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The Best App For Your Gmail Account On Windows 10

What’s the best way to manage your Gmail account on Windows? Well, with over 500,000 email accounts (a majority of them being Gmail accounts) Mailbird is growing in popularity as the best email client for Windows users with Gmail accounts:   I just slaughtered +1800 gmail messages @mailbird, #inboxzero … Continue Reading


The Top 2016 Gadgets For Men

Whether you’re an axe-slinging, mustachioed woodsman – or – a dapper, charming man-about-town: We’ve got the perfect list of gadgets for you in 2016. 2016 tech is all about the internet-of-things – bringing familiar gadgets and and devices into cyberspace by allowing more interaction, control, and functionality to them using the internet, wifi … Continue Reading

To Celebrate Facebook's 12th Anniversary

12 Amazing Facts About Facebook On It’s 12th Birthday

This Thursday marks exactly 12 years since the launch of Facebook. To celebrate, we rounded up some interesting facts about the social network: Facebook Facts: 1. Facebook made almost $18 Billion Dollars in 2015. (Source – Facebook) (Image Source – Facebook) 2. Facebook has over 1.5 Billion monthly active users. (Source – Facebook) … Continue Reading

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7 Awesome Gmail Tips To Help You Manage Emails

Many people think of their email account as a repository of messages from colleagues, friends and seemingly endless amounts of spam. But depending on which email client you use, your email can be so much more than that. At first glance Gmail seems like any other free email service. But … Continue Reading

Growth Hacking, PR, Podcast

Andrea on The Growth Hacking Podcast: “500,000 Customers in 3 Years with the Power of PR and User’s Feedback”

Laura Moreno has done it again. She has created yet another, awesome Growth Hacking Podcast. After featuring Neil Patel and Ari Meisel, Laura has featured our very own CEO Andrea Loubier. Andrea is sharing great insights and information on her experiences in building up Mailbird, an email client for Windows, … Continue Reading

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Windows 10’s Best Tips Tricks and Features

We are going to show you how to get more out of Windows 10 Windows 10 has been around for several months now and millions of users are using it globally after making the switch. Microsoft went back to the basics by re-introducing its start up menu alongside several handy features. … Continue Reading


Email Client Mailbird Celebrates 1M Email Accounts

Email Client Milestone: One Million Accounts! Wow! 1.000.000 (yes, that’s Million!) email accounts have been activated in Mailbird to date. This adds up to about 41.666 email accounts per month. Or, 1.388 email accounts per day that were added to and activated in our Mailbird email client within the past 2 years. … Continue Reading

New Year's Sale

Happy New Year. Here is a special gift for 2016

We are already 13 days into the New Year and already we are preparing to release some amazing new features you have been asking for including import! Early into the start of the New Year, we also reached an important milestone here at Mailbird. But, more on that later… Right now, … Continue Reading


Gmail For Windows: Here’s a Better Way

The Best Way To Manage Gmail For Windows Users Chances are good you have a Gmail account. In fact, according to worldwide statistics chances are almost equally good that you have more than one of them. However, using the Gmail itself to manage these accounts presents a few serious problems: You always … Continue Reading