The 3 Best eM Client Alternatives for Windows 2019

Posted by Christin on December 4, 2018

Are you a current eM Client user? Did you come to the end of your 30-day trial, only to discover that you have to register a license? For some, that’s enough to turn them away from  eM Client altogether. Maybe you have more than two email accounts and the fee per device for a Pro upgrade is too steep for you. Whatever your reason for ditching or avoiding  eM Client, we’ve rounded up the best alternatives to this email client on Windows to help you find the perfect option for you.

Best Alternatives to eM Client for Windows


Previously named the Best Email Client by Windows Report for 2017, Mailbird is an all-in-one email client that aims to create the smoothest user interface while also giving users the ability to customize their experience. From connecting accounts to syncing contacts and calendars to importing emails, the Mailbird setup process is so easy, most people thoroughly understand the email app within 5 Minutes. Plus, Mailbird supports native integration with tons of third-party applications to create a truly one-stop-shop for all of your organizational and communication needs.

Mailbird also offers a Business product. To get more information and details on the different Business options, simply fill in the form on the Mailbird Business page.

A notable feature of Mailbird is the Unified Inbox. It lets you mange all your emails from all your different email accounts in one inbox. In order to easily distinguish and manage your emails, Mailbird’s Unified Inbox now has color coding as seen in the image below. The free version supports limited accounts, while you can have unlimited accounts with a Pro upgrade.

What makes Mailbird a great alternative to eM Client?

Pros Cons
  • Manage Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, and other IMAP and POP3 accounts in one unified inbox with color indicators for better organization
  • Connects with a huge library of third-party apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Calendar, Trello, Asana, Evernote, Slack and more
  • Sleek user interface that balances customization with intuitive design
  • Advanced Contacts Management – Sync, Merge and Link all contacts from different email providers and manage them seamlessly in one place
  • Snooze emails and contacts until you’re ready to respond at a later time
  • Color-coded inline reply feature to streamline responses
  • Mailbird accepts Bitcoin payment options
  • Tagging Feature to add new recipients to an email with only one click
  • Drag&Drop of attachments – even large attachments can be sent using Degoo
  • Attachment Search – super feature that needs to be activated in the App section. Lets you search by attachment rather than by email
  • Mailbird does not (yet) support other Operating Systems such as Mac or Linux

Did Mailbird convince you?

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One feature that all email clients mentioned here share is a slick, polished user interface. Postbox is no exception. The experience is clean and simple, with a fast setup process that works with any POP/IMAP account. A highlight of the Postbox experience is the search function—its speed and intelligent capture of results makes it a strong eM Client alternative.

Postbox also has numerous features to help you better organize your email, including coloring rules based on specific filters, filing via folders, marking emails as to-dos and tagging messages by topics (similar to Gmail’s labels). You can also group your email accounts into categories such as “work” and “personal”.

There are a few drawbacks to Postbox, however. For example, it does not support a calendar integration. While you can set up events in iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar or Lightning, it is not fully integrated. The same goes for social network integration, which exists but is lacking full functionality. Perhaps the biggest downside of Postbox is that there is no free version; you can try it for free for 30 days, after which it will cost you about $40 per license.


Pros Cons
  • Simple and elegant user interface design and fast setup for any POP/IMAP accounts
  • Advanced and quick search feature with filtering options for searches
  • Group email accounts into categories or view in one unified inbox
  • Organize email via highlighting, folders, to-dos, topics and archiving
  • Email signature templates and canned replies
  • Integrates with services like Evernote, Slack, Todoist and more
  • Works on Windows and MacOS
  • No free version; $40 per license (although the license is by user, so it can be used across multiple devices for one user)
  • No calendar integration, weak social media integration and task management is rudimentary

Claws Mail

Claws Mail has recently been making waves in the email client industry due to its open-source nature and powerful filtering capabilities. For someone receiving a horde of emails on a daily or weekly basis, Claws Mail is unrivaled for keeping messages organized. It’s also commended for its speed and customization options.

What Claws Mail has in filtering features, it lacks in user experience. The interface looks a bit antiquated and isn’t as clean as other alternatives to eM Client on this list. The setup is also a little more complicated, as it doesn’t support automatic setup for Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook accounts. For new or inexperienced users, Claws Mail probably isn’t the best solution; however, for anyone with lots of personal and work accounts—Claws Mail allows for an unlimited number of accounts—it’s a great tool.


Pro Cons
  • Open-source project allows for an ever-growing library of tools and add-ons
  • Supports an unlimited number of email accounts
  • Advanced message filtering and sorting capabilities by flag color, sender, age, phrase, and more to make inbox zero an achievable goal
  • Highly-regarded for its speed and flexibility
  • No automatic setup for population email accounts (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook)                                                  
  • Less intuitive user interface design
  • No calendar tool
  • Not available for MacOS


While  eM Client is a highly-rated and effective email client, it’s not for everyone. There are several notable alternatives with a comparable user experience and similar integrations and features. It will be up to you to determine what’s important to your needs. Is two accounts not enough for you, but you still want a free option?  Is user interface most important to you? Then Mailbird or Postbox will be the better alternatives for you i.e.. Either way, if you’re unsatisfied with  eM Client, don’t fret! One of these options will likely work out great for you.


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