Recruiting Manager

Your role

We are looking for a recruiting manager for a long term contract to hire and manage the recruiting funnel for the following 8 roles at Mailbird and potentially more to come:

  • Lead Generation
    • 1 x PPC Manager
    • 1 x Content Manager
  • CRO
    • 1 x Data Analyst
    • 1 x Marketing Designer
  • Customer Happiness:
    • 1 x Tech Support
    • 1 x Customer Success Manager
  • Product
    • 1 x C# Technical Lead
    • 1 x C# developper

Duties and responsibilities

  • Writing the job description and job score cards after discussing with the Mailbird team manager for that role.
  • They will find the best online channels to post the job opening and manage the incoming applicants by creating a hiring plan for each specific role (how many interviews, and by who and potential for a skills test)
  • Candidates are successful if they are able to successfully hire and create a hiring strategy specific to each of the 8 roles noted above.
  • Daily communication to move candidates through the recruiting funnel efficiently.


3 years (Preferred)


  • Paid time off
  • Flexible schedule

Why work for Mailbird?

One of the best parts of working with Mailbird is the incredible team and culture we have. We encourage a balance of high productivity with other parts of life like health, wellness, learning, personal development and of course fun! We have fun with what we are working on in collaboration with a team of like-minded, smart, creative people who execute and get things done. We focus on solutions and getting things done, which creates a highly engaged work culture.

At Mailbird, each and every one of us is passionate about what we are building, and this makes our creations each day incredibly rewarding, challenging and enjoyable all at the same time – it’s never boring with the Mailbird family!

It’s a huge perk to have the flexibility to be able to work from anywhere, which the majority of companies do not offer their team members. Everyone is challenged to step outside of their comfort zone, learn and work towards their greatest potential. Even when you get stuck, you will always have a very supportive team who’s got your back no matter what. This is part of the Mailbird culture.

Mailbird’s truly the best email client in the world – simply because it’s beautiful, smart and unifies the clutter of communication and productivity tools we use today. Mailbird is the best email client in the world because of the incredible people and the team behind this company. Mailbird is highly competitive against other email clients out there, where Outlook is outdated, Thunderbird stopped development and the rest lack in so many key usability factors that don’t adapt to our modern means of work, collaboration and communication. We chose email at Mailbird because email is the core tool that is universally used and expected when handling online communication. Mailbird is part of an industry where billions of email accounts are interacted with every day, and you and the rest of the Mailbird team can make a major impact on the future of work, communication, and productivity with Mailbird.

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