Best Email Client for Windows

Bring all your email accounts at one place and be more productive with Mailbird. Supports POP3 and IMAP emails like Gmail, Yahoo!,, iCloud and much more…



Mailbird won
“Best Productivity App” award.


PC World voted Mailbird
Best Free Email Client for Windows.


IT World named Mailbird
best email client for Windows + Gmail.

The fastest and most beautiful email client
you’ll ever use.

Users and expert reviewers vote Mailbird the #1 email client for Windows.

A handcrafted email experience made for you and your team. In the world of information overload Mailbird focuses on simplicity and elegance, helping you take control of your inbox with customization, effective shortcuts, productivity apps and many more cool features.

By the way it’s totally Free, so start your Free download!



With a clean and uncluttered interface, Mailbird is built for simplicity. It turns your inbox to a zen experience by eliminating email clutter with beautiful organization capabilities.



There is no email program that focuses on speed. Mailbird team sweats out every millisecond and cuts out every unnecessary step thereby making it the fastest email app ever. To increase workflow productivity Mailbird gives you speed reader and keyboard shortcuts.



We respect your privacy so we designed Mailbird to never scan the content of your emails or store any of your data on our servers. What’s in your inbox is for your eyes only.



Social medias are an important medium of communication and Mailbird makes it easier for you to use them by integrating major social channels like Facebook, directly inside Mailbird.



Mailbird is shockingly user friendly. There is virtually no learning curve, just click around and you’ll “get it”. You can easily customize or add your favorite apps or just use it as is. Your email productivity will get an instant boost.


What Our Users Say

Fantastic job with the software! Easily the best client I've used.

—  Akshay Rao  —

Awesome. Mailbird should be startup of the year!

—  Kamran Mackey  —

Andrea, This is the first email I am writing using Mailbird after using the Mailbird search function to find our last exchange. I'm going to be honest. You are one of our last great hopes for a good email client. I bought Postbox and I wanted to love it, but I can't.  It's too clunky in some ways that I can't really articulate. Thunderbird is not actively developed anymore. Outlook. Grim. Gmail native - missing stuff. After getting my beta invite to ZeroMail and being sorely dissapointed, I remember you and decided to see where you where. Imagine my elation to see that I can now download a beta copy! Yay! Now I am going to do my best with Mailbird and so far I loved enough of what I saw to pony up for lifetime to support your efforts.

—  Peter Vogopoulos  —

Mailbird is a big help.  I am able to quickly go through my stack of e-mails each day much faster than I can with Outlook.

—  Michael Lyncheski  —

Mailbird is really something that has been desired for a long time (believe me, I have tried many mail apps before), but this one is spot on in so many ways!

—  Michael Larsson  —

Windows users pining for a mail client similar to Sparrow for OS X have had their wishes granted courtesy of Mailbird, a new email client for the Windows desktop.

—  PC World  —

Dear Mailbird-Support, first of all: thanks for this great application! I have been searching for a good email client on Windows for a long time and finally Mailbird changes the game!

—  Wieland Brendel  —