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Mailbird loves Tech in Asia Singapore 2016

Pubblicato da Christin il aprile 25, 2016

Suntech City Singapore was once again swarmed by International startups exhibiting to more than 5000 attendees with 4 Stages hosting inspiring and talented speakers from all over the world. This years Tech in Asia conference was the best one yet. We wanted to share some of the highlights from our experiences at this TechInAsia sponsored event. We hope you will join us next year in Singapore to make it even better. Direct User Feedback The absolute BEST part for the Mailbird team about this conference was the immediate and direct feedback from existing and potential users. It’s true that we get feedback on a daily basis ( especially on our social channels ), but being there right next to a user and watching them falling in love with your app is a whole different story. The on-site feedback was not only a great source of compliments – it also really helped us in creating effective marketing messages. Thanks to this over-the-shoulder experience with so many amazing tech influencers, we found out what exactly it is that amazes most of Mailbird’s users, what triggered most of their questions, and what they felt needed improvement or clarification. One unintended side effect of our participation at Tech in Asia was the increased motivation that our entire team received thanks to so much one-on-one interaction with our users. Witnessing over and over again how people enjoyed their experiences with Mailbird at the conference, and being there to discuss with them exactly how well it helps…

The Valentines Gifts Keep On Coming

Pubblicato da Jason Ephraim il febbraio 12, 2016

We’ve got a special Valentines gift just for you: That’s right. For just $19.99 you get access to all the best Mailbird has to offer. This is the best sale we’ve ever offered, and it’s only for a limited time. So, don’t miss out. $19.99?! That’s only two months of Outlook access, and less than half the cost of emClient. What is Mailbird? Mailbird is a Windows email client, and it’s quickly growing in popularity as the best way to manage multiple email accounts. It boasts the most customization options of any email client, so you can adjust Mailbird to match your style. Colors, layout, font, and a ton of other options ensures it looks awesome on your device. Mailbird is also easy to use. Everything is right where you need it, in a way that is easy to use and understand. Unlike other clients, we don’t clutter up your client with too many useless and unnecessary features. Even it’s integrations are completely optional, and you can activate them, or leave them be. What is Mailbird Pro? The Pro version of Mailbird includes the ability to add and manage unlimited email accounts. Gmail, Windows Live, Yahoo Mail, you name it. Best of all, it’s unified inbox makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your inbox by bringing all your email into one view. Pro also comes with some amazing features like email speedreader, and other cool tools you get access to by upgrading. Why is this such…

29 Productivity Apps To Help You Rule The Office – by Eric Ebert

Pubblicato da Christin il ottobre 23, 2015

    Eric Ebert, Marketing and Communications Manager at Lookeen, created a list of the best Productivity Apps, that will help you rule your office. He names Mailbird as one those awesome Apps in his compilation on TechCrunch. What Apps would add to this list? Let us know in the comment section below.      

The Problem with Email (1 of 5)

Pubblicato da Andrea Loubier il ottobre 5, 2015

Given active trending discussions on email, communication and productivity becoming more and more convoluted with each new app that pops up…we are beginning to see a new shift in information overload. So here are a series of blog shorts on how to pacify our need for control with information and productivity. Welcome to the Mailbird blog series “From Productivity Hole to Productivity Hub”. In the series of blog shorts we’ll be covering: 1) The problem with email 2) Data on people + email + productivity and email usage 3) What it means to be productive when email is a major part of your job: Get more with less work philosophy 4) Best email practices 5) Why choose an email client?   Let’s start at the beginning with #1 of 5 in this important blog short series.   The Problem with Email Email is literally the greatest technological advancement made to human communication in the 20th century, and…it still is. However what we see these days are a lot of people complaining about email that it’s too slow, it’s not secure enough, it’s ugly, it doesn’t work for how my team communicates in the work place, it kills my productivity, it’s very distracting, I have too much email, I wish I could check all my email from different accounts in one place, it’s boring and the list goes on. We are almost certain that you have one of the aforementioned email complaints, and if not, your own unique complaints. For something that…

Mailbird welcomes Veeting Rooms

Pubblicato da Christin il aprile 27, 2015

One very exciting integration that came with Mailbird 2.0 is Veeting Rooms! Veeting Rooms is a virtual meeting environment that enables you to have a professional (virtual) business meeting right from within Mailbird. And of course, just like a “real-life” business meeting, no unauthorised person will be able to listen to your important business topics. All audio and video communication is end-to-end encrypted between the Veeting participants. Special Promotion for Mailbird users In order to celebrate our great partnership, Veeting Rooms is giving a free 180 Day Trial to all Mailbird users! Yes, that means you get access to all the awesome Features for 180 Days for FREE. Activate the Veeting Rooms App in your Mailbird Appstore and register for Veeting Rooms from within your Mailbird App. Simply click the little “V” icon in the left menu panel and go to “Create Account” here: (Secret hint: there may be a very good chance to get another 180 Days for Free once the Trial is over. Just simply send an Email to the Veeting Rooms team and kindly ask them to extend the Trial…) Getting Started You can find Veeting Rooms in the Mailbird App Store and activate it with one single click. Veeting Rooms will then appear as an icon in the menu panel on the left. You can also simply access it from the Mailbird sidebar on the right. Schedule your meeting right from within Mailbird You can easily schedule your next Veeting Room meeting, by either using Veeting Rooms…

Mailbird loves

Pubblicato da Christin il aprile 7, 2015 was one of the first deep integrations that came with the launch of Mailbird 2.0. Thanks to this awesome partnership and the great support of the team you can turn your Email into a real To-Do list that you can organize, prioritize and schedule right alongside all your projects and tasks.   Getting organized can be that simple 1. Simply activate the App in your Mailbird App Store. It will then appear in the menu panel on the left of the Mailbird window.     You will also be able to access it from your Mailbird sidebar and have your To-Do list open right next to your Inbox.     2. Sign up for using your Gmail account. uses your Google Drive to store and synchronize your data. has only access to the folder created by No other folders can be accessed and your data will not be sent to any other server.     3. Once you have signed in, will take you through the first steps to get started. You will also have the option to import data from your other To-Do list Apps and keep working on these within     4. After setting up your To-Do lists and agendas, you can simply drag and drop Emails related to your set tasks in to your list. When clicking the Email in your list it will open the Email in Mailbird. The Email dragged in to your…

What is an email client?

Pubblicato da Christin il gennaio 8, 2015

Warning, this blog entry may bore tech savvy email client power users. Email Clients, And Why They Are Important So let’s start with the facts. Litmus Email Analytics confirms that 1.16 billion emails were opened using an email client in December 2014 alone. These include desktop and mobile email clients. But what exactly is an email client and why are so many people using them? To keep it simple, an email client is an application that enables you to manage your inbox with sending, receiving and organizing messages directly from your desktop/mobile device. Specifically desktop email clients allow you to manage information exchanged via email messaging without actually having to log in and out as you typically do with web based email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Today, you will find many different desktop email clients. Popular desktop email clients include: Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mailbird and Inky. The common down side of desktop email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird are the impression that they tend to feel bloated, cluttered and outdated. As technology consumers continue to evolve, new desktop email clients such as Inky and Mailbird are attracting users because of some major factors which include: Great and modern design that is also customizable Simplicity A beautiful and uncluttered interface A sense of control with a clean and intuitive email management experience Support for managing multiple email accounts from many different email providers in one place Speed – native desktop email clients tend to simply work faster Productivity…

10 Quick Tips To Ensure Inbox Safety This Holiday Season

Pubblicato da Pallav il dicembre 22, 2014

Happy Holidays! Holiday season is upon us and most of us are busy visiting friends/relatives, shopping and preparing for the new start of 2015 while there are a bunch of people who are, as we speak, trying to exploit us in disguise of this happy season. These are the people who want to take advantage of your laid back approach because they know you’re gullible. You’re in a festive mood and you might overlook that tiny bit of detail that can land you in a big trouble. The good news is that you can avoid being a victim if you know how to identify these problems and how to protect yourself from it. Knowledge is power so let’s equip you with it. These are the top 10 ways to ensure your safety in the inbox and while operating online: #1 – Don’t open emails or download attachments from unknown senders Most of the time scammers send you an email with a very catchy subject line which will almost make you open the email. Realize what it is about, if it looks suspicious and you don’t recognize the sender, don’t open it. If you do open it, make sure you don’t download any attachments or click on any links in the email. These emails are designed and written in a way to trick you into taking an action and even though it might seem harmless, they can be devastating. #2 – Beware of phishing emails Sometimes you get emails that seems…

10 Tech Influencers Reveal How They Manage Their Email #2

Pubblicato da Pallav il dicembre 2, 2014

About a month ago we started the series – ‘10 Tech Influencers Reveal How They Manage Their Email‘ where we reveal effective tips and tricks used by tech influencers in managing their inbox on a daily basis. These experts get a ton of emails everyday and have devised their own strategies to deal with it. As there is no single best way to manage your email, pick your favorite tips and start combating your incoming emails efficiently. Let’s start… Brian Balfour Brian Balfour is serial entrepreneur and has founded multiple VC backed companies. He is an expert in user growth and is currently the VP of Growth at Hubspot where he work on new products like Sidekick. His blog Coelevate is regarded as one of the top blogs to learn Growth Marketing. You can tweet him @bbalfour. I’m a Gmail user (both personal and work) on web and mobile (iOS).  Here are some tips I use: Batching I tend to batch all email, twice a day.  Usually between 11 and 12 and again at the end of the day around 5pm or 6pm. I do not try to respond to emails on mobile.  I only check on mobile to make sure there isn’t anything important that needs my immediate attention. I try really hard not to check email on my phone when I first wake up.  I find it causes me more stress than anything. No Delaying When I am in email mode I try to take action immediately.  Either respond, archive,…

Biggest List of Email Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Pubblicato da Pallav il novembre 11, 2014

While dealing with numerous emails everyday it’s not uncommon to make a few mistakes. However, if you’re making these mistakes unknowingly, it’s time to brush up on your email etiquette. We’ve complied a list of email mistakes that’ll come handy when you’re sending out an important email and want to make sure you’re not committing a serious email mistake. Take a look and bookmark this page (Ctrl + D) for future reference.   Replying to an email without reading all the messages in that thread: It makes you miss important points/answers that you should already be aware of before replying. Forwarding useless messages, chain emails etc.: It’s not early 2000s, forwarding useless message wastes other people’s time and decrease your credibility. Always think twice before forwarding such emails and do it only if you think the other person would benefit from it. Hitting the send button before you intend to: Prevent it by adding recipient’s email once you’ve finished drafting the email. Including your signature in every email: Adding same long signature in every email becomes annoying in a threaded email. A good way is to add your signature in the first email and then using just your first name or initials in next replies. Mistakenly replying to all: This generally happens when you reply back in haste. It’s always a good idea to take your time while replying to an important email. Forgetting to add the attachment: Most of the email clients alert you when you’re about to send…