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Yes, that’s right. One of the great integrations that came with Mailbird 2.0 is Facebook.

Messaging right from your Inbox, how awesome is that? This integration is one of the many steps, transforming Mailbird from being an awesome Email Client to your all-in-one communication hub. 

Email, Messaging, Task Management, Calendar and Video Meetings – next to your Inbox.

Start Messaging

You can activate the Facebook App using one simple click in your Mailbird AppStore. The Facebook icon will then appear in the left-hand menu panel allowing you to access the web view version of the App.

Activate the App

Facebook - web view version of the App
Facebook – web view version of the App

Facebook is, thanks to our awesome all-star Developer Team, also accessible from your Mailbird sidebar. Once you logged in to your Facebook account, you can start messaging, connecting or just browsing through your Newsfeed.

Facebook in the sidebar
Facebook in your sidebar

You want to send a message to your friend, that does not require an Email? No problem at all! You can message your friend without having to leave your favourite Email Client, by simply using Facebook.

Messaging right from the sidebar
Messaging without leaving your Mailbird


Activate Facebook today and experience how easy you can switch between your Email and Social Media Accounts without any major distraction.






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