4 Email Templates to keep in touch in 2019

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The art of crafting the perfect “keep in touch email” Ah, the dreaded “keeping in touch” email. It often comes across as clunky, or worse: downright awkward. How do you reach out to someone for merely the sake of “keeping up the relationship”? It’s easy with friends and family–you just reach out with a specific memory or sentiment, and voilá! You’re back in the swing of things in no time. What if you could do the same thing with your business relationships? These working relationships often blur the lines of business and friendship. While that may not be the case with all contacts, at a very minimum, there is frequently something you remember about a specific person. This could be simply his love for golf or her cat’s name is Aspen. Whatever little nugget of information you have, keep it at the forefront of your mind as you craft your email! Hints and Tricks There are a variety of situations that may necessitate a touching base email. You may want to stay in touch with an old coworker who has left the company. An old superior or higher-up may have mentored you, and you wish to reach out every so often. Potentially, a virtual client–someone you’ve never met face-to-face–is your intended recipient. Maybe you met a person at an event, and want to reach out electronically. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. When crafting this type of email, it’s best to follow these hints…

Mailbird’s crazy Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, we have thought of a super fun way for you to get the best email client ever, Mailbird Pro Lifetime up to 99% off. How to get the discount for Mailbird… Visit our Mailbird Black Friday // Cyber Monday page here. Click the share buttons to play and win the best Mailbird Pro Lifetime Black Friday // Cyber Monday deal ever. You have four chances to play, and you can do it with friends too! Each time you share, you increase your chances for a better discount. Click on the share buttons and your discount code with start rolling up. The best thing, you can share more than once to increase your chances to get that 99% discount on Mailbird Pro Lifetime.   That all there is to it! Try it out and see how lucky you are this Black Friday // Cyber Monday, for the best deal on the worlds favorite email client ever. Don’t want Mailbird Pro Lifetime for 99% off? You can also use the blue *click here* link under the sharing buttons to simply get Mailbird Pro (not Pro Lifetime) for 50% off.  

How to find the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in 2020

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a few days away. We thought it would be a good idea to share with you a little Digital kungfu that you can use to seek out and grab the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  While everyone else is waiting for the best deals to come to them, we are going to show you how you can go out and uncover the once and a lifetime deals you’ve been dreaming about. Where to find the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Before we start listing our page suggestions, please make sure you create your personal “wish list” before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some of the products that you may want to check out might not be listed on any of the below pages. Mailbird, for example, will most likely not be listed on any of the sites below, even though you will be able to get up to 99%  off the regular price. You will be able to check the website of each item on your list and ensure you won’t miss any deal. 1. Black Friday This page is dedicated to helping you find the best Black Friday Deals in 2018. It is super easy to navigate through the page and the deals. You can decide whether you want to browse through the page sorted by stores or Ads. The best thing of all, the page also has a sub-menu for Cyber Monday Deals. In case you miss…

Le migliori alternative a Thunderbird per Windows nel 2018

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Thunderbird (creato da Mozilla, l’organizzazione dietro Firefox) è diventato uno tra i programmi più popolari per la gestione della posta elettronica. Ha avuto un buon numero di utenti fedeli negli anni malgrado l’interruzione degli aggiornamenti e dell’ulteriore sviluppo dell’applicazione. Anche se oggi Mozilla non lo supporta più, Thunderbird rimane un client importante con una ricca libreria di componenti aggiuntivi che permette la completa personalizzazione del programma. Da un lato, alcuni utenti ne apprezzano le tante funzionalità, mentre altri trovano complicato e difficile il settaggio. C’è da dire che l’interfaccia di Thunderbird non sempre è percepita come la più intuitiva tra i client di posta elettronica in circolazione, compresi quelli che hanno le stesse (e volte più) estensioni avanzate. Ci sono motivi a sufficienza per prendere in considerazione le alternative a Thunderbird. Che stiate cercando un servizio di posta elettronica nuovo o qualcosa da alternare all’uso di Thunderbird, abbiamo compilato una rassegna delle cinque opzioni compatibili con Windows da prendere in considerazione come alternativa a Thunderbird. Dal momento che Thunderbird è un programma per PC e Mac, non includeremo in questa recensione anche le App specifiche per smartphone. Le 5 Migliori Alternative a Thunderbird:   Mailbird Mailbird è un client di posta relativamente nuovo che ha conquistato rapidamente una buona reputazione grazie al ricco pacchetto di estensioni che lo rendono facile da usare per chiunque. Il set-up è semplice e servono solo 5 minuti per conquistare padronanza e navigarlo al massimo delle sue possibilità. Si possono personalizzare i colori dello sfondo…

How to fix issues with MSN, Hotmail, Outlook and Livemail

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Recently users have been reporting sudden issues with their Outlook, Livemail, MSN and Hotmail account in Mailbird. These accounts simply stopped working, it can’t receive or send email anymore. Attempts to add new accounts may also fail. It turns out, this issue is caused by Microsoft’s upgrade process. They are migrating to a new, which may cause issues for some users. Microsoft has listed more details on these problems here.   The workaround that we suggest for now is to create an application specific password for your account following this link. After that simply remove the account and add it again in Mailbird, but this time, use the new application specific password that you have generated. If this does not work, we will have to wait for Microsoft’s to release their suggestions on fixing the error. If you have any questions about the issue itself or how to generate the application specific password, please drop us a line in the comment section or simply send us an email.

5 Alternative ad Outlook nel 2018

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Microsoft Outlook ha creato una forte reputazione, in qualità di client di posta elettronica completo, ricco di funzionalità, impostazioni e tanti extra, capaci di renderlo un’applicazione potente e la preferita in Italia. Tuttavia, a meno che tu non sia una persona che può permettersi di spendere molto tempo e pazienza nel padroneggiare un software di posta elettronica al 100%, con ogni sua caratteristica, questo software ha probabilmente molto di più di quello che ti serve. A volte, trovare un client di posta elettronica con troppe opzioni e scelte, può creare l’effetto opposto, dando una sensazione sgradevole all’utente. Per questo motivo, le persone che hanno bisogno solo di funzionalità di posta elettronica di base, come invio e ricezione di e-mail, calendario e poco altro, sono alla ricerca di alternative meno complesse rispetto ad Outlook. Inoltre, molte delle alternative che stiamo per condividere in questo articolo, sono gratuite, o almeno, meno costose rispetto ai 100€ che dovresti spendere per utilizzare tutte le funzioni premium di Outlook. Se stai cercando un’interfaccia più semplice, ma tuttavia necessiti di alcune delle principali funzionalità di Outlook, abbiamo incluso un elenco di alternative ad Outlook che dovresti considerare. Migliori Alternative ad Outlook 1. Mailbird Se il layout complicato e l’interfaccia utente è il tuo più grande problema con Outlook, allora Mailbird è sicuramente una delle migliori alternative ad Outlook che dovresti considerare. Mailbird è stato progettato pensando all’utente: ha un’interfaccia pulita, regala un’esperienza di navigazione intuitiva ed ha un design semplice, che permette una navigazione veloce in…

Best Windows 10 Apps – Upgrade your Online Communications

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Effective communication is the best and easiest way to be productive throughout your personal and professional life.  Many people think of email when talking of online communication. And if you are also looking for the best way to manage your email on Windows 10, then we would suggest you to check out this post: “Best Windows 10 Email Clients To Manage Multiple Accounts 2018“.  Should you be looking for the best Windows 10 apps to master all aspects of your online communications then this post might be very helpful to you. Let’s dive right into it. Skype Skype is one of the most popular software for online communication. It is used by millions of people every day to talk over chat, voice calls and video calls.  Not just that, you can share files, call someone on their cell phone and more. Skype is available on desktop, tablets and mobile devices, so just head over to the download page and get started. Download Skype app Facebook The world’s biggest social network also has a Windows 10 app. Share your memories, talk to your friends and let others know where you are without needing to open a browser. Download Facebook app Trello Trello is a simple task management app which turns into a great communication tool when you have to organize and manage an event with others. Want to plan you kid’s birthday party? Invite your spouse and friends on a Trello board and start planning what needs to be done and when. Download Trello app Viber…

Best Day And Time To Send Out Emails 2018

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As in many things in life, when it comes to the success rate of your email blasts, timing is everything. If you’re looking for more email opens and click-throughs to increase traffic, it matters plenty what time and day you send out emails to your subscribers. This is because your loyal audience (provided it finds content useful or interesting) will share it after reading, leading to increased website traffic, new subscribers and customer conversions. Best Day to Send Emails Most studies show that working days have a significantly higher open rate than the weekend. Engagement metrics show that subscribers are mainly active from Monday to Friday. Weekends are considered leisure and family time, resulting in lower traffic. According to GetResponse, the best day to send emails is Tuesday, with the highest open rate. A study conducted by Experian  found that Tuesday’s emails have an open rate of about 18%. Thursday has a slightly lower rate making it the second best choice. On the Harland Clarke Digital’s analysis, Wednesday made it to the top with Tuesday right behind it. and MailChimp agree that the middle of the working week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) gets you the highest open rates, especially for informative emails that don’t require any action.  However, the best day to send sales or promotional email is Friday. GetResponse found that Friday has the highest click-through rate, making the end of the week best for actionable email blasts. So when is the best day to send an email? If you’re looking…

Creating & Maintaining a Relaxed Culture for Remote Teams in 2020

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Hiring remote teams has many advantages. Some of these awesome benefits include the savings on cost of overhead, a larger pool of applicants to choose from, and great flexibility. It allows you to build a virtual team that you could not put together in-person. There are, however, negatives that may arise with leading distributed teams. Since you are not interacting face-to-face with the team on a daily basis, it can be easy to just do your work, and not focus on team-building. Creating a relaxed, water cooler culture with your remote employees is essential to your success. In one of our previous posts, we gave you “10 Quick Tips on Leading A Remote Team”. Now let’s look at what you can do to create that water cooler culture among all of your remote team members. On-Boarding New Employees In order to ensure every employee is on the same page, you must provide everyone with a similar starting point. When a new employee is brought on board in an office, HR leads her around, introducing her to her coworkers. She is often taken to lunch by her boss, where they chat, and get to know one another. Her boss is then able to take her personality, and assist her in forging relationships that suit all parties well. Since remote teams do not have the aforementioned in-person luxuries, it is imperative to have all current employees reach out personally, to introduce themselves to new hires. This not only provides a more welcome…

Mailbird’s New Year’s Resolutions and Updates

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Happy 2018! This year will be nothing short of great new feature and product releases.  So we thought we’d share our Mailbird 2018 new years resolutions with you. 1. Mailbird for Android **Updated 2019** We were really excited about Android and we had started development early 2018. Mid-2018 we had to down-prioritize it due to other developments that had to take over. We are not sure when we will resume development of Android just yet but will be sure to let you know. Thank you so much for your understanding and sorry we were not able to bring Android to you sooner. 2. The Mailbird Family Our family keeps growing every year. We are proud and thankful for every great mind that joins us from around the world. Let’s have a look at the Mailbird Rockstars that  joined our team in 2017: Scott Vice President of Customer Development Scott is responsible for overall strategy and execution of customer success, developing, executing and managing an international channel partner program, growing into B2B market segments, managing customer accounts and relationships and cultivating new clients across a variety of industries. In the end, Scott is here to ensure you as a Mailbird customer is successful.   Roland Senior Tech Lead The guy leading the development milestones and innovations with superior attention to detail as the right hand man to our CTO.     Our team will continue to grow in 2018 considering all exciting changes and features coming. Would you like to join our…