The Top 2016 Gadgets For Men

Posted by Alexis Dolle on February 2, 2016


Alexis Dolle
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Published on February 2, 2016

Whether you’re an axe-slinging, moustachioed woodsman – or – a dapper, charming man-about-town: We’ve got the perfect list of gadgets for you in 2016.

2016 tech is all about the internet-of-things – bringing familiar gadgets and devices into cyberspace by allowing more interaction, control, and functionality to them using the internet, wifi connections, and even Bluetooth.

What does this mean? Well, now you can begin brewing that perfect cup of coffee as you step into the shower to wash away the blood of your enemies. Or, you could increase the volume of a particularly divine piece of music from across the pool as you host your next outdoor wine-tasting.

 The Top 2016 Gadgets for Men

1. Fit Bit

Fit Bit
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$140 –

Curious how many calories you burn while you whittle that next chest of drawers? Check out the next generation of the Fit Bit. Fit Bits can not only track your workouts and activity, but they can track your life habits too. One of the most exciting new features of the Fit Bit is the ability to track its user’s sleep cycle. You can discover when your best sleep cycles occur, when you wake up during the night and how productive your sleep is at the end of the night. That way, you can discover how to get the best nights of sleep possible, and wake up feeling refreshed enough to tackle making that next project – even if it’s crafting an entire log cabin with only your pocket knife.

2. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo
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$180 –

Would you enjoy a wizened butler attending to your every request the next time you find yourself lounging in your smoking jacket, swirling a snifter of brandy? Well, tech has not advanced that far, but that didn’t stop Amazon from developing the next best thing. The Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker that can be placed anywhere in the home. It’s especially handy in the kitchen or places where your hands might be a little tied up. Ask or tell Alexa (Amazon’s version of Siri) to do nearly anything. Alexa can play music, NPR news, look up items on Amazon (they had to), read audiobooks, check the stock market and the weather reports. It’s like a personal assistant in your home. So, feel free to sink deeper into your chase lounge. Maybe even kick off your velvet slippers, and enjoy today’s stock market activity and business news being read aloud by Alexa.

3. Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick
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$49.99 –

Do you need a Steven Seagal action movie playing at all times, and in every room of your house? Maybe a Chuck Norris flick, or two, to mix things up? Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you? Well, now you should – Amazon’s response to the Google Chrome or Roku is the Fire Stick, and it’s awesome. Specifically designed to work with Amazon Instant and Amazon Music and Books, the Fire Stick allows you play tons of video and music apps right through your Amazon stick. The benefit between the Fire and Roku is that you don’t need a separate service to use the Fire. The benefit between Amazon and Google Chrome is that you don’t need to interface all your programs through your smartphone. The Fire is also voice-activated, so Steven and Chuck will stop on command. Who’s the tough guy now?

4. Mr. Coffee Smart

Amazon Mr.Coffee Smart
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$150 –

Find yourself taking so long trimming your handlebar moustache that you often forget to start the coffee pot? No worries, my fine fellow! Even Mr. Coffee is getting into the Internet of Things. This coffee machine is so smart it might even replace your favorite barista. You can set your coffee to brew right from the internet since this coffee pot is enabled with Wi-Fi. So, now you can set your brew time whenever you want which means you’ll always have a hot cup of coffee. It can even be set from bed or even on the drive home from work. So, feel free to wax, primp, trim, and marvel in the glory of your moustache to your heart’s content, rest assured that a hot cup of coffee is ready and waiting for you.

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5. Windshield Projector

$319 –

Ever wish your car chases were more entertaining? Let’s face it, sometimes chasing down mortal enemies before running them off the side of a hill in a tumbling-fiery inferno can become a little tedious after a few times. We’ve got the perfect gift for you. This gadget might not be able to make your chases go buy quicker, but it can help keep you entertained along the way. Not only can you talk to your friends and family while driving, but a video of their faces will also be projected on your windshield. This little baby can also enhance your GPS services by broadcasting a picture of your route on your windshield too, so you’ll know about that next hairpin turn before the baddies do.

6. Superstar Backfloat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

$150 –

When you are a professional Alligator wrestler, it pays to practice. We get it. But, wouldn’t you be able to tackle more of them at once if you had your personal theme song blasting around you? This speaker does everything all your other speakers do. It plays music, the news and audio on TV shows. It even answers your phone. Yet can your other gadgets do all that from the pool? This one can do everything all of your gadgets can do—only wet. Should you not have access to a pool, don’t worry. This little guy is safe for the kitchen counter, bathtub and shower too. This year is all about double-duty electronics. (not Alligator proof)(personal theme song not included)

7. Skylock Keyless U-Lock

$159 –

You only buy local produce for your dishes. You compost on your 3rd-floor patio. You even bike to work to do your part to save the planet. But, how annoying is it when you trek 20 miles, in the name of Gaia, to the farmer’s market only to walk out finding your bike has been stolen? This year, Skylock proves that it pays to be environmentally conscious. Bikers can rest assured that their bikes won’t be stolen and won’t be such a pain to unlock. Skylock has created a keyless lock that keeps your bike safe and sound—until it senses you approaching. The keyless “entry” works with your smartphone and senses you coming up to a few feet away. Simply approach your bike, and the lock disables. So, rest easy as you peruse those parsnips. Enjoy as you deliberate over some dates. Be at peace, and know that your bike will be right where you left it – ready for the trip back to your biodome.

8. Monorover R2

$599 –

You are just plain awesome, and everyone knows it. You get more high-fives, fist-bumps, and Arnold Schwarzenegger/Carl Weathers-sized handshakes than you know what to do with. But, in the midst of all that joyous celebration of just how awesome and bro-riffic you are, do you find it hard to get to where you are actually going? What you need is something that lets you tackle every epic shake, bump, and slap while remaining mobile and on the move. The Monorover R2 is essentially a skateboard that powers itself. Simply move your ankles and your weight slightly, and the board will shift and head to wherever you want to go. Just shy of reading your mind and performing your bidding, the board is able to “drive” over several types of terrain. Although it may not be quite able to read your mind, riders comment on how it does seem pretty intuitive. With the Monrover, you can stay the Ulti-bro that you are, accept every offering to your bro-nificense, and still continue on along your way to get things done. Albeit, in the bro-liest fashion.

9. GoPro Hero4 Silver

$400 –

What’s the point in doing Parkour through burning buildings if you can’t show it off to your friends. Sure, some people think that jumping from balconies and leaping across buildings is amazing. But, how impressed would they be if they could watch as you dodge back-drafts and flame jets while sprinting across the walls of a towering inferno’s stairwell? Well, tell your friends to start stretching out their mouths, because now – you can make their jaws drop! GoPro Hero4 is the newest in the line of GoPros. GoPro technology became extremely popular over the past few years—thanks to its ability to capture action-packed sequences. In addition, this is the first GoPro with a screen built into the device. So, now you can be sure you nailed your signature catch-phrase as you erupt from the windows of an exploding inferno. Otherwise, you know to turn on your police scanner, and wait for the chance for a second take. (please don’t start any fires)

That concludes our roundup of the best tech for men 2016 has to offer, so far.

Rest assured, there will be more testosterone-fueled, adrenaline-pumping, collar-starching gadgets as the year goes on. So, stay tuned! In the meantime, did we miss any of your favorite Manly 2016 Gadgets? Why not share them in our comments? Tell us how your particular piece of tech helps you to better spruce up, bro out, or otherwise help you achieve a higher plain of awesome!

Alexis Dolle
Head of Growth

Analyzes data, eats data, drinks data, lives for data and helps the Mailbird team to build a more awesome experience.

Published on February 2, 2016