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Posted by Abe on February 19, 2015


Full Stack Engineer

Published on February 19, 2015

The Crowdfunding Challenge

Wow! What a week since the launch of the Mailbird crowdfunding show as part of the competition for the StartUp show by Channel News Asia.

It has been an incredibly tight race! But as of today, Mailbird is on top with the most number of funders and the highest funds raised to date. They say in a crowdfunding, your campaign will be successful if you can raise at least 30% of your total funding goal in the first week. Well, we did it and couldn’t be more happy about it.

You can see all the great campaign updates here, and some hilarious videos with a collaboration between Temploy and Mailbird as the two leading startups in this Crowdfunding challenge for the StartUp show. Check out the best harlem shuffle dance moves you’ve ever seen in your life below!

Mailbird 2.0 For A Great Cause

We also announced as part of a greater cause, that all funds we raise after reaching our $10,000 sgd funding goal will be donated in full to the International Diabetes Federation. Something that is close to my heart as the CEO of Mailbird, as this is a tough disease that I’ve been living with my whole life. It has always been a dream of mine to give something back to those less fortunate in being able to live and manage their Diabetes. A big thank you from me to you below, because for those who’ve pledged – just know that you are doing something great in this world.

The Show

Did you guys catch the first three episodes of Mailbird on the StartUp show? If not you can catch all of them HERE. You’ve got to watch episode 3 – the leadership challenge they surprise us with is hilarious and you’ll be happy to see where Mailbird ranked in this one. Let’s just say, IKEA furniture is like an impossible puzzle when you are pressured with a time constraint and a panel of judges evaluating how well you do as a leader. But watch it, you’ll love the end result.

Mailbird 2.0

Now to the really exciting stuff. What is up with Mailbird 2.0 – when can I get it!? So we are just mere weeks away from launch. Here’s the latest updates since the last update:

  1. New app side bar improvements, like now you can have a video meeting in the side bar app of Veeting while you are working and collaborating with your emails.
  2. WhatsApp integration allowing you to chat with people to their mobile directly from Mailbird. You can even drag attachment files from your email directly into WhatsApp in Mailbird 2.0 – simply awesome!
  3. app had a nice optimization to the design for better integration into Mailbird 2.0
  4. We launched an alpha update with all the latest Mailbird 2.0 developments, and all our closed alpha testers are absolutely loving the new Mailbird 2.0
  5. We’ve done more work on the notification center too to share with you the best kept secrets in email management when using Mailbird 2.0
  6. We’re speeding up performance with Mailbird 2.0 too – lots of work on speed to make your email management even more fast, more productive. We definitely are liking that.
  7. The elusive Snooze feature is coming along quite and we hope to get it into the hands of our alpha testers soon.
  8. We’re improving the installation process which will have the new “How to” video to help you learn about Mailbird 2.0 – don’t worry, you’ll have the option to turn off the video too if you are more of the adventurous type who likes to learn as you go.
  9. MAPI support is now available so you can send an email from Mailbird via other programs.

Get early access to Mailbird 2.0 HERE! You won’t want to miss this, there are thousands of people already ahead of you.

Let’s Win This Together!

Haven’t pledged yet to the Mailbird 2.0 crowdfunding campaign? There are only a few days left, pledge today and get some amazing rewards. Go HERE and hit the big red FUND NOW button. Stay tuned for all our updates too, there’s not much time left.


Let’s reach that $10,000 funding goal together. Be a big part of the email innovations we are bringing to the world with Mailbird 2.0, and lets build a more beautifully productive relationship with our email again.

Full Stack Engineer

Published on February 19, 2015