Hope For My Atrocious Inbox

Geschrieben von Christin am Oktober 15, 2012

Guest Post by Charnita Fance: An early adopter writer and blogger. Charnita shares her reviews on new web services and computer software. She has written for and has published work on over 10 tech and social media blogs. She also manages an IMVU blog. 

Every since I first started using email, I’ve had an issue with an atrocious inbox. From being unorganized to just out of control, it seems like I’ve never been happy with it. Let’s not even talk about what a chore it is to check my email everyday. It’s gotten to the point to where I often go 2-3 days without checking it because of how bad it is.

Obviously, this is not a good habit and often causes me to miss important emails. Because of this, I’ve been trying out various Gmail organization tools like Taskforce, SaneBox and Other Inbox’s Organizer. Actually, I’m still using all three, yet my inbox remains unorganized. You know you have problems when you’re using powerful tools like these and you’re still ready to give up on your email!

I started out years ago with Yahoo and then moved on to Gmail; I’ve been with Gmail every since. I’ve tried desktop-based email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, Sparrow, Thunderbird and PostBox – to name a few. Let’s just say, I always end up going back to the web-based version of Gmail because I’m never satisfied.

I’ll admit, Outlook and Thunderbird are great, but pretty intimidating email clients; there’s a lot going on with both of them. While I do love the fact that you can use add-ons with Thunderbird, I wasn’t able to find too many useful ones and a lot of the add-ons are outdated. On the other hand, Apple Mail, Sparrow and PostBox just didn’t have enough features for me and lacked extensions.

So now I’m anxiously awaiting to try Mailbird. From the start I love the look of it (it reminds me of Apple Mail) and the slogan, “email has never been so simple.” I’m all for simple when it comes to managing my inbox, so I hope that Mailbird can deliver with it’s clean design. What I’m really looking forward to trying out in Mailbird are the apps; I’m an app addict. There appears to be apps to not only increase productivity, but to integrate social features – a nice touch.

I’ve had issues with Outlook and Thunderbird being extremely slow when checking and sending my email messages. I notice that Mailbird is “fast and secure” and I can’t wait to see how its speed compares to those two. Security is also important and must when it comes to email, so I’m happy that there is a focus on that.

I also like that Mailbird connects with Facebook and can get your contact’s photos from there. It’s such a pain having to manually add images to all of my contacts. I’m not a fan of keyboard shortcuts, simply because I can’t remember them, but it’s great to see that Mailbird supports them.

My only complaint is that it’s for Windows only. I use a Mac laptop and Windows PC just about equally and I’m looking for an email client that I can use on both and sync so that all of my information is the same on both as well. Ultimately, I can’t wait to see if Mailbird goes above and beyond other email clients. It definitely looks like it could be a game-changer and I’m anxious to find out if indeed it is. I just want it to deliver the improved organization and productivity boost that I’m looking for.



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