…

    May 19, 01:36 HKT

    it suddenly gets BOLD borders and zooms in some and freezes that way for about 5 seconds. It happens when i move an email to another folder or sometimes when I try to click on an email. I was hoping you all would fix that with a patch or and update , but not so far…

    See how fast their customer service is…. What now open another ticket? .. I would not get this program if I was another buyer looking for email alternatives. They APPARENTLY STILL HAVE FLAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    your answers are always on this page if you notice is: Please feel free to open a ticket at support@getmailbird.com
    It does not solve anything it just says to open a ticket!!!!!!

  • Michael Shields says:

    Is the “Wunderlist” integrated app within Mailbird, to be removed or modified in the near future, considering the fact that Microsoft has halted all future development of the original “Wunderlist” project, and is replacing it with it’s “To-Do” app. What can we expect?

    • Christin Baumgarten says:

      Hey Michael, thanks for reaching out. Once Wunderlist will retire, we will try to have the best possible alternative for our Mailbird-Wunderlist users. We will keep you updated. Have a great weekend and please let us know should you have any more questions:-)

  • Aziz Habashey says:

    This is not related to the Mailbird, but does anyone know if there is a way to display the backed up files as a Web page rather than a PC directory manner? I have bought 2 TB of backup but the way my files are displayed is basic. I think Degoo will get a lot more subscriptions if the files are displayed on a website.

  • Zachary Korotko says:

    Sync only seems to go one way with my gmail account. None of my contacts from gmail came over. If I create a new contact in mailbird under the gmail account, it shows up when I login to gmail on the web. But if I create a new contact on gmail’s web interface, it doesn’t show up in mailbird. Frustrating

  • Karla Mayela Villarreal says:

    1) Notes from Outlook are not showing in the contacts.
    2) Is there a different view like table view where it is easier to change many fields at a time?

    • Christin Baumgarten says:

      Hey Karla, thanks for reaching out.

      1) The notes syncs but it depends, the notes field in outlook online differs from outlook desktop client. It is basically an Outlook decision, since they are not sending the data.
      2) No there is not.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions:-)

  • Glad to finally see a proper feature update from you guys, i have been a user since you launched.

    • Christin Baumgarten says:

      Thanks for your awesome feedback Nathaniel:-) After the comment on our Slack post, we didn’t think you were happy:-) Please keep the feedback coming, we really appreciate it:-)

      • I am not happy with how you handle 3rd party implementations because i feel it’s a lazy way of doing it and doesn’t really add anything which i voiced that directly to you when they were launched.

  • Erik D'Antoni says:

    When will exchange be available? Been waiting a long time

    • Christin Baumgarten says:

      Next on the list:-) We will be able to announce an estimated launch date soon:-)

    • overzeetop says:

      Depends; I gave up on eM when it started randomly deleting my email messages, and when I found them in trash and restored them to the inbox it put them on the wrong email server. I could barely deal with eM being the only email client I own losing contact with the servers and having to manually kill the process to get it to reconnect; losing critical emails at random was the last straw.

    • Erik D'Antoni says:

      This has nothing to do with another email client. I like mail bird but it’s totally useless without exchange support(for me at least). Until it gets exchange support i’ll stick with outlook.

    • Because em client is unreliable and has holes where many things are lost — I have the paid version and have been using since early 6.x. Now that mailbird syncs, I’ll make the switch.

  • It’d be great, if CardDAV could be supported. Since I use CardDAV and CalDAV, I miss native integration of both standards (CalDAV would mean that Mailbird needs its standalone calendar obviously).

  • In this update it takes way longer for the sidebar and account icons to fully load. I’m talking about 3/4 seconds now vs. instantly before.

    Is it just me?

  • Rafael Mambretti says:

    I don’t see any icon “that appeared in the left side menu panel” :/

  • Ahmed El-Shenawy says:

    Very great update! We also need 1 click translation option for the emails.

  • What do you think about adding filtering email to folders rules inside Mailbird?

    • Daria Zolotko says:

      Hi Kamil! This feature is planned for development and will be implemented in the future versions. At this moment you can set filtering in your email server, if it supports it.

  • Really great update since I found the previous Contact Manager pretty useless, but the new doesn’t seem to work for me. Applied the update when Mailbird started,
    but it gave an error message first time I opened Contacts.
    Restarted and
    error went away and was able to add an account. Added my Gmail account
    but it doesn’t sync and just shows 0.
    Tried removing Contacts and adding
    it again, but to no effect.
    Tried the ‘connect other account’ to add my Gmail account again, gave permission, but still nothing. I really don’t want to reinstall Mailbird.

    • Daria Zolotko says:

      Hi William! Great you like it 🙂 Could you please write us at support@getmailbird.com – we’ll quickly sort this out for you!

      • Martyn Porter says:

        I’ve got the same problem, I emailed support via the mailbird web sire two/three days ago but have still to receive a reply. . . . I’ve just sent them another email.


        • I had a similar issue on first load. I clicked the little gear icon and clicked on refresh, can also hit F5, and all my contacts loaded right away and have been solid since.

        • Christin Baumgarten says:

          Sorry to hear that Martyn. Are you still experiencing the issue? Please try as Corelogik suggested and let us know how it is going for you:-)

        • I’ve got a reply to send a log file, but haven’t heard anything since. Think (and hope) they are working on a solution.

          Another strange thing I found was if I add a new contact in Mailbird to my Google contacts, it appears in my contacts on other platforms (phone, tablet, web).
          If I delete the contact in Mailbird, it disappears in my Google contacts on other platforms. However, if I delete the contact within Google contacts (via the webversion or on my phone) it doesn’t disappear in Mailbird. So it appears to only sync one way.

          Checked with the Connected Apps setting in my Google account, but Mailbird appears and has full access.

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