Get Backstage: Meet Our App Designer

Posted by Christin on March 23, 2013

Introducing one of the talented Mailbird coding ninjas.

Meet Michael Bodekaer as he introduces some of the first set of features in Mailbird.

Our team has even more surprise features coming to you starting April 2nd, 2013. Get ready for it!



PR & Media Relations Supporting the team by communicating Mailbird and its great features to existing and potential users and media.

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12 thoughts on "Get Backstage: Meet Our App Designer"

  • Sigh….I miss mailbird. I was one of the people using it in pre-release and recently had to move to Linux for my development needs, so no more mailbird for me. It’s horribly upsetting and I hope you guys will consider making a linux port. Trust me – there are NO good email clients on linux at all. You would be doing all of us a huge favor.

    • Avatar
      Travis Noles says:

      Have you tried it on Wine?

    • Avatar
      Dragonbite says:

      That would be cool, there should be more options available.

      Right now I am trying out Geary and except for a few limitations, it is pretty good, though basic.

      • Geary is touted to be this huge accomplishment in mail clients, but all I see is the same garbage. Ugly interface, basic feature set, unintuitive controls. Mailbird just felt “right” when I was using it on Windows. Better than any mail client I’ve ever used in over a decade of using them.

        • Avatar
          Dragonbite says:

          I like it because of it’s lightweight, responsiveness that isn’t filled with extra bloat.

          I can’t wait to try Mailbird on my Windows system though. If it comes to Linux, I’ll give that one a try too.

          I have been preferring the Web Interface over Mozilla as of late.

  • To build on what Kevin said, most apps today have to deploy to multiple platforms to get the immediate ubiquity desired. By that I mean they need to have versions for Windows, Linux, Android, and a web-based version (Chrome add-in if possible too).

    That said the app looks great and I look forward to using it…where ever I might find it 🙂

    • Trust me, Jim. Mailbird is FANTASTIC. I process around 200-300 emails per day on a slow day and while I was testing Mailbird in Pre-release, I was nothing short of giddy at how much more productive I was with it, bugs and all. To have to switch to Linux and Thunderbird (I need linux for my development job) has just killed me. Email is no longer fun and easy. It’s a chore, and I hate it. You’re going to love it!

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    Travis Noles says:

    This is a great birthday present, since my birthday is April 3rd! Thanks, very excited to give it a try!

  • Hi Michael I love the design of your app and the website too. Are you making it open source? I’d love to look at the code to see how you guys are making it so fast and pretty. Also which CMS and template are you using for the website?

  • I would also really like Linux support! Thank you for working to build this lightweight, minimally-designed (without bloat) product!

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