The Creative Evolution of Email

Opublikowane przez Christin Sierpień 2, 2012

The nature of online communication in the form of an email has transitioned over the years. There is the never ending battle of whether desktop or web based email clients are better, Windows vs. Mac, Cats vs. Dogs, Apples vs. Oranges- the reality of it all is that we have a new breed of email users who enjoy the benefits of both worlds. Many new and diverse forms of email applications have evolved since the crashing halt of Thunderbird, later followed by Google’s acquisition of Sparrow (for Mac).

What is happening with all these desktop email clients? Well, not only are they being simply bought out by the biggest online company in the world, but they are also refocusing efforts in the other facets of online communication. One of those being mobile communication, which is a whole other animal in itself. With a focus on the benefits of desktop email applications that use both features of web based, and the adaptability and power of desktop, Mailbird brings it on!

One of the most widely used desktop email clients is Outlook, because they were quick on their toes to penetrate a market called the professional workforce. As society evolves with technology, we have more niche groups, and people who like to celebrate their individuality, who have very particular preferences especially when we talk technology and gadgets. With the public introduction of Facebook in 2006, online social networking hit a big growth spurt, over a „Wow, time flies!” six year period. So online communication today targets the early „I want something new!” adopters; they are socially engaged online and very avant-garde with their tech tools. Design is a major part of this, and metro style interfaces are trending. Web based email tends to fall short here, which is why the shiny, trendy, minimalist re-imagination of desktop email is making a come back.

As mentioned in our last post247 billion emails are sent each day across multiple platforms whether it be mobile, web based, or from the stable home of your desktop. We hope to involve the community in creating an awesome alternative desktop email client. A tool that integrates the idea of online social networking, an exclusive community, where your daily email activity is simple, and where options are unlimited. Much like the revolution of email from it’s early days in the 60’s,  we invite the first combo contenders of savvy Windows, Gmail, Desktop email users to contribute to the creative evolution of communication. We want people from all over the world who are not afraid to experiment, and not afraid to say what they really think and feel. It’s going to be a redesign for quick online correspondence, exchanges, and sharing.

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