Mailbird flocks to Bali for the 2016 Hackathon

Gepost door Jason Ephraim op maart 3, 2016

About half the Mailbird team works in Bali, Indonesia

The rest of the team works remotely from all across the globe – including places like Canada, Spain, and the United States. That’s why, once a year, our entire team takes flight to meet up for a month long hackathon in Bali, Indonesia. This year’s hackathon is extra special because we have quite a few new team members making the trip for the very first time. It’s been a few days already, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on together!

What the heck is a “hackathon“?

A “hackathon” is typically used to describe a marathon-like event where developers come together to build something (an app, software, etc) in one sitting. Sometimes lasting days, these events usually involve alot of sweat, hoodies, tears, and very little sleep.

The Mailbird Hackathon

Our design and development team #startup #hackathon

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For the next month, the entire Mailbird team will be working and living together 24/7 to complete projects ranging from new features, to customer service updates, to planning.

Throughout the month, we also have a ton of group activities planned including:


Fitness Activities


And many more

Burpees at work #hackathon #fitness

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It won’t all be fun and games, though. Just like any other Hackathon, the mailbird team will be working together relentlessly to pack in as much new features and development as possible in our time together.

We will be sharing constant updates on our Youtube channel, Instagram, twitter and more. So be sure to subscribe/follow to see what we’re up to.



Jason Ephraim

Former Vice President of Growth at Mailbird

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