You got Windows 10, Now It’s Time to Develop Your Email Practices

Posted by Andrea Loubier on August 10, 2015

Putting Things into Perspective

Do you remember cursing at your inbox and blaming email itself for inducing stress, for being inefficient, for being slow and distracting, even a waste of time? There are sure many other complaints you’ve had about email in your lifetime. What is astonishing, despite all the aggravation, is the actual time we still spend with email. In 2012 McKinsey Global Institute revealed that 28% of our work week is spent processing emails.

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Important to develop really effective email habits.

The first step is to realizing that email is a remarkable tool, which is really efficient for how we work and communicate today. Many different productivity applications are still built on top of email. Even Google continues to struggle with “solving the email problem” through many different initiatives like Google Wave (#fail), the auto-filtered tabs that separate your email by Primary, Social and Promotions (for those not familiar with setting up email filters), even Google talk and now a re-designed interface that also takes the filtering off your hands with Inbox by Google – yet another experiment. The native mail app in Windows 10 is not ready, and others like EmClient and Thunderbird just aren’t up to snuff for the latest Windows OS.

The second step is to understand that it is not exclusively the email that is the problem, but we should look at our information management skills as a human being. We have to develop great prioritization skills, be awesome at organizing information, be diligent about replies and great at time management, not let emotions get in the way, not let email distract you and break your productivity at work. So it is not easy to be totally awesome at email. In fact, people are actually typically quite bad at managing email – basically they don’t manage it at all.

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 There isn’t one big email problem to solve.

Realizing this, we can safely assume that two things can be improved. One being educating people about what it means to have really great email habits. Two, being developing a solid email client that works and strong customization options that cater to unique email management and workflow needs. That is the mission on our hands at Mailbird, to educate and innovate. There are a ton of great tips and tricks to help you with email, try these if you haven’t already:


Again, it is important that we start educating people on information management and communication. Especially with younger generations to come where the level of distraction online is immensely counter-productive to working smarter. On top of that, more and more apps are being built on top of email where  you get email notifications from your task management tools or calendar invites to meetings and more.



What reasons do you believe to be the culprit of poor email management? And do you think employers should provide information management courses each  year?

We are excited to hear what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this post once you’ve shared your thoughts in the comments below. Share it, so together we can help others get into better practices with email and information management.

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