Mailbird Next

Your future — simplified, beautiful, and powerful

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Introducing the next generation of Mailbird:

  • Cross-platform capabilities: for Windows, Mac, and mobile
  • A new, even more intuitive design and faster interface
  • Tons of new features and app integrations

Your voice matters - today and always.

Meet Mailbird Next

Over the past ten years, your feedback has been invaluable to us. Your passion for Mailbird, combined with our drive to innovate, has fueled our desire to become even better.

The ability to access Mailbird on multiple devices was a customer need at the heart of our new invention, aiming to maximize your productivity.

  • Lightweight in memory usage
  • Cleaner user interface
  • Cross-platform experience
  • Higher speed
  • Additional features and app integrations
  • More intuitive design

Get your lifetime access to Mailbird Next with our NFT collection!

How does it compare to the current Mailbird?

Current Mailbird

  • Windows only
  • Fast, but not as quick as it could be
  • Easy to use compared to many other email clients
  • Productivity-friendly with its features and integrations

Mailbird Next

  • Available across all of your Windows, Mac, and mobile devices
  • Experience lightning speed with a lightweight system
  • A cleaner, simpler, even more beautifully intuitive design
  • Packed with tons of email management features for soaring productivity

What is our product vision for Mailbird Next?

Our goal is to create a beautiful, simplified - and most importantly, powerful - unified email experience across all your devices.

Here are a few more problems we are committed to solving:

The mental stress of adopting different apps on different devices
Save time and increase the ease of use by experiencing the same look and feel across all your devices.
The hassle of managing several email accounts and calendars
It’s painless. All your email accounts are in one place.
Staying on top of crucial tasks
Never miss another important email or meeting again.
Inbox overload
Capture, segment, and access relevant emails and files.
App overwhelm
Save time by unifying your communications and tools in one place.

How we plan on solving them...

All the core functions of Mailbird that you love most. Including:

  • Unified inbox

    Keep all your personal, work, and educational accounts in one place.

  • Email tracking

    Remain in the know. See who is reading your emails and when.

  • Cut through the noise of your inbox. Find what you want, when you want it, without a fuss.

  • App integrations

    Simplify your workflow, boost productivity, and stay connected.

  • Smart inbox

    Automate organization so you can spend less time sorting and checking your inboxes.

  • Search autocomplete

    Have a search engine in your inbox. Automatic suggestions of search queries to save time.

  • Block sender

    Combat unsolicited emailers and reduce spam by blocking undesired senders.

  • Unified folders

    Take more control of your inbox by using unified folders throughout your email accounts.

  • Sort & filter emails

    Organize your inbox easily by sorting your mail by date, sender, and more. Only see what you want, when you want, with filters.

  • Omni search

    Source all of your emails, attachments, and contacts from one place.

  • Many more

Mailbird Next is a standalone app to take
your email to new heights.

Product roadmap

Here's how it's going to happen

Early Access of Mailbird Next on Mac
This is where you'll be able to start playing around with the app.
Public release of Mailbird Next on Mac
The public will get access to Mailbird Next on Mac.
Early Access to Mailbird Next on Windows
This is where you'll be able to access both Windows and Mac versions of Mailbird Next.
Public release of Mailbird Next on Windows
The public will access Mailbird Next on both Windows and Mac devices.
Further development
Mailbird for mobile and exciting new features and improvements.

Please read the Roadmap Disclaimer

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