Business Boost: The Mailbird Contacts Manager

Posted by Christin on November 19, 2014

A core function and standard request for many email clients is a really awesome way to organize information about people you choose to stay connected with. As we work down the line of software development priorities and requests, this is the hot item we have released. Moving Away From the Basics Initially we created a very basic contacts app in Mailbird where you did not have to manually edit, add or remove contacts. If you emailed with someone, that contact automatically was added to your contact list. We also implemented auto-fill so when you started to type the name of any given email contact, their email would pop up so you could easily add it. We were surprised to learn that many of you had several different use cases for a contacts manager. When we received your questions and requests for a contacts manager, we took the time to understand how you typically would use your ideal contacts manager with Mailbird. Here are some brilliant ideas that you shared with us: The ability to create contact groups, a favorite one for businesses. To organize contacts like business cards To import or sync contacts from any email provider. You can do this by importing vCard. To include Facebook and LinkedIn updates for each contact To add/delete/edit contact information like title or company information To connect to all social networks. Updating a friend’s email when they change it instead of just adding a new contact entry. Remove spam/junk emails from contacts that…