Customize Your Email Accounts For Christmas and Star Wars

As if the holidays weren’t exciting enough, we are only days away from the release of the new Star Wars movie! That’s why, to celebrate, we have just released a new feature allowing you to “Deck the Halls” of your email accounts, social, scheduling, and more…

Introducing, Holiday and Star Wars Themed Sidebar Patterns for Mailbird. Gift Wrap Your Email Accounts!

That’s right. For the first time (on any email client, ever) you can bring the holiday spirit and your powers in the ways of the force to your favorite Windows Email client.

If you’d like to try “wrapping” your Mailbird, here is what you do:

  1. Open Mailbird
  2. Click the Menu Symbol in the upper left hand of the sidebar
  3. Select “Options”
  4. In the “Appearance” section, you should see all the patterns you can choose from
  5. Select any pattern to immediately apply it to your Mailbird
  6. If you want to remove the pattern, either select another, or scroll to the first “none” option, and it will revert to your color.
  7. You can also select the color of all the other elements to match your pattern.
  8. Play around with it, have fun, and remember to use the force!

We will be adding more patterns, so be sure to keep an eye out.


Don’t see the patterns?

Try updating your Mailbird. Open the menu and select Options>Update>Check for Updates Now.

You should then be able to update to the newest version of Mailbird, and be able to access the patterns.


Do you have any patterns you would like us to include?

Share them in the comments, and we will try to include them! However, please only include “seamless” patterns.

Here is an example of a seamless pattern, or one that can be repeated “seamlessly”:











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  • Zogbert Splod

    This is unbelievable! How about the update people REALLY want? Import from other clients P-L-E-A-S-E! I can’t believe that you are wasting time on Starwars backgrounds… Going back to my previous client is getting to look good…..

    • Christin Baumgarten

      Hey Zogbert, thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate it and we are very happy to let you know that Import is planned to be released within the first quarter of 2016.
      So yes, very, very soon:-) We are waiting for the launch as much as you and our other users are.
      Our awesome team of developers are doing everything possible to get Import done, that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to prepare a little fun surprise like the “Wrap It” feature;-)

      Thanks again for your awesome support and please let us know if you have any further questions.
      Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and only the best for the coming year from the entire team at Mailbird.

    • Nicholas

      I agree… What functionality does Patterns bring to an email client? Z-E-R-O
      Ugly and distracting actually

      • P David

        Zero functionality, but also probably immensely easier to implement. I’m sure they can incorporate minor updates like this while they still work on other major/harder things.

  • Nice little holiday bonus. Any chance I can have different color/theme for different accounts?

    • Nick Murray

      Mailbirds inability to differentiate accounts is its biggest flaw for sure. I just want expanding folder trees but different colors for accounts is a great idea!

      • Lev tov

        How can I sync with Gmail contacts or is there a 3rd party program to synchronize with Gmail I hope to hair from you soon

  • Teriffy – CC BY-SA 3.0

  • Flat

    While the patterns are cool and all, any updates for PGP/SMIME support? It’s pretty highly upvoted on the suggestions page but doesn’t even have a planned tag.

  • Lev tov

    How can I sync with Gmail contacts or is there a 3rd party program to synchronize with

    • Hi Lev. We are working on an import feature that will allow you to bring over all those contacts. We are planning to have it release very early 2016 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ME

    I tried updating to the latest, but it doesn’t work……what gives?

    • I’m sorry to hear about that! Let’s get that fixed. Can you submit a ticket (email) at [email protected] and we can work with you to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Thanks!

  • Praboda Ariyasinghe

    You think this is nice? It’s not helping to relax the mind and also a it’s a disturb to eyes. I find this feature as a waste. And also I feel bad to keep trusting you working on more worth improvements.

    • Paul Weston

      I like the way you think Praboda!
      I’ve uninstalled MailBird and gone back to Microsoft. I find it easier to just get the job done!

      • ะะปัŒะฑะตั€ั‚

        OMG, that whining. You just can leave the basic theme of Mailbird. Done.

  • Russell Morgan

    Would have preferred that time was spent on the simple task of allowing one to send emails to groups created within Mailbird, a pain having to select clients individually even more of a pain when you have 60+ clients or staff to send it to, surely it would not be a difficult task to include this option.

  • Rachel โ€œMunchlaxโ€ Khoong

    People need to calm down. Appreciate what the Mailbird team is doing for you to lighten up the mailbox. It’s a nice Holiday bonus and adds a tiny bit of flair to the mailbox. Thanks Mailbird ๐Ÿ™‚

    • tropicaltech

      Thanks for the support Rachel! We want to assure everyone that the Mailbird team has not let up on the long awaited import feature, we are still working very hard on this….trust us! We want to make sure it works really well. Until then, thought it would be nice to make everyone smile a little and enjoy the holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hang in there guys!

  • DougSkillicorn

    Instead of cluttering up Mailbird with unwanted “designs” How about providing ‘scroll down’ and ‘scroll up’ arrow buttons beside the headers pane? Would be a lot more useful trying to find a specific email rather than clicking and dragging the side bar (a two handed operation on a laptop without a mouse)

  • Nick Murray

    Nothing but random SMTP errors since this update! have to constantly be in my drafts folder hitting SEND……SEND……SEND until it works.

  • I appreciate the thought behind the patterns, thanks! It is a little distracting and the colors are very dark. Would love to see scroll buttons and different colored folders for different email accounts as mentioned by others. Keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!

  • Chris Peters