Developing An Email Application is Tough Business!

Publicado por Christin de septiembre 5, 2012

There is a reason why there aren’t a ton of people trying to develop new email applications. It’s because it is quite difficult! With all the technical components, coding, testing, and ensuring you have a stable and reliable email engine that is compatible with multiple versions of a single operating system…well we could go on. Despite the heavy workload, late nights, and continuous coffee recharges, we just cannot stop! Our team is so excited to give email a fresh face that works for you. You don’t have to settle for what is out there, so we hope to offer a new flavor to the world of email.

It’s amazing how much more input and complexity goes into stripping something down, so that an intricate system feels much more simple and easy for users. The documentary «Objectified» by Gary Hustwit taps into the many forms of design. When building a super cool software application, like Mailbird (*wink), there is a lot to learn about human to computer interaction, or interaction design associated with software development. Chief of Design, Jonathan Ive of Apple is a meticulous man who understands that «creating simplicity isn’t simple.» Packing this inspiration in our Mailbird backpack as we continue on our adventure.

There are several obstacles that challenge us each day. However, we fully support the notion that the creation of better email will never stop. This is why we decided to include others in the coding community who share the passion for improving everyday tools. Even though we have several ideas of how to cultivate the overall emailing experience, we realize that not all of them will necessarily fare well with users. Which is why, thanks to Eric Ries of Lean Startups, we love the idea of risk taking and experimenting with A/B split testing, taking out the guess work, saving time, and really listening to what users are saying.

Part of the struggle is understanding what people really care about when they use email as a means of communication. It seems impossible to narrow down all the different ideas , requests, and suggestions down to just a few items. So we are starting with the basics. Our vision is to transform the function of sending and receiving emails, to an intuitive tool that helps people connect and communicate better online. Everyday we are evaluating how people perceive and use email. We are listening to the main concerns and desires before and after you hit «Send». Why are you emailing? When do you email? Most importantly, how do you email?

It has been a very exciting journey thus far, and this is just the beginning! With all that action wrapped around redesigning email, the best part is the people. Working with a great team, and interacting with future Mailbird users who have shared so much enthusiasm and support with us.

Get involved with improving email for the world! If you have a Gmail account and run Windows 7 as your operating system, email [email protected] for our first Windows 7 release. Baby steps 🙂






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