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Contact Manager

Mailbird Contact Manager unifies your contacts in the best way possible

The Mailbird Contact Manager deserves a full write up, because this feature is ridiculously awesome. It’s been a year in the making, so this feature release means a lot to us. We built this for email users worldwide, to make their lives better with the most critical contacts that keep our personal and business connections thriving.

Contact Manager

Let’s look at the highlights of your brilliant new Contact Manager and how to best use it. It is our ultimate obligation to you to deliver the absolute best damn unified, beautiful and synced Contact Management tool that practically manages itself. It’s beautiful. So here we go…

Get started with the best Contact Manager ever

Before you become a contacts managing machine, first thing is to get all your contacts into Mailbird. It’s simple and will be done in no time. A heads up, the more contacts you have, the longer it may take (we are talking, instead of 10 seconds, it may take 20 seconds). A step by step guide to get the Mailbird Contact Manager as soon as possible:

1. Activate the ‘Contacts’ app in our Mailbird App section.

2. Once you have activated the app an introduction window will pop up. Press the blue “Connect accounts” button on the final slide of the introduction. 

3. Mailbird gives you the option to choose contacts from your Google and/or Outlook accounts (including Google Apps and Office 365) that you have added to Mailbird. Check the boxes next to the Google and/or Outlook accounts to start syncing and adding your contacts to the Mailbird Contact Manager.

4. Should you want to add another Google and/or Outlook account that are not yet in Mailbird, hit the blue “+ Connect other account”. Contact Manager


5. Choose your account.

Contact Manager


-> Note: If you add a new account to Mailbird, you will need to log into your account with your email and email account password. Both Google and Outlook will ask you to grand Mailbird certain permissions to access the account, necessary to sync your contacts.

Agree to the permissions to proceed with syncing your contacts in Mailbird. If at any point you do not feel comfortable, please get in touch with our support team to confirm this process. We assure you your information is safe and secure, you have nothing to worry about.

Voilá! All your contacts as synced in Mailbird. Search, add, remove, edit and connect seamlessly with all the important people in your life with Mailbird. Anything you do in Mailbird will sync with Google and Outlook. Finally, the Mailbird Contact Manager is here and life just got a heck of a lot better in how we stay connected.

Try Mailbird and unify your email and contact accounts.

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Linking! You will love this one

After you have added your contacts to the Mailbird Contact Manager, it’s time to get them organized. When searching for a contact, notice that a single person may be listed in two or more accounts. The single person will show as two different entries even though they are the same person. Here’s the magic of linking, where you can link both entries into one in the Mailbird Contact Manager. You contact details of this one person is unified into one entry. Let’s do it.

1. Mark both contacts, right click and choose “Link contacts”Mailbird will combine the details from two separate entries into one linked contact. Note: These contacts are not merged, only linked.

Contact Manager2. Editing a linked contact (unified contact) is easy. When you edit any details in a linked contact, the edits are automatically applied to the individual contact as well. Imagine the time you save when you only have to edit a contact once!

In some cases you may link contacts that are not 100% identical. As an example, a contact might have different last names in two separate entries, even if they are the same person. To decide and set the name you would like to use for that contact, go the unified contact and check the last name you would like to display in the linked contact. It can also be empty if you wish. The same can be applied to the image and other contact details listed.

Contact Manager3. Unlink contacts. Some people prefer not to link their accounts and keep them individually separated. No problem you can easily unlink either individual entries from a unified contact or just unlink all of them.

-> Note: linking works only in Mailbird! You will have separate individual contacts in your web based accounts. Any changes you are making within your unified/linked entries, will be synced.

Copying contacts

You may want to copy or add a contact from account/group A to account/group B. You have 2 options to do that.

First, you can add the contact to a new group by using the “+” icon in the group section of the individual contact.

Contact ManagerWe want things to be easy for you when you choose Mailbird for managing your accounts and contacts. So, we’ve taken the time to make it so you can drag & drop contact entries to and contact group or account you want, which is totally awesome.

Contact Manager

If you add a contact to a group in another account, they will be linked, because it’s another account.

Why will it link them? Because, when copying the contact it will create an identical entry in a different group. To save you time, Mailbird creates a unified contact for you. As mentioned before, you can easily unlink those contacts again.

Move Contacts

There is also the option to move a contact between accounts and/or groups, but NOT copy it. Hold the shift key while dragging the contact entry. The contact will be moved to the group you chose.

Contact Manager

Based on experience, it is very easy to end up with a large number of copies in your virtual address book due to the convenience of moving contacts around. To avoid a huge amount of copies, Mailbird will actually delete the contact once you “drag” them out of the group. Other clients like Apple Mail i.e. will leave the contact there, but Mailbird will keep your contacts free of “rubbish”. Mailbird removes the contact from the group you moved it out of.

-> Note: Moving contacts does not work if you are in “All Contacts” so be sure you are not in “All Contacts” when trying to move a contact entry.

Customization and layout

No matter how long you have been using Mailbird, you will have noticed one thing for sure. We love customization. We know that people are more productive when they can arrange and customize their experience with the design and layout of apps they use every day.

Your Mailbird Contact Manager delivers the customization you need. Show or hide all the groups if you prefer the layout to be less cluttered. Customize profile pictures/avatars of your contacts by uploading any image you choose to associate with that contact entry.

Contact Manager

Last but not least, unlinking accounts is done by clicking on the drop down arrow at the top of the linked contact and select any of the accounts you want to unlink. This unlinks and removes the account one by one.

These are the key functionalities of your Mailbird Contact Manager. The best way to experience how it all works, is to experience it yourself. This was not an easy feature to build, so we really hope you love it given the hard work and over ten thousand hours put into it.

With that being said, we welcome any questions, bugs or suggestions in the comment section below or by simply sending us an email.     

Unify your email and contact accounts the easiest way possible.

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