What is an email client?

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Warning, this blog entry may bore tech-savvy email client power users.

Email Clients And Why They Are Important

So let’s start with the facts. Litmus Email Analytics confirms that 1.16 billion emails were opened using an email client in December 2014 alone. These include desktop and mobile email clients.

But what exactly is an email client and why are so many people using them?

To keep it simple, an email client is an application that enables you to manage your inbox with sending, receiving and organizing messages directly from your desktop/mobile device.

Specifically, desktop email clients allow you to manage information exchanged via email messaging without actually having to log in and out as you typically do with web-based email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com etc.

Today, you will find many different desktop email clients. Popular desktop email clients include Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mailbird and Inky.

The common downside of desktop email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird are the impression that they tend to feel bloated, cluttered and outdated. As technology consumers continue to evolve, new desktop email clients such as Inky and Mailbird are attracting users because of some major factors which include:

  1. Great and modern design that is also customizable
  2. Simplicity
  3. A beautiful and uncluttered interface
  4. A sense of control with a clean and intuitive email management experience
  5. Support for managing multiple email accounts from many different email providers in one place
  6. Speed – native desktop email clients tend to simply work faster
  7. Productivity features, allowing users to start working immediately after set up.

If you are reading this now, you may be thinking about switching to, or are already using Mailbird to manage all your email from one productivity hub – and still maybe never really understood what an email client is. Mailbird bodes a mastery of its Windows supported desktop email client in less than 5 minutes.

Simplicity is key during the set-up once you start using a desktop email client for the first time because they are really awesome for email management but if it’s too much of a hassle to set up or too technical….then what is the point?

Techopedia describes how to go about setting up your desktop email client. They say “Typically, an email client requires an email address to be set up and configured before a user can start using their email service. The configuration and settings generally include an email address, password, POP3/IMAP and SMTP address, port number, email aliases and other related preferences.”

At this point, things can get a little convoluted, too technical or unclear unless you are a tech savant. The rest of us maybe a little nervous, as all the information required to set up a desktop email client may leave you saying something like, “Uhhh, I don’t even know what an SMTP address is, let alone where to find it.”

These technical barriers are no longer an issue with modern desktop email clients. For example when you set up Mailbird, only an email address and password is required and the software will gather all the other information needed to get your email inbox up and running.


The big question is, “Why use a desktop email client anyways?”

Desktop email clients have become so much more than just a place to read, write and receive emails. More and more they are transforming into awesome productivity tools, enabling people to manage email with minimal little effort and the diversity and that can be customized to a person’s email needs, by integrating great features. Also offline support becomes a necessity when it comes to email and information management – and FYI, offline access is only available for native email clients.

Let’s take a look as some popular features one could enjoy in a desktop email client like Mailbird.

Quick Compose – Easily compose a new email even when the desktop email client is not active. Seriously a great time saver!

Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released yet)
Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released)


Multiple Account Support – Never be bothered again with signing into different email accounts in different tabs on the web, you have all of them in one window.

Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released)
Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released)


Clean In-line reply Features – We all know how messy and annoying replying in-line can be with formatting and editing. It’s frankly a huge waste of time especially when you have several different points in the sender’s email that requires a specific response. It’s a pain trying to figure out who actually wrote what, then having to reply to that. In Mailbird’s beautiful desktop email client, you can simply put your cursor in your email reply window where you want to respond, hit Enter, and your name is colour-coded by your choice so it is clear where the sender’s text ends and your reply begins. Simply organized and well-structured – we love that.

Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released)
Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released)


Integrated Apps – No time wasted opening new Windows. Easy access to your favorite apps directly inside Mailbird, your desktop email client hub that keeps your email experience mega productive and customized to meet your workflow needs.

Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released)
Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released)


LinkedIn Lookup – Building relationships are an integral part of how we use email today. Email allows us to make great personal connections as well as develop important business relationships. Now it gets even better yet again when using a native desktop email client, because of this simple yet incredibly useful feature. Build even stronger relationships that go passed email when you right-click on an email senders name in Mailbird and select “Lookup on LinkedIn”, where you can learn more about your professional contact to help facilitate a more tailored and engaging communication flow with them.

Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released)
Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released)


Speed Reader – Cut the time in half you spend reading emails, literally, by speed reading through your emails with the first and only email speed reader available in the Mailbird desktop email client.

Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released)
Mailbird 2.0 Sneak Peak (not yet publicly released)


Whether or not you choose to use an email client is totally up to you. So we ask…

  1. Are you someone who has more than one email account?
  2. Do you send emails?
  3. Do you receive emails?
  4. Do you ever feel bogged down, stressed or distracted by email?
  5. Need 24-hour access, even when you are offline and on the go or travelling for business?
  6. Do you want to feel like you control your inbox, not the other way around?
  7. Would you enjoy a simple and well-designed email experience that is faster than web-based email?

So maybe you didn’t know what exactly what a desktop email client was before, but now that you do. So if you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions and you are not currently using a desktop email client, maybe it is time to try one to see how your email management and experience improves over time.

Want to learn more about desktop email clients and how they can help, or simply need help deciding whether or not to make the switch? Then you might find this post very helpful.



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