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Publicado por Christin em novembro 23, 2014

This year we would like to thank you for your great support you have been given us so far.

Mailbird has been through a lot of creative and amazing times, full of improvements and changes. We wouldn’t be where we are at this time if it wasn’t for all your great support and motivating engagement.

Thank You!!

We would like to show our appreciation by granting you an exclusive sneak peak of the developing stages of Mailbird 2.0.

We are going to grant everyone who goes Pro between November 24th to November 27th access to MailbirdX, which is the experimental version of Mailbird 2.0.!

Experience Mailbird 2.0 today 

You will have the opportunity to work with the same version our Mailbird team and only a few, very carefully chosen people are currently working with. You will be able to watch and experience the transition with all the improvements and features being added day by day, week by week.

This also means you’ll experience an occasional bug, so just let us know at [email protected] and we will be sure to fix it.

Since this will make you an exclusive and important part of the development of Mailbird 2.0, please do not hesitate to inform us about any issues you might experience. We are fixing them as soon as you inform us about them, to make MailbirdX ready to be launched as Mailbird 2.0 as soon as possible.

Why do you have to go Pro first?

This version is very precious to us, as you can imagine. We can obviously not grant access to just “anybody”.

We are certain that you understand that this is the only way for us to be sure, that only a truly interested selection of people get early, exclusive access.

What if you don’t like it?

If you decide you would actually prefer to wait for Mailbird 2.0 when it is released publicly, no problem. You can just install the current public version as notified in the email which will have instructions for both the Pro version and MailbirdX (early version of Mailbird 2.0).

We will happily assist you with that, should you have any questions that pop up.

How can you get it?

It is very simple.

Get Mailbird Pro or Mailbird Pro Lifetime somewhere from Monday November 24th to Thursday November 27th. Do it before midnight Bali time which is +8 time zone.

After your purchase, you will receive the confirmation email with further instructions, so you can become a Mailbird VIP member.

Please make sure to check your spam folder if you have the feeling you have been waiting a bit too long for that email. It might have snuck into that, just be sure to mark it so it is not recognized as spam.

Go Pro and be a part of developing the best email client ever!



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