The Date Is Official

Posted by Alexis Dolle on February 25, 2015

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Alexis Dolle
Head of Growth

Analyzes data, eats data, drinks data, lives for data and helps the Mailbird team to build a more awesome experience.

Published on February 25, 2015

Mailbird 2.0 Launch Date Is Out

The moment of truth has arrived and the Mailbird launch date you were anxiously waiting for has been decided.

Mark your calendar for March, 12th 2015, the day you’ll be able to download and experience the awesomeness we have been working towards for so long.

We are super stoked for this launch and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.

Let’s see what else happened last week…

4th Episode of Startup Show Is Now Online

In the 4th episode of Startup show all the participants were challenged on their marketing and sales aspect which is the core to grow any business. The judges were looking to understand who are the target customers, how participants are trying to woo them through their messaging and their acquisition channels.

For Mailbird the message was simple – ‘An easier way to email’. Email is a form of communication and spending half your day sorting through it doesn’t get your work done which is what Mailbird is designed to combat. It makes a difference in your life by providing a simpler and faster personal & enterprise email management so you spend less time in your inbox and more on things you love.

Watch how Andrea presented Mailbird and what judges thought of it.

Like to say something to Andrea? You can tweet her at @aloubier.

Crowdfunding Handstand

Remember we promised if we cross $5000 by Feb 16, ‘Mary’ (Christin) in the video will do a handstand for 20 minutes? Even though we didn’t cross the $5000 mark we didn’t want to disappoint you so Mary did the handstand anyway.

Click here to watch Mary upside down.

We are at $6050 while writing this update so we still have $3950 to go. Remember, all the funds collected above $10,000 will directly be donated to The International Diabetes Federation and that makes it all the more worthwhile for you. Help us cross $10,000 and you know you will be doing a good deed. Just click the big ‘Fund Now’ button below and help make a difference.

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What’s new in Mailbird 2.0

We know this is the part you all have been waiting for. Our second alpha update was released today and we have quite a few things to share about the newly released version.

  1. Turbo Boost – We have added performance booster to all the common operations like moving emails to a folder, marking as starred, marking as important and many more. The speed and performance of 2.0 can now put any other email client to shame.
  2. Enhanced Notification Center – Notification center will now show you tips to assist you in taking complete advantage of Mailbird and turning you in an email ninja. You can also close these tips anytime you want so they don’t interfere with your work.
  3. Switch Apps – Sidebar apps are now more customizable and flexible. You can switch between multiple sidebar apps and even collapse them when you don’t need them. You will feel at home with Mailbird 2.0
  4. Welcome Window – You will find a new welcome window with Mailbird 2.0 which will allow you to add multiple email accounts, help select your favorite apps, select view and theme color of Mailbird while setting up. This ensures that as soon as you’re in the inbox you will be ready to storm through your emails.
  5. Bug fixing – We have fixed a lot of bugs from the first alpha update which makes Mailbird 2.0 experience smoother, faster and more reliable.

Mailbird 2.0 is around the corner and if you can’t wait to get your hands on it then sign up for an early access invite here.

Share this news with your friends and family and let the world know ‘Mailbird 2.0 is coming‘.

Alexis Dolle
Head of Growth

Analyzes data, eats data, drinks data, lives for data and helps the Mailbird team to build a more awesome experience.

Published on February 25, 2015