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Opublikowane przez Christin Lipiec 2, 2012

We had our great idea. The development already set in motion. We started to build the best Windows supported desktop email app, and a strong passion to unleash Mailbird for the world to see. However, one thing was missing…Mailbird needed a graphic symbol, a face, an image, a visual form to represent this awesome tool in all of its glory!

We began throwing around ideas for a potential Mailbird logo. We even created a few mock ups of the logo design internally. What we really needed was a ton of ideas and examples, so we could start narrowing down our search for the perfect design. From envelopes in the shape of wings to origami style birds striped in red and blue, we had a long ways to go before finding the perfect logo. Having had many conversations about gradients, colors, shades, shapes, placement, image integration and more, we decided to check out 99Designs for additional inspiration.

You could call it a perversion of truth to assume that creating a logo would be a quick and easy task. There is quite a crazy library of literature on the psychology of images and color when looking at logo design. Do we go with a letter envelope, a clever integration of a bird in the Mailbird text, an @ sign that easily identifies email? After 169 designs, tons of feedback, poll results, and the fusion of minds within the Mailbird team, we got it!

Thanks to our winning designer, Pich from 99Designs, we we can put our Mailbird stamp of approval on the clean, speedy, beautiful email app for the world.






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