Mailbird is celebrating the Windows 10 launch

Mailbird on Windows 10
Beautiful – Mailbird on Windows 10

At Mailbird we are preparing everything for the big Windows 10 launch next Wednesday,  July 29th.

Mailbird will launch on Windows 10 with some great improvements that we will share with you in our next post, coming next week.

Now leading up to the launch, we have a great promotion running to celebrate the upcoming launch with you.

We give you 50% off Mailbird Lifetime

Get 50% off Mailbird Lifetime
Get 50% off Mailbird Lifetime

“How?”  You might be asking.

Simply go to our Windows 10 sign up page here. Fill in your email and wait for the great day July, 29th to come. You will receive an email with your personal discount code, that you can use to get Mailbird Lifetime for only $24.50!

The sign up page will close July 29th, so sign up for it as soon as you can.

Help share the joy

Give everyone the chance to celebrate the upcoming Windows 10 launch with your favourite email client, by sharing the promotion.

You can copy&paste this Tweet below if you want (please edit it the way it suits you best:-)..):

Our friends at #Mailbird are celebrating #Windows10 launch giving 50% off Lifetime license. Join them:

Thanks for your support, it does mean a lot to everyone of us at Mailbird!





  • Hi there, I would love if mailbird supported the new notification centre which debuts on Win10. It would also be great if we could get rid of mailbird’s tray icon, which is unnecessary if you have app’s icon pinned to taskbar (or at least make it optional).

    • Christin

      Hey Martin, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We will def look into that and see what the best option is. Have a wonderful week and thanks for your support.

      • What about the tray icon? I can’t find the setting. I hate this tray icon.

        • Christin Baumgarten

          Hey Basty:-)
          you mean you would like the tray icon not to be shown? No problem, just right click the icon and choose “unpin this program from taskbar”. Let me know, if there is anything else I can help with. Have a wonderful week:-)

          • No no no, you are confusing the tray icon with the start tab / whatever program tab.

  • I have been trying to download it since ages but the download fails everytime in middle, no there is no fault on my connection i am on 4 Mbps line and every other download works fine.I really wanted to enjoy this software but sadly i cant even download it.It Fails every time when i try to download on latest Chrome windows 8.1

    Please help

  • brandon

    damn I can’t even get windows 10 yet and the sale is over. Bummer. Guess i’ll continue being a free member.

    • Christin

      Hey Brandon, thanks for your awesome support. Please send me an email to [email protected] and I will see that we can still set you up with a discount code;-) Make sure you write me asap as the codes will expire on Wednesday. Have a great day and talk soon.