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What is an email client?

  Warning, this blog entry may bore tech savvy email client power users.   So let’s start with the facts. Litmus Email Analytics confirms that 1.16 billion emails were opened using an email client in December 2014 alone. These include desktop and mobile email clients. But what exactly is an … Continue Reading


10 Tech Influencers Reveal How They Manage Their Email #2

About a month ago we started the series – ‘10 Tech Influencers Reveal How They Manage Their Email‘ where we reveal effective tips and tricks used by tech influencers in managing their inbox on a daily basis. These experts get a ton of emails everyday and have devised their own strategies to … Continue Reading


Become a Mailbird VIP Member!

This year we would like to thank you for your great support you have been given us so far. Mailbird has been through a lot of creative and amazing times, full of improvements and changes. We wouldn’t be where we are at this time if it wasn’t for all your … Continue Reading


Mailbird Hackathon Update #4

This Hackathon Rocks!   Skipped the video? No worries, here’s what you need to know. 1) We launched the freaking Contacts Manager!!! We know, we know…it took way more time than anticipated but that is because we don’t want to ever rush a thing like this. We want to take the proper … Continue Reading


Business Boost: The Mailbird Contacts Manager

A core function and standard request for many email clients is a really awesome way to organize information about people you choose to stay connected with. As we work down the line of software development priorities and requests, this is the next hot item.   Moving Away From the Basics … Continue Reading