A Mailbird 2.0 Report

Pubblicato da Andrea Loubier il febbraio 11, 2015

Phew!!! It has been a crazy last couple of days (why? details on this below), let alone couple of months. Updates here include: Mailbird 2.0 progress Mailbird on TV! Help us win the StartUp show by Channel News Asia First Mailbird challenge – Crowdfunding We are running like a well oiled-machine here with the latest developments in preparation for the Mailbird 2.0 launch. Remember all the cool things that were going on during the Mailbird hackathon? The benefits we reaped included a ton of progress on the development of Mailbird 2.0. You can see those in our closing hackathon blog post here.   Get ready for Mailbird 2.0 with: New color customization to make Mailbird more fun and personalized to fit you New design with the brand new awesome apps! Touch Screen Swipe Email speed reader Drag and Drop Both vertical and horizontal stack of message list and message viewer Access to Mailbird even on a proxy network Snooze feature Follow up feature Action bar Native calendar Contacts manager MAPI support New license system Improved notification center Chat support on our new website   Totally awesome! And that is just the beginning of better things to come with Mailbird 2.0. What I’m about to share with you next is even more exciting…   The Mailbird Secret is Out We shared a photo in that last hackathon blog post at item number 10. Super secret. But now the secret it out. So Mailbird was selected out of hundreds of startups as…

10 Simple Strategies To Handle Customer Support The Right Way

Pubblicato da Pallav il gennaio 29, 2015

Examples of bad customer service are present all over the internet. This is due to the fact that people talk more about a bad experience than a good one. About 68% businesses planned to make customer support their primary investment in 2014 (report) which shows the initial adoption trend and we are hopeful that it will continue to rise through 2015. Customer support has been the main priority for Mailbird right from the start and if you ever contacted us, you would know that. And today we want to share 10 simple strategies that have helped us give a better support experience to our users which you can implement in your business to see favorable results. #1 – Ice Breaker One of the most successful strategy for us was to start a conversation with our users at the very beginning to learn their pain point and resolve it before hand. When a user downloads our software they get an email with a question “What brought you to Mailbird in the first place?” We get hundreds of replies every day and based on the pain point we guide them how they can achieve the same thing in Mailbird so they get to their ‘aha’ moment faster. Most of the customers abandon your software if they face a problem. We try to build a relationship right from the start so our users know they can always talk to us in case they have a problem and we even encourage them to do…

“Swipe Away” Your Email Troubles

Pubblicato da Andrea Loubier il gennaio 14, 2015

One of the really cool things we worked on during the last mega Mailbird hackathon included the super cool Mailbird Swipe Feature. Realizing that a lot of you may not have even been aware of this feature we thought it deserved special notice. In one of our more recent blog posts called “What’s Happening At Mailbird?” We discuss the discovery that the Mailbird Swipe feature freed up about half the time they normally would spend managing email. Why is that? Let’s look at the benefits of the Mailbird Email Swipe feature, why you should use it and why it is ultimately awesome: Makes moving emails around by archiving or moving back to the inbox a breeze. It’s fun to use with touch screen machines. It increases your email management productivity. It fast, easy and enjoyable to use while also reducing time you spend archiving. Improves your experience with email through innovative technologies like the touch screen devices that are growing widely popular amongst Windows machines. So this is actually something that is not yet released. It is a really cool feature to come with the launch of Mailbird 2.0, however you can still use it in the current version of Mailbird by simply clicking and holding on an email message and dragging it from left to right. It’s pretty cool, but wait til you see it in Mailbird 2.0 to be used with touch screen machines. Awesome.   Here’s a sneak peek of the Mailbird 2.0 and the Touch Screen…

What is an email client?

Pubblicato da Christin il gennaio 8, 2015

Warning, this blog entry may bore tech savvy email client power users. Email Clients, And Why They Are Important So let’s start with the facts. Litmus Email Analytics confirms that 1.16 billion emails were opened using an email client in December 2014 alone. These include desktop and mobile email clients. But what exactly is an email client and why are so many people using them? To keep it simple, an email client is an application that enables you to manage your inbox with sending, receiving and organizing messages directly from your desktop/mobile device. Specifically desktop email clients allow you to manage information exchanged via email messaging without actually having to log in and out as you typically do with web based email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Today, you will find many different desktop email clients. Popular desktop email clients include: Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mailbird and Inky. The common down side of desktop email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird are the impression that they tend to feel bloated, cluttered and outdated. As technology consumers continue to evolve, new desktop email clients such as Inky and Mailbird are attracting users because of some major factors which include: Great and modern design that is also customizable Simplicity A beautiful and uncluttered interface A sense of control with a clean and intuitive email management experience Support for managing multiple email accounts from many different email providers in one place Speed – native desktop email clients tend to simply work faster Productivity…

10 Quick Tips To Ensure Inbox Safety This Holiday Season

Pubblicato da Pallav il dicembre 22, 2014

Happy Holidays! Holiday season is upon us and most of us are busy visiting friends/relatives, shopping and preparing for the new start of 2015 while there are a bunch of people who are, as we speak, trying to exploit us in disguise of this happy season. These are the people who want to take advantage of your laid back approach because they know you’re gullible. You’re in a festive mood and you might overlook that tiny bit of detail that can land you in a big trouble. The good news is that you can avoid being a victim if you know how to identify these problems and how to protect yourself from it. Knowledge is power so let’s equip you with it. These are the top 10 ways to ensure your safety in the inbox and while operating online: #1 – Don’t open emails or download attachments from unknown senders Most of the time scammers send you an email with a very catchy subject line which will almost make you open the email. Realize what it is about, if it looks suspicious and you don’t recognize the sender, don’t open it. If you do open it, make sure you don’t download any attachments or click on any links in the email. These emails are designed and written in a way to trick you into taking an action and even though it might seem harmless, they can be devastating. #2 – Beware of phishing emails Sometimes you get emails that seems…

PODCAST by Ari Meisel: Less Doing, More Living with Mailbird

Pubblicato da Andrea Loubier il dicembre 19, 2014

Who is Ari Meisel? So I was reading a blog post on Mashable titled “How to Deal With Email Overload” looking to see what other esteemed productivity gurus had to say about the ultimate problem we have with email – we simply get too damn much of it. It was an awesome post and reassuring to see that a lot of what we preach here on the Mailbird blog regarding email productivity sync up with the suggestions in this Mashable blog post. This was written by Ari Meisel. Ari Meisel is co-founder at Leverage, where he works on making every task in life and business more efficient. Ari was diagnosed with Crohnes disease, which inspired him to develop a system of productivity so he could beat the disease and also live life to the fullest. This helped him not only fight and overcome the disease, but also to discover new ways to be more productive and live life. One of these things include how to manage email. Ari is a true “Productivity Seeker”, much like many of our Mailbird users. I decided I needed to talk to Ari.   Listen to This In episode #102 of the Less Doing, More Living podcast, Ari sits down for a conversation with budding entrepreneur Andrea Loubier, CEO of Mailbird to discuss the impressive growth of the successful PC-based email client, as well as the perks and pitfalls of email in general. Start the podcast at 22:05 for the interview opening. Just click the image…

10 Tech Influencers Reveal How They Manage Their Email #2

Pubblicato da Pallav il dicembre 2, 2014

About a month ago we started the series – ‘10 Tech Influencers Reveal How They Manage Their Email‘ where we reveal effective tips and tricks used by tech influencers in managing their inbox on a daily basis. These experts get a ton of emails everyday and have devised their own strategies to deal with it. As there is no single best way to manage your email, pick your favorite tips and start combating your incoming emails efficiently. Let’s start… Brian Balfour Brian Balfour is serial entrepreneur and has founded multiple VC backed companies. He is an expert in user growth and is currently the VP of Growth at Hubspot where he work on new products like Sidekick. His blog Coelevate is regarded as one of the top blogs to learn Growth Marketing. You can tweet him @bbalfour. I’m a Gmail user (both personal and work) on web and mobile (iOS).  Here are some tips I use: Batching I tend to batch all email, twice a day.  Usually between 11 and 12 and again at the end of the day around 5pm or 6pm. I do not try to respond to emails on mobile.  I only check on mobile to make sure there isn’t anything important that needs my immediate attention. I try really hard not to check email on my phone when I first wake up.  I find it causes me more stress than anything. No Delaying When I am in email mode I try to take action immediately.  Either respond, archive,…

Podcast on Living and Running a Global Bussines from Bali

Pubblicato da Pallav il novembre 26, 2014

TC..what? There may be a few things that you don’t know about the Mailbird CEO. Andrea Loubier is half American, half Filipino, born in France. She lived in Africa for the first four years of her life, then Thailand the next two years, then Indonesia for next nine years before heading to the U.S. She is obsessed with travel and has a slight addiction to spicy food. As a third culture kid, Andrea gives some insight on what it’s like to build a global tech startup from exotic Bali, Indonesia. That’s right, after 13 years in the U.S., it is as text book  as a TCK (“third culture kid”) can get, Andrea made her way back to Indonesia where she spent the majority of her life from childhood through young adulthood.   How we are changing the world today. In this podcast Andrea explains how her diverse, multi-cultural background and upbringing influences her business practices, interactions with people, her general outlook on life and overly hospitable attitude and open-mindedness that celebrates both our differences and similarities. Our world continues to evolve socially and culturally the more people travel and break outside of the status quo and norms. A world famous TCK that you may not know until now is….you got it…the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but grew up in Indonesia and Chicago. What is it about these multi-cultured kids?   Listen to This You’ll love this piece. Tayo Rockson interviews Andrea to…

Become a Mailbird VIP Member!

Pubblicato da Christin il novembre 23, 2014

This year we would like to thank you for your great support you have been given us so far. Mailbird has been through a lot of creative and amazing times, full of improvements and changes. We wouldn’t be where we are at this time if it wasn’t for all your great support and motivating engagement. We would like to show our appreciation by granting you an exclusive sneak peak of the developing stages of Mailbird 2.0. We are going to grant everyone who goes Pro between November 24th to November 27th access to MailbirdX, which is the experimental version of Mailbird 2.0.! Experience Mailbird 2.0 today  You will have the opportunity to work with the same version our Mailbird team and only a few, very carefully chosen people are currently working with. You will be able to watch and experience the transition with all the improvements and features being added day by day, week by week. This also means you’ll experience an occasional bug, so just let us know at [email protected] and we will be sure to fix it. Since this will make you an exclusive and important part of the development of Mailbird 2.0, please do not hesitate to inform us about any issues you might experience. We are fixing them as soon as you inform us about them, to make MailbirdX ready to be launched as Mailbird 2.0 as soon as possible. Why do you have to go Pro first? This version is very precious to us, as…

Mailbird Hackathon Update #4

Pubblicato da Christin il novembre 21, 2014

This Hackathon Rocks!   Skipped the video? No worries, here’s what you need to know. 1) We launched the freaking Contacts Manager!!! We know, we know…it took way more time than anticipated but that is because we don’t want to ever rush a thing like this. We want to take the proper precautions in developing, testing and improving any given feature before it is publicly released. What most people do not realize is that even the smallest thing like adding a new button to the UI doesn’t happen in an instant. There is a lot of mock ups, design work, testing, getting feedback, development, more testing and the cycle continues. Basically, it takes a REALLY long time to perfect even the smallest change or addition in Mailbird. Trust us, we really care about the experience you get with Mailbird and will continue to relentlessly improve as the software develops. Thanks for your patience, you are awesome!   2) We made some color tweaks that has a better algorithm to decide the color match between the background and foreground of the Mailbird UI – an even more beautiful experience! 3) The new attachments app design has been completed. 4) Snooze is now fully complete and has a the option to create a custom time and date for when you want the emails to pop back into the inbox. Cool. 5) You know when you add an account and Mailbird auto-detects those complicated server settings so you can start using that email account in Mailbird?…


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