Happy New Year. Here is a special gift for 2016

Posted by Jason Ephraim on January 14, 2016

We are already 13 days into the New Year

and already we are preparing to release some amazing new features you have been asking for including import!

Early into the start of the New Year, we also reached an important milestone here at Mailbird. But, more on that later…

Right now, we would like to announce:

The 2016 New Year’s Sale

That’s right. From now until Sunday, you can grab Mailbird Pro at 50% OFF!

All you need to do is visit the Mailbird pricing page here any time between now and Sunday to enjoy half off either version of Pro!

Why? Because, although we have a discount for new users and sales throughout the year, we wanted to make sure you had the best possible chance to begin your year organized, and on top of all your email.




Jason Ephraim

Former Vice President of Growth at Mailbird

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9 thoughts on "Happy New Year. Here is a special gift for 2016"

  • I verey much like mailbird, however, it is missing an important aspect that I, for one, use extensively. That aspec is the ability to sync my google account contacts. That is the main reason I am not buying at this time. However, should this ability becomes available in the near future, I will definitly consider buying.

    • Avatar
      Christin Baumgarten says:

      Hey, Thanks for your feedback. It is definitely on the roadmap:-) Stay tuned on the progress on our facebook and twitter page;-) Have a great week.

      • Thank you for letting us know that Gmail is on the roadmap. That’s also a deal breaker for me so I’ll keep Mailbird on the list for future consideration.

  • Avatar
    Martha Freiberger Merza says:

    I would like to buy, but before I do, I would like to know if it is possible to import all of my outlook 2010 contacts?

  • So many great features! But, key for me, to help prevent *white out* eye fatigue from too many white background workingspaces in UIs, would be the ability to change the background color in composing/writing and indexing spaces from white to light, easy-on-the-eyes colors. This isn’t a *theme* issue. It’s a productivity and vision health issue. Another productivity + vision health ability that millions treasured from Thunderbird’s previous Noia Theme is to switch index or ledger-style alternating background color lines would be great…like a spreadsheet. I would happily pay a premium price for larger tablets and desktop for these two UI productivity features. Looking forward!

  • Hey Andrea,
    I like Mailbird, however I am holding off for the moment as I need a very important feature which is Password Access to open Mailbird. When this feature is available, you have a convert.

    • Hey Bee, thank for your comment. The password manager is on our roadmap and will most likely be implemented during our Hackathon. We will announce it on our Social Channels once we have a release date for it:-).

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