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Publicado por Christin de enero 17, 2014

Ever emailing with an important business contact that you want to build your connection with? Maybe you have a contact that you’d like to consult with on a professional level. Perhaps you are recruiting a new team member for your business. You get an email from an interested job applicant who you’d like to connect with and learn from on a professional basis. From a professional and business development stand point, email is the primary basis for how we communicate with clients, users, and potential business partners. The first contact you have with someone is likely via email.

When you email with someone who is a professional contact, your first contact with them is typically an email consisting of an introduction and a briefing. That then leads to a next step whether that is closing a business deal, acquiring a new customer or adding a valuable role to your team. So what is the next thing you do after you begin correspondence via email? Naturally, a lot of us annoyingly have to navigate away from our inbox, open up a web browser, search for the Linkedin website, visit the LinkedIn website and we then have to manually search for the name of your new professional contact.

Social networks are now such a big part of building valuable business contacts and growing your professional network, so you can also grow your business. The coolest new feature is now live in Mailbird, it’s the LinkedIn look up. You can now right click on any email contact in Mailbird and select “Look up on LinkedIn” to automatically search for that person on LinkedIn. You can now easily bring your relationship with professional contacts to the next level right from Mailbird. How awesome is that? If you haven’t tried it yet, remember to update Mailbird to the latest version, and give the LinkedIn Lookup feature a try today.

We’ve had many cool feature requests, and LinkedIn integration was one of them. We are excited to introduce this new feature in the Mailbird beta and are eagerly awaiting your feedback in the comments below. Mailbird in 2014 is bringing a heavy load of super duper productivity additions that are sure to make your life with email a whole heck of a lot better. With our beloved email client’s new LinkedIn Lookup feature, Mailbird is now an even better choice for small teams and businesses. Once we have proxy support, Mailbird is going to rock as your go to email client on Windows. You can get the best deal with the Mailbird business plan for 5+ users today when you click here or simply visit the pricing page on our website.

Many of you requested LinkedIn integration with Mailbird. Here is the beginning of improving our integrations, optimizing email contacts management all while making life a little easier when dealing with minor tasks that mean a whole lot more when productivity and efficiency is in mind. Mailbird’s LinkedIn Lookup is now live in the beta! Have you tried it? What do you think? Tell us below.



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