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Come for the double check marks, stay for the dashboard that tells you more. Learn what time your emails were opened and how many times they have been read. Track as many emails as you'd like.

We'll never share your data with third parties and we're careful about the data we collect. 

Keep track of multiple recipients at the same time thanks to group email tracking capabilities. Know exactly who to follow up with and get everyone up to speed.

A real-time report of all your emails right in your Gmail. Mailbird offers easy-to-read analytics you can use to improve your email open rate.

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Dear Mailbird-Support, first of all: thanks for this great application! I have been searching for a good email client on Windows for a long time and finally Mailbird changes the game! 

Wieland Brendel 

Mailbird is a big help.  I am able to quickly go through my stack of e-mails each day much faster than I can with Outlook. 

Michael Lyncheski 

One thing about Mailbird? Beautiful, light and ease of use. Great mail productivity hub.