File sharing just got big in Mailbird. Say Hello to Degoo!

Gepost door Christin op augustus 19, 2015

With our latest launch on Windows 10, we have also implemented a new, awesome App called Degoo.

Degoo is a free data backup service that gives users automatic, secure online backup. This comes in extremely handy anytime you have to send large files in an email…and we must say, it totally rocks!

Thanks to the great cooperation of  the Degoo team, you are now able to simply upload and share (large) files, using the Degoo App in your favourite email client Mailbird.

Sending files has never been this easy

Simply activate the App in your Mailbird Appstore. The Degoo icon will appear in the left hand menu.

Activate the Degoo App in your Mailbird Appstore
Activate the Degoo App in your Mailbird Appstore

Once the App is activated, you will need to log in or sign up for Degoo.

Please note that Degoos API does not support Google Accounts yet. So you want use your other email for signing up.

Log in or sign up for Degoo
Log in or sign up for Degoo

Voilà. You are all ready to go and send out your files faster than ever.

Either upload and send files using the web version of the App or drag & drop any files to the Degoo icon at the bottom of the compose/reply window.

You want to make sure, you drag your files from Degoo all the way to the Degoo icon to upload as it will otherwise be attached as a regular Mailbird attachment.

Drag&Drop attachments to upload them to Degoo
Drag&Drop attachments to upload them to Degoo

The file will appear as a Hyperlink in Mailbird, which is easily accessed and downloaded by the recipient.

Degoo link inserted
Degoo link inserted

Psst, a little bird has tweeted us, that Degoo is running a promotion at the moment to celebrate their new update launching TODAY (8/19/2015). The first 100 user to upgrade their Degoo account will get Mailbird Pro free for the first year.



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