What Resources Are Available Now That the OpenSPF Homepage Is Gone?

Released in 2003, the OpenSPF.org website quickly became a popular starting point for developers and mail server administrators implementing SPF rules. SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework, and it’s a widely used tool to fight spam. The site also served as a resource for those interested in getting involved in the community of v SPF1 developers and maintainers. Unfortunately, OpenSPF.org disappeared from the internet in February 2019. We have prepared an OpenSPF.org introduction that will teach you more about the origins and purpose of the tool. Also, we took some time to try to understand what happened to the website. We also attempt to identify some resources that are still available to fill the void left by the homepage’s demise. Origins of OpenSPF.org OpenSPF.org provided information about SPF and its benefits, along with news, tools for configuring SPF, forums, and FAQs. SPF is a method of informing servers whether a specific email server is authorized to send an email from a particular domain. Hence, it can detect whether an email address is authentic or fake before allowing it to pass into an inbox. An SPF record increases the likelihood that an email sent by a valid domain name is delivered. Without it, your email could be categorized as spam. It also protects against malicious email sent through your domain by spammers. Meng Weng Wong is widely credited as the creator of SPF. However, he culled inspiration from various sources. Paul Vixie’s paper Repudiating Mail-From led to two proposals: Reverse MX … Continue reading What Resources Are Available Now That the OpenSPF Homepage Is Gone?