What’s Happening At Mailbird?

Pubblicato da Pallav il novembre 14, 2014

Last year has been really exciting for Mailbird. Our team implemented lots of new features, improved the user experience and continued the effort in building the most productive email client ever. This blog post will take you through the major developments of Mailbird in the last year (2013-2014) and also dive into the future of Mailbird with our roadmap.   What Do You Get In Mailbird Today? Support for 18 Languages We hope to build Mailbird into the best home for all your emails and have translated it to 18 languages including English (default), Danish, German, French, Italian etc. LinkedIn Lookup This feature allows you to easily look up anyone’s profile on Linkedin. Simply right click on any email address or name in Mailbird and you’ll find this feature. More details here. Account Settings Made Easy for Multi-Accounts When using any email client the biggest issue users face is to enter their server settings to connect their email to the client. Managing email is a task in itself and we didn’t want our users to waste any time in entering server settings so we devised a way to auto detect your server settings when you enter your email. This makes adding a new account painless and even more awesome for those of you who really like to utilize the multi-account support in Mailbird. Swipe Feature For touch screen users archiving email becomes simpler by swiping an email from left to right. From a survey we did with university students we found that users using swipe feature…

Mailbird Hackathon Update #3

Pubblicato da Christin il novembre 13, 2014

Holy cow! We cannot believe its been 3 weeks into the Mailbird hackathon. We’ve been working like crazy and its crunch time now with the last few days approaching. You will want hear about what we got done this last week…especially with a special public launch on Monday November 17th. Here’s the quick update from our team:   Didn’t watch the video? Here are the highlights. 1) The design and UI for the Snooze feature is almost done. Just a few more tweaks and it will soon be ready for testing in the Mailbird alpha.   2) New apps added and improvements to the integration with Mailbird with, Todoist, Evernote and Veeting. 3) We’ve opened access to the Mailbird API “Birdhouse apps” project to third party developers by invitation only. What does this mean? We are getting more talented productivity tools and people behind Mailbird, bringing a whole new level of awesomeness to your productivity hub with Mailbird. 4) We’ve added a “find and merge” feature in the new Contacts Manager, still in testing but we will launch it publicly this Monday November 17, 2014. This helps you remove duplicate contacts depending on how you’ve added them whether via vCard import or from Collected Addresses. 5) More updates to the native calendar UI looking to wrap it up by Monday November 24th. 6) The design and UI for the notification center is finished! Will be so nice once it is launched with Mailbird 2.0 7) We are almost done with…

Biggest List of Email Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Pubblicato da Pallav il novembre 11, 2014

While dealing with numerous emails everyday it’s not uncommon to make a few mistakes. However, if you’re making these mistakes unknowingly, it’s time to brush up on your email etiquette. We’ve complied a list of email mistakes that’ll come handy when you’re sending out an important email and want to make sure you’re not committing a serious email mistake. Take a look and bookmark this page (Ctrl + D) for future reference.   Replying to an email without reading all the messages in that thread: It makes you miss important points/answers that you should already be aware of before replying. Forwarding useless messages, chain emails etc.: It’s not early 2000s, forwarding useless message wastes other people’s time and decrease your credibility. Always think twice before forwarding such emails and do it only if you think the other person would benefit from it. Hitting the send button before you intend to: Prevent it by adding recipient’s email once you’ve finished drafting the email. Including your signature in every email: Adding same long signature in every email becomes annoying in a threaded email. A good way is to add your signature in the first email and then using just your first name or initials in next replies. Mistakenly replying to all: This generally happens when you reply back in haste. It’s always a good idea to take your time while replying to an important email. Forgetting to add the attachment: Most of the email clients alert you when you’re about to send…

Mailbird Hackathon Update #2

Pubblicato da Christin il novembre 6, 2014

Hi again! Wow, it has been 2 weeks and we have been cranking out tons of changes for the upcoming Contacts Manager and Mailbird 2.0 launch. There really is a ton of blood, sweat and tears going into this…you have NO idea! We are loving every moment of this though because it means we are getting closer to bringing some email magic into your hands.   Here’s a quick update:   In case you missed it, here are the hackathon highlights for week 2: 1) Spell Check now works with our transition from Awesomium to Chromium Embedded Framework. 2) We’ve started the super polished design for the really handy notification center that will blow your mind once you see how handy it is in helping you get the most out of Mailbird. 3) With the new contacts manager, if you have a duplicate contact you can now merge them into one keeping your contacts nice and clean. Way to stay organized and stay connected! 4) Remember last week when we said the contact group functionality was there, but still needed some work? Well now it is good to go so you can now send an email to a group you created directly from the contacts manager. 5) Another awesome update in the contacts manager that keeps on evolving is the ability to multi-select contacts using Ctrl or Shift, allowing you to then right click and send an email to all, copy the email addresses, delete contacts and assign to a…

Do Me A Favor And Change Your Email Signature

Pubblicato da Pallav il novembre 4, 2014

107.81 billion emails are sent everyday and while 10% of it is spam other 90% serious communication is sometimes converted to spammy looking email due to certain bad practices. A few days ago we received an email from one of our team member Leo and his signature was awful. It was way bigger than the email text itself which made him our running gag for the day. Before that I got a cold email in which I was CC along with 30 other senior management people from different companies. Emails like these leave a bad reputation and negatively impacts the communication with the senders and this article will try to address one such disastrous problem of poor email signatures. Let’s look at some of the annoying practices of email signature and if you do it too, maybe try to tone it down a bit – Listing Out All Your Contact Details The main aim of signature is to let others know who you’re and how to get in touch with you apart from email. This does not mean you list out every single contact detail and slap it at the end. Don’t be this guy, Instead make it look good so it reflects your personality, like this You can also keep signatures simple and add 2-3 other contact details like phone number, skype id or even one of your social media profiles where you’re most active. Listing down 5-10 contact details will only confuse the other person and may jeopardize your privacy. Alternatively, if…

Mailbird Hackathon Update #1

Pubblicato da Christin il ottobre 30, 2014

Hi everyone! So we are well on our way with the Mailbird Hackathon 2014 to bring you the best email client ever, or your new found productivity hub. As we promised, we would give you guys a week to week progress report on what we are doing so you can follow along and also get super pumped up about all the pieces coming together for the highly anticipated Mailbird 2.0. Here’s a quick update: In case you didn’t catch the recent developments in Mailbird since we started the hackathon, here is what happened: We launched the freaking Contacts Manager in the alpha! Testing it like crazy and getting it ready for all you eager folks waiting for it in the public release. We’ve been reaching out to C# developers all over the world for a chance to join the most kick ass team on the face of the planet. Apply here. You and your friends may start to see Mailbird advertised in more places online – but that is not enough! We need the help of our loyal fans to really spread the word about Mailbird. Please spread the word by tweeting. Click Here To Tweet About Mailbird 2.0 We’ve given a handful of closed testers access to MailbirdX which is our development version of Mailbird 2.0. We got Mailbird on a German software download site and hit 160 downloads in 2 days already. Awesome because Germany in the top 5 countries of Mailbird users and we support Mailbird in the German…

Mailbird Hackathon Commences!

Pubblicato da Christin il ottobre 22, 2014

As you know, all of us at Mailbird are so fortunate to be able to work with a wonderfully international team from around the world, and we are mega excited to announce the first Mailbird Hackathon 2014!!   Why should you care? Because this is a really special time where all of our team members come together at the Startup Getaway (a Startup Studio by Livit) to put in long hours coding, planning, developing and prepping the next big things to come for Mailbird. With intense collaboration, we’ll be working around the clock just for you guys. What we are getting done: 1)      Fine tuning the contacts manager with the new Mailbird 2.0 design 2)      Designing and developing final versions of a beautiful and productivity packed Mailbird 2.0, you are seriously going to love it! 3)      A new licensing system making it much easier activate and set up your Pro account, it will no longer be associated with the email you used when going Pro. Also, it will handle subscriptions like a charm. 4)      Switching from Awesomium to Chromium Embedded Framework (means better message handling, speed and more apps to integrate) 5)      A super handy, brand new notification center helping you get the most out of Mailbird 6)      Snooze feature as an early part of Wingman 7)      A snazzy new website to launch with Mailbird 2.0 8)      Educating others just like you, about how Mailbird can help you manage email better and free up more of your precious time so…

How Do Successful Tech Influencers Manage Email Overload

Pubblicato da Pallav il ottobre 16, 2014

According to a poll conducted by McKinsey Global Institute an average office worker spends over a quarter of his day dealing with emails. Assuming an average of 8 hour work day a person spends 2 hours every day or about 30 days an year managing his emails. So what? Out of 100 creative things you could learn in less than 30 days you chose to spend it in your inbox which is not your job (unless you’re a VA). Email is the most commonly used online communication medium so it’s impossible to avoid but remembering it is a means to the end helps focus on the important work rather than living life in the inbox. Good part is that report also indicates there is an increased productivity scope of 25-30% when it comes to email. Conquering inbox is never easy. Pending emails turn into a pile which we keep sorting for days and when we lose patience, email bankruptcy is declared. Becoming an email ninja requires persistence, patience, discipline but with increasing number of emails it is just getting tougher. For experts and influencers who are bombarded with 200-500 emails on a daily basis reaching Inbox Zero is a pain. Since there is no best way to organize inbox, overtime various factors have helped experts in coming up with smart processes that allow them to clear most of their inbox in shorter span of time. We reached out to top tech influencers who are constantly under email overload and asked…

Find Out How To Escape Email Overload With These Simple Tips

Pubblicato da Christin il ottobre 8, 2014

Everyday we are facing the same “battle”. Our “Procrastinator-Me” and “Productivity-Me” are fighting for our attention, then the guilt settles in as we stare at overflowing emails filling up our inbox. Should I reply to this mail now or after I read about Leonardo DiCaprios new hairstyle? According to The Radicati Group, Inc. people receive an average of 120 Mails a day! Thats 15 more than in 2011 and the numbers are increasing. Along with that, the level of stress increases. As Joanne Cantor Ph.D. was quoted by Huffington Post:  “Being overwhelmed by email interferes with your brain’s ability to think and hampers your creativity, as well as increasing stress”. She also said “The sound of the new email ping from your phone or computer can actually raise your heart rate and blood pressure. But that’s not all, being interrupted by the new email takes our attention away from the task at hand: the work we’re actually doing. It takes time to get focused again after checking your inbox, extending the time it takes to actually get stuff done.” The term Inbox Zero, introduced by Merlin Mann in 2006, has become somewhat of a Mail-Nirvana to most of us and we only continue to see more and more emails coming through. How can we shut up our Procrastinator-Me and start cleaning up and reaching Inbox Zero every day? Several resources suggest setting yourself a specific time to check email, or creating folders and setting filters etc. Below are 4 Tips…

Guilty Of These Email Faux Pas?

Pubblicato da Christin il settembre 22, 2014

Knowing and recognizing crappy email habits is the first step to recovery 😉 Have you seen the best email etiquette and habits we shared here? So let’s look at the problems we as human beings have developed in our many years of using email – literally the greatest innovation to how our species communicates and exchanges information in this world today, in the most efficient manner ever. You’ve heard of Clint Eastwood’s classic Western film “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”? Well instead we are going to take a deep nose dive first into the Bad and the Ugly…then close it off with the Good side of email. The Bad & Ugly 1) You CC everyone and your mom on an email that is really on an as-needed basis. This in turn convolutes the discussion and many of us are not in practice of understanding the purpose of CC which is to be informed with no further action needed – a lot of times this is never the case and most of the time we are only cluttering the inboxes of our colleagues. 2) Writing out your full thoughts without a concise and direct message that doesn’t waste anyone’s time. 3) Get pissed because you never got a response. Email is an asynchronous form of communication and people are busy. Re-evaluate to see if maybe a response needed was not clear or give the person a reasonable amount of time to read the email and set their priorities to…


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