Our New Slack App Integration

2.3 Million, that’s how many people use slack every day. That’s why we are super excited to announce the release of our Slack integration for all Mailbird users.

Whatsapp Integration

WhatsApp inside your inbox

Use WhatsApp alongside your email with Mailbird The Mailbird WhatsApp sidebar Over 1 billion people use WhatsApp and it remains one of the most popular mobile applications in the world. Mailbird makes using this popular app better than ever with our WhatsApp integration which allows you to use WhatsApp alongside your email inbox. … Continue Reading

Windows Live Mail Alternative

Why is Mailbird the best alternative to Windows Live Mail?

Why People Are Leaving Windows Live Mail 2012 Microsoft recently announced that Windows Live Mail 2012 would no longer be able to manage email accounts. The reason being that the older client cannot support required synchronization protocols used by Outlook email servers. Many of the estimated 3.5 million users … Continue Reading

Windows 10 on over 300 million devices

Windows 10 Now Used On Over 300 Million Devices

Windows 10 Use Continues to Grow Microsoft announced today on it’s blog that 9 months after it’s release, the Windows 10 operating system is now being used on over 300 million active devices worldwide. In the post, Microsoft also shared some impressive usage figures regarding Windows 10’s features:   Over 63 … Continue Reading

check gmail without – 4 free methods to access your Gmail faster

Almost 23,ooo people search for on google to get access to their Gmail account every day Given that a good “average” speed for typing on the computer is around 330 characters per minute (or CPM), that means that people spend around 15 hours a day typing into their browser to access … Continue Reading

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Mailbird loves Tech in Asia Singapore 2016

Suntech City Singapore was once again swarmed by International startups exhibiting to more than 5000 attendees with 4 Stages hosting inspiring and talented speakers from all over the world. This years Tech in Asia conference was the best one yet. We wanted to share some of the highlights from our … Continue Reading