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Écrit par Christin le février 26, 2013

On the last Mailbird blog post, on the topic of Facebook’s $100 email test, there continues to be this underlying fear for email companies that social networking sites will replace email. However we are firm in believing that there is no replacing, but rather a glorious integration that is happening between social networking, email, and mobile communication.

« The fact mobile sales are beating desktops doesn’t mean they are taking over. It means they are being added. Everyone already has a desktop! The desktop isn’t going anywhere, it’s just getting a new best friend. »Ryan Majeau (Tech Trend Enthusiast/Writer)

With these super cool integrations, paying for email isn’t such a crazy thing when you think about it. In fact it’s more a matter of reshaping email culture as our inbox’s are increasing with advertisements, special deals, newsletters, surveys, and that annoying sender who’s name just keeps popping up in your inbox twenty times a day. If we paid for email we would maybe spend less time in our inbox, and more time creating quality communication and getting things done.

We used to pay to send letters, and still pay today to send hard copy documents and packages. Until the day packages can somehow atomize into microscopic particles and be emailed through space and time within seconds, man powered mail services, a.k.a. snail mail, will continue to exist. This is just as desktop email is not going anywhere just because social networking and mobile devices are the current online communication hype. With desktop email you are paying for speed, convenience, great support, and awesome add-on features. There is definitely a centric issue of email inhibiting productivity, but that is simply because we have to re-train ourselves on how to use it the right way.

Office workers tend to spend approximately 28% of their work time in email. No need to go into how social networking sites can be a drain for productivity. We need to remember that email is not our job, but rather a mechanism to increase our efficiencies in communication. Email should not dictate what we do in the typical work day, in fact there should be certain rules that help people use email in the most effective way possible. With a few things up our sleeves, Mailbird is working on this beautiful concept.



We are ready to wet the taste buds for seekers of a productive and enjoyably fresh email experience. Mmm…sounds delicious. It is an absolute that email as a desktop application will indefinitely co-exist and evolve with, not against, social networking and mobile communication.

Now for a treat to brighten your day!  At Mailbird, we like to make sure we interact directly with our beloved private beta testers. In doing so, we keep each Mailbird team member in-check and on track with nReduce, all while having fun. We’ve had the pleasure of a visit by one of the magnificent nReduce co-founders to the Mailbird HQ’s in Bali!  Introducing California native and online startup incubator extraordinaire, Sir Joe Mellin. You know that song ‘New York’ by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z? Watch the video below for exciting Mailbird updates assisted by a freestyle dub/rap/dance delight brought to you by Joe.



Until next time, Adios!




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