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Posted by Christin on May 6, 2015


Marketing Manager

PR & Media Relations Supporting the team by communicating Mailbird and its great features to existing and potential users and media.

Published on May 6, 2015

We are ready for some serious rapid growth.

Mailbird is going into the next round of investment and our entire team would love your support so we can invest more resources into growth and software development.

Mailbird is looking to raise a seed round of $500,000 USD. Mailbird already sees +27% Monthly Active User growth. That is month over month, and we are ready to take that even further. Best of all, the first $150,000 USD has already been committed.

The capital will be invested into growth for Mailbird as we are taking the business to the next stage. We have a solid complementary founding team and a great product. Any risk related to technology, product/market fit, customers, business model and recruiting have now been mitigated from the founding to pre-seed stages.



How to help?

We want to find the perfect investors for Mailbird who are just as passionate about what we are doing for online communication and work collaboration. So, here are ways you can help us reach out to more investors for Mailbird:

A. Share the news on your social channels

We would like to share our proof of concept with potential investors. Proof of Mailbird’s massive support by an awesome and extremely loyal community of users since the very beginning.

“Investors: as situation of Windows universality strengthens it would be a good idea to check in on @getmailbird and founder Andrea Loubier.” – D. Crets

Like Mr. Crets, it would be awesome if you could help us spread the word on your online networks. You can use the pre-written Tweets and posts below. If you want, feel free to edit them so it suits you best.

  1. Twitter

“Investors, Mailbird is opening their next round of investment soon. Worth looking into considering Windows universality is strengthening.”

  1. Facebook, Google+ Community, LinkedIn etc.

“Mailbird, best Email Client for Windows, is going into their next round of investment. Definitely worth looking into, considering Windows universality is strengthening and growing.”

B. Share the investment news wherever you can

You are a blogger, writer, author or know someone that is? Awesome! Maybe your and/or their readers are interested in finding out more about how Mailbird is actively raising a seed investment round. If so, please contact Christin ( for more details.

Going to dinner at a friends place? Perfect! Let them know about how the Mailbird team is raising a seed round, while enjoying the dessert. Share this exciting news, and help us make the best email communication platform ever for you.

the team

pie chart



Let’s do this.

With your support, we can take Mailbird to the next level and create the best all-in-one communication hub, creating the benchmark standard for Windows and many other operating systems.

We just updated our profile on AngelList with the latest numbers and information (viewable to registered and accredited investors on AngelList only). So now you can get a quick overview here before you decide. Cannot see the latest updates? Just email for more info, we’d love to set up a call with high value investors.

We continue to build like crazy! We are excited to take Mailbird to the next level, together with you. Looking forward to connecting during these exciting times for Mailbird, for email, for Southeast Asia startups, for productivity and for online communication.








Marketing Manager

PR & Media Relations Supporting the team by communicating Mailbird and its great features to existing and potential users and media.

Published on May 6, 2015