Email that Builds Your Professional Network

Opublikowane przez Christin Styczeń 17, 2014

Ever emailing with an important business contact that you want to build your connection with? Maybe you have a contact that you’d like to consult with on a professional level. Perhaps you are recruiting a new team member for your business. You get an email from an interested job applicant who you’d like to connect with and learn from on a professional basis. From a professional and business development stand point, email is the primary basis for how we communicate with clients, users, and potential business partners. The first contact you have with someone is likely via email. When you email with someone who is a professional contact, your first contact with them is typically an email consisting of an introduction and a briefing. That then leads to a next step whether that is closing a business deal, acquiring a new customer or adding a valuable role to your team. So what is the next thing you do after you begin correspondence via email? Naturally, a lot of us annoyingly have to navigate away from our inbox, open up a web browser, search for the Linkedin website, visit the LinkedIn website and we then have to manually search for the name of your new professional contact. Social networks are now such a big part of building valuable business contacts and growing your professional network, so you can also grow your business. The coolest new feature is now live in Mailbird, it’s the LinkedIn look up. You can now right click…

The Evolution of Multi-Account in Mailbird

Opublikowane przez Christin Grudzień 23, 2013

It takes a lot of time to design every little detail and program each and every feature and addition to the Mailbird experience. We thought it would be fun to share with you the different prototypes and designs for multi-account in Mailbird that many of you, especially our awesome alpha testers, were a big influence on. In this a very fine process, we put the user perspective in the forefront when deciding on the most intuitive, productive and beautiful design with your email interaction. In the image below you can see our first idea for how multiple accounts would be displayed in Mailbird as a right expand bar when you mouse over the account icon. We quickly realized that this could get messy for heavy email users with more than eight accounts. Ideally, we also did not want to cover any part of the message list pane when switching between accounts. Multi-account Design 1   We love the many positive quotes from supporters after multi-account went live like this one, “Thank you so much for multiple mail accounts.  Great Thanksgiving gift.  🙂 Thank you.  I am very excited to hear about the upcoming cool features.  Considering what you guys have done already… the design and functionality, I have no doubt that you will continue to wow us.  I believe that you have an impressive design team.  Even your email signature here is impressive :)” – Carlisle Below we experimented with a little color in the multi-account design with icons and letters…

The Long Awaited Launch of Mailbird with Multi-Account

Opublikowane przez Christin Listopad 27, 2013

FINALLY…the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Version 1 of Multi-Account support now live in Mailbird and ready for testing in the beta! Why this rocks? It is what separates webmail from desktop email clients. No more multi-tabs in your browser, no more logging in and out of different web email accounts. It comes down to the convenience factor of just managing your email all from one place and finally feeling more in control. It is as simple as that (yet not so simple to build!), and the #1 Mailbird request for thousands of you around the world. This is a huge milestone for the Mailbird vision as we bring you to a new level of productivity to your inbox. We’ve been spending a lot of time developing and testing Multi-Account. We would like to take this opportunity to send a big thank you to our internal alpha testers who have been incredible in providing solid feedback and reports to our team so that we could deliver Multi-Account support to the world in Mailbird. Thanks to these rock star alpha testers, without a doubt, you will not be disappointed. You Could Be A Lucky Mailbird Pro Winner! Many of you who were so eager to try Mailbird could not fully commit until Multi-Account was available. The question is, why do we have so many email accounts? In our world of information overload with spam, news, subscriptions, privacy and the need to separate your work from your personal life, you must…

500+ Million More…Mailbird Launches IMAP Support

Opublikowane przez Christin Październik 22, 2013

Finally, it’s out. Mailbird’s latest leap has just gone live as of Tuesday October 22, 2013 with full IMAP support. Window’s fastest, easiest, and most productive email client just invited some new players to the Mailbird party like,, iCloud, and much more. Many thanks for your patience and we are happy to announce that Mailbird is now open to you among millions of others globally, and no longer limited to Gmail or Google Apps account holders alone.   „Thanks for building such an awesome mail client! It’s increased my average response time by a very substantial amount!” – Tim Webber   So, what does the new IMAP functionality mean for you? If you used an IMAP supported email provider, it means that can now save at least an hour or more every week that you usually spend in your inbox. An extra hour a week to create something awesome, catch up on reading, hang with your friends, plan your next globetrotting adventure…or perhaps just catch some much needed Zzz. It means that the time you spend in your inbox is now less stressful than ever. No one likes waiting for a loading circle, even if it’s a fast one. And sifting through a messy and jumbled page with ads thrown in to find and reply to your emails is no fun at all. Mailbird removes all of these, so your inbox becomes a bit more zen. It means you get to be one of the first people in…

The New Mailbird Installers – Harder Better Faster Stronger

Opublikowane przez Christin Wrzesień 27, 2013

The new Mailbird Installers are out, and man are they cool. Installers you say? Why plural? Ah, I’ll get to that little bit of genius in just a sec (it’s tweak no. 4 if you’re in a rush). Let’s start at the top though. What’s new and awesome with the new installer?   Tweak no. 1: Faster 14% faster to be exact. The new installer moves blisteringly fast, getting Mailbird installed, up, and running live within a few minutes (how many, exactly, depends on your internet connection…unless you use the Offline Installer). With this faster tweak, we’re saving you time before you’ve even begun using Mailbird. Tweak no. 2: Bug-Free Ah, bugs. The bane of every software program, especially the betas. The old Mailbird installer had a fair few of them. Sometimes, you wouldn’t notice them at all, and Mailbird would install perfectly. Other times….well, Mailbird wouldn’t install at all. Not anymore, though. The new installer works seamlessly on any Windows computer, running on any hardware. No more problems, just a quick and clean install. Tweak no. 3: Customizable Our old installer was very hands-off. It took care of the location of the files by itself, without bothering you about it. The new installer still does…if you want it to. And now, if you’re more hands-on, you have the option to tell it to save all Mailbird files wherever you want them saved, instead of the default. Tweak no. 4: Offline Installation Most of what the Mailbird Installer spends it’s…

Should You Be Using A Desktop Email Client?

Opublikowane przez Christin Wrzesień 3, 2013

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re far from alone. And there is no clear cut answer.   Here is the closest there is to a black & white answer: The main reason why you would want to use an email client is because it boosts your speed and productivity, helping you move faster than you would in any webmail client. The main reason why you would want to use webmail is because you can use it anywhere and from any device…though having an email client doesn’t stop you from doing this.   If that didn’t answer your question, then let’s get a little bit more in depth. You should use a desktop email client if…   …Your focus in email is productivity. Because an email client does not rely on internet speed, there is no waiting time when you want to open an email or access your inbox or search your past emails or view an attachment. It’s all done faster than a webmail client can do it. You can also use shortcuts like Quick Open, which gives you access to your inbox instantaneously from anywhere on your computer, and Quick Compose, which lets you open up an email composition window from anywhere on your computer, instead of having to open your web browser and wait for your email program to load. Webmail can’t create system wide shortcuts like this, and they are a huge time saver. …You always want to be able to access your email. Another advantage…

The Mailbird Privacy Policy

Opublikowane przez Christin Sierpień 5, 2013

The Mailbird team knows how important your privacy is. What you do in your inbox is for your eyes only, and we protect that by never scanning the content of your emails or storing any un-encrypted or un-anonymized personal information on our servers. Everything we you tell us is hidden from prying eyes, and often even from our own. If you’ve been curious about what we do with your information when you sign up for and use Mailbird, then this post is for you. A completely transparent view of what we know about you and what we do with that information.   What’s Not Anonymous? The information that you give us directly is stuff that we hold onto. This is stuff like your email address, name, and any information you send us through error reports to [email protected] We will never sell this information to anyone or use it in a way that you have not asked us to. Mailbird also pings the server when you launch it, letting us know who is actively using Mailbird and who has stopped using it. This is the only unanonymized information we collect that is not given to us directly by you. We use that active/inactive information to find our most enthusiastic users so that we can get in touch with them and hear what they like and want improved, and so that we can see who dropped off and ask them what we could have done to improve their experience.   What’s Anonymous?…

Why Is Mailbird Windows-Only?

Opublikowane przez Christin Lipiec 18, 2013

In the beginning, there was Sparrow. A shining example of clean & minimalist email perfection. The design induced a state of zen. The simplicity found us speeding through our inboxes. The learning curve was measured in mere minutes. In Sparrow, Mac had found a paradise for those of us seeking to improve the beauty and productivity in our inboxes.   The only problem….we’re Windows users. And on Windows, that email paradise was…non-existent. We’ve searched. We’ve tried Thunderbird, Outlook, Opera, Postbox, Dreammail, i.Scribe, eM, even just plain old Gmail with Offline sync. But, though many of them were quite cool, none of them felt anything like Sparrow. They were either too cluttered, too slow, missing features we needed, or had too much of a learning curve. And not one could compare in aesthetics.   It was time to make a choice: Either accept the mediocre email clients on Windows, and bemoan our fate…or create a new Windows email client that would equal – nay exceed! – the minimalistic beauty & productivity boosting ability of Sparrow. I think we made the right choice. Mailbird would become Windows’ email paradise as Sparrow had become Macs.   Then…Sparrow stopped. Google bought Sparrow and, all of a sudden, Mac users were asking us when we would come over to their OS. And they weren’t alone. We’ve been chatting with our users and getting requests to go on Mobile & Linux ever since we began developing. It happens at least once a day. We get an…

Ninja Kick Email Into Place

Opublikowane przez Christin Czerwiec 17, 2013

Hi World! Andrea from Mailbird here 🙂 This is a longer post, but you won’t want to miss anything here. Read all the way to the end! Yes, it’s been a while…only because we’ve been making sure to address and improve Mailbird by listening to and evaluating each suggestion, iterating suggestions, testing them, then getting your feedback again. Did you know that 76% of email users, just like you, primarily access email from a laptop or desktop computer? Why is that? It is because that is when you really want to sit down and get productive and why a solid desktop email app is a must-have when it comes to managing all that information, follow up, calendar events, and more. We’re making some really cool things happen with email so you can continue to be a Mailbird email champ by enjoying email, managing information overload better, and getting the most out of your day without spending all of it in your inbox. It’s true, we are helping you live longer by reducing daily stress. Have you noticed? Since our last blog post on May 16, 2013 we’ve made 54+ modifications with a solid mix of bug fixes, optimizations, and improvements in less than 3 weeks. Mailbird Coding Ninjas are hard at work and know what’s up when it comes to improving information processing and communication via Email. Check out all updates directly from Mailbird by clicking on the top left Mailbird drop-down menu > Options > Updates Tab > View…

Multi-Account vs. Multi-Identities

Opublikowane przez Christin Maj 16, 2013

 „We want multi-account!” That is the biggest request you guys have for Mailbird.  And we’re on it. Our developers are pounding away at their keyboards even as I write this, and we will unroll multi-account in about a month. But there’s this little feature called multi-identities that might just solve all your multi-account problems right now. Think of it like multi-account beta.   What’s Multi-Identities you ask? At it’s most basic, multi-identities is a feature that lets you send an email from any email address you want. So, when you’ve got to talk about that last meeting with your teammate, you write your email and then click „Send from [email protected]”.  When planning your weekend adventures with the crew, you click „Send from [email protected]”.   Doesn’t sound like much at first glance right? But here’s what it can do. With a little bit of filtering & forwarding magic, multi-identities lets you centralize all of your inboxes into one, and manage your emails just like you would with multi-accounts.   Here’s how you set it up: The set-up for multi-identities takes longer than it will for multi-accounts, which is one of the main reasons we’re building multi-accounts. It’s about 2-3 minutes per email account. Setting Up Multi-Identities First, in Mailbird, click ‚Mailbird’, ‚Options’, & ‚Identities’. Then click that little ‚+’ sign & fill out the information to add a new account. You can even give each email it’s own signature. You can give each address it’s own signature. And, if that signature includes HTML (like…


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