Meebox meets Mailbird

We are very happy and thankful that Meebox has welcomed Mailbird to its family and integrated it to provide their customers easy access to a simpler and more beautiful way of dealing with their daily Email. Meebox is one of the best web hosting services in Denmark and offers various services … Continue Reading

mailbird and dropbox integration

Mailbird loves Dropbox

The famous file sharing app Dropbox, loved by millions was among the first to be integrated in Mailbird and all of you have enjoyed this integration so much. However, with 2.0 we wanted to make it deeply integrated part of your user experience which led us to the native integration with Dropbox. … Continue Reading


Mailbird loves was one of the first deep integrations that came with the launch of Mailbird 2.0. Thanks to this awesome partnership and the great support of the team you can turn your Email into a real To-Do list that you can organize, prioritize and schedule right alongside all your … Continue Reading

mailbird+followUp new blogpost

The Power of in Mailbird 2.0

  Another great partnership that came with Mailbird 2.0 is Thanks to the great support of the team, we were able to implement the awesome App, that will transform your Inbox into an organizer! It lets you schedule automatic reminders so you will never forget an important email … Continue Reading

hackathon update 2015 b

Mailbird Hackathon Wrap Up

Fastest Month Ever After another amazingly productive week, with long hours and sleepless nights, we are sad that the Mailbird hackathon will be coming to an end this month. These hackathons are amazing for our team as we all really get to sit together, collaborate, share ideas and have fun … Continue Reading


Mailbird welcomes Veeting Rooms

One very exciting integration that came with Mailbird 2.0 is Veeting Rooms! Veeting Rooms is a virtual meeting environment that enables you to have a professional (virtual) business meeting right from within Mailbird. And of course, just like a “real-life” business meeting, no unauthorised person will be able to listen … Continue Reading

how safe is mailbird copy

Mailbird takes your privacy very seriously

With the rising security and privacy concerns worldwide we thought it would be a good idea for us to share with our users what are we doing about it at Mailbird. We have summarised everything in the form of FAQs which will help you understand how and why things work … Continue Reading

hackathon update 2015

Deep into week 3 of the Mailbird Hackathon

Wow that was an intense last couple of weeks. So as mentioned in “The Last Blog Post Before Mailbird 2.0 is Live” we kicked off the next big Mailbird hackathon at the beginning of this month of March. It’s been two weeks of grinding away for the Mailbird 2.0 launch … Continue Reading

mailbird + evernote

The power of Evernote in Mailbird

With the new Mailbird 2.0 release we started early integration with  many new apps and one of the special ones have been Evernote – a workspace to organize your life’s work. Evernote is present in the Mailbird app store and can easily be activated with a single click.   Once … Continue Reading