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Andrea, This is the first email I am writing using Mailbird after using the Mailbird search function to find our last exchange. I'm going to be honest. You are one of our last great hopes for a good email client. I bought Postbox and I wanted to love it, but I can't.  It's too clunky in some ways that I can't really articulate. Thunderbird is not actively developed anymore. Outlook. Grim. Gmail native - missing stuff. After getting my beta invite to ZeroMail and being sorely dissapointed, I remember you and decided to see where you where. Imagine my elation to see that I can now download a beta copy! Yay! Now I am going to do my best with Mailbird and so far I loved enough of what I saw to pony up for lifetime to support your efforts.

Peter Vogopoulos

Why isn’t Mailbird Pro free?


It takes intense dedication, time and resources for our team to bring innovation and productivity to improving your email experience. We are relentlessly passionate about delivering more value to you than the actual price of Pro, so we keep costs down for Pro to no more than a few coffee lattes a year.

The cost of Mailbird is much less than some of our counterparts that currently saturate office environments. However, we promise that the cost of Mailbird is packed with more value, because we care about our customers and treat you like part of our family. By paying for Mailbird Pro, Business or Lifetime products you are helping us continue to grow and improve so we can continue to train our team of email experts, cover implementation, development and maintenance costs.

The best time saver money can buy.


We are constantly evolving so you’ll always have a fresh, enjoyable and more productive email experience. Best of all, you are a big part of building this ecosystem for productivity right from your inbox in Mailbird.

Mailbird Pro makes you happier reducing email stress. You will reap at least 80% of your day by doing things that matter instead of drowning in emails when you use Mailbird. For small teams and businesses, Mailbird is the solution for improving poor email habits, so you and your colleagues can be more efficient at work, with all the productivity tools at your fingertips.

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