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Email Client Mailbird Celebrates 1M Email Accounts

Posted by Christin on January 15, 2016

Email Client Milestone: One Million Accounts! Wow! 1.000.000 (yes, that’s Million!) email accounts have been activated in Mailbird to date. This adds up to about 41.666 email accounts per month. Or, 1.388 email accounts per day that were added to and activated in our Mailbird email client within the past 2 years. This is HUGE, and we want to thank all our amazing users. We really appreciate your awesome support and we are grateful so many of you helped us along the way. Thanks to all of you amazing users that have participated in the Mailbird Referral Program. You really have helped us spread the word about Mailbird, and it continues to be a great way for people to find out about us. If you haven’t yet participated, now would be an awesome time to do so! Whenever you want to tell your friends and/or family about your favorite email client. You and your friends can also earn Mailbird Pro for free. In the meantime, we want to give you a little sneak peek of the features that are planned to be launched soon to make Mailbird even better. 1. Import feature: Importing your accounts and folders from other email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Win Live Mail will soon become as easy as clicking a button!   We are currently testing it like crazy and trying to break it, before we are confident enough to release it to the public. Stay tuned on our Facebook and/or Twitter for the exact release date. 2.…

Happy New Year. Here is a special gift for 2016

Posted by Jason Ephraim on January 14, 2016

We are already 13 days into the New Year and already we are preparing to release some amazing new features you have been asking for including import! Early into the start of the New Year, we also reached an important milestone here at Mailbird. But, more on that later… Right now, we would like to announce: The 2016 New Year’s Sale That’s right. From now until Sunday, you can grab Mailbird Pro at 50% OFF! All you need to do is visit the Mailbird pricing page here any time between now and Sunday to enjoy half off either version of Pro! Why? Because, although we have a discount for new users and sales throughout the year, we wanted to make sure you had the best possible chance to begin your year organized, and on top of all your email.  

Mailbird New Year’s Sweepstakes! Enter to win a FREE Surface 3 Tablet

Posted by Jason Ephraim on December 31, 2015

Make Your New Year The Most Productive One, Ever! Chances are you’ve already begun thinking about the resolutions you would like to make for 2016. We want to help you stick to them. That’s why at Mailbird, we are excited to announce the 2016 New Year’s Sweepstakes!   How To Enter and WIN From now until January 31st, you can enter for a chance to win a brand-spanking-new Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet. Entry is open to all Legal U.S. residents of the lower 48 states. You may use the options to submit as many times as you wish, and you can even enter again the next day! Other restrictions apply. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions tab in the contest widget for more information. We are hard at work on new features (psst. Import is almost ready) but we thought this would be a great way to help a lucky fan out there to make achieving all their New Year’s resolutions just a bit easier. You can get your friends in on it too to help you get as many entries into the Mailbird Sweepstakes.   Win a FREE Microsoft Surface Tablet   What’s your New Year’s resolution? How about 2160 x 1440? Look at how good Mailbird will look on your beautiful Windows 10 Surface 3 tablet…. #ProductivityON!   Finally, do you have any New Year’s resolutions that you would like to share? Need ideas? We’d love to hear from you in the comments 🙂  

Customize Your Email Accounts For Christmas and Star Wars

Posted by Jason Ephraim on December 17, 2015

As if the holidays weren’t exciting enough, we are only days away from the release of the new Star Wars movie! That’s why, to celebrate, we have just released a new feature allowing you to “Deck the Halls” of your email accounts, social, scheduling, and more… Introducing, Holiday and Star Wars Themed Sidebar Patterns for Mailbird. Gift Wrap Your Email Accounts! That’s right. For the first time (on any email client, ever) you can bring the holiday spirit and your powers in the ways of the force to your favorite Windows Email client. If you’d like to try “wrapping” your Mailbird, here is what you do: Open Mailbird Click the Menu Symbol in the upper left hand of the sidebar Select “Options” In the “Appearance” section, you should see all the patterns you can choose from Select any pattern to immediately apply it to your Mailbird If you want to remove the pattern, either select another, or scroll to the first “none” option, and it will revert to your color. You can also select the color of all the other elements to match your pattern. Play around with it, have fun, and remember to use the force! We will be adding more patterns, so be sure to keep an eye out.   Don’t see the patterns? Try updating your Mailbird. Open the menu and select Options>Update>Check for Updates Now. You should then be able to update to the newest version of Mailbird, and be able to access the patterns.  …

Cyber Monday Deals 2015 – Mailbird 50% Off for Life

Posted by Jason Ephraim on November 29, 2015

We are super excited to announce that this November 30th, also known as Cyber Monday, you can take 50% off all lifetime & one year subscriptions of Mailbird Pro! Now is the best time to get what calls “the best Email client for Windows and Gmail”. So don’t wait! Take advantage of this exclusive Cyber Monday 2015 discount, and you can enjoy Pro features like: Free updates, forever Manage unlimited email accounts Check all your inboxes with Unified Inbox Snooze emails for later Blast through messages with our exclusive email Speed Reader and so much more! This deal is one day only, so don’t miss out. Get the best email client for Windows at it’s lowest price, ever. Just visit our pricing page. Select the Mailbird Pro version that suits you best. Your 50% discount will be automatically applied. Checkout normally. Enjoy all your free time now that managing your email is faster and easier than ever before. (Psst. Don’t forget to *share Mailbird* with your friends!)

China’s Singles Day 2015 – What it is & how to celebrate it

Posted by Jason Ephraim on November 10, 2015

What is China’s “Singles Day”? Are you single? You might be surprised to learn that China actually celebrates the 11th of November as “Singles’ Day”. Because the Chinese have always held a deep spiritual belief in the powers of symbolism, the 11th day of the 11th month was an obvious candidate for celebrating singles. In China, the day is typically full of young singles organizing parties while thousands of businesses host wild events aimed at single men and women. “Blind Date” parties are also common for those singles wishing to use the holiday as an opportunity to find a partner. As is typical of most Chinese celebrations, food is an important part of the holiday. Singles often eat four deep-friend dough sticks (representing the four “1”s) and a stuffed bun (representing the period) for breakfast. The holiday actually began as a men-only celebration at several colleges in Nanjing throughout the 1990’s. However, it has quickly spread to include both sexes, and extend as far as Hong Kong and Singapore. In fact, thanks to huge promotions by online shopping vendors, like Alibaba, the holiday has actually become the largest online shopping day in the world!   How can you celebrate Singles’ Day? Unfortunately, Singles’ Day has yet to gain a strong foothold outside China. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part to bring it to our shores. Are you single? Take this opportunity to celebrate yourself! Treat yourself to a nice meal. Take a spa day. Buy yourself a little present.…

File sharing just got big in Mailbird. Say Hello to Degoo!

Posted by Christin on August 19, 2015

With our latest launch on Windows 10, we have also implemented a new, awesome App called Degoo. Degoo is a free data backup service that gives users automatic, secure online backup. This comes in extremely handy anytime you have to send large files in an email…and we must say, it totally rocks! Thanks to the great cooperation of  the Degoo team, you are now able to simply upload and share (large) files, using the Degoo App in your favourite email client Mailbird. Sending files has never been this easy Simply activate the App in your Mailbird Appstore. The Degoo icon will appear in the left hand menu. Once the App is activated, you will need to log in or sign up for Degoo. Please note that Degoos API does not support Google Accounts yet. So you want use your other email for signing up. Voilà. You are all ready to go and send out your files faster than ever. Either upload and send files using the web version of the App or drag & drop any files to the Degoo icon at the bottom of the compose/reply window. You want to make sure, you drag your files from Degoo all the way to the Degoo icon to upload as it will otherwise be attached as a regular Mailbird attachment. The file will appear as a Hyperlink in Mailbird, which is easily accessed and downloaded by the recipient. Psst, a little bird has tweeted us, that Degoo is running a promotion at the moment to celebrate their new update…

Mailbird is celebrating the Windows 10 launch

Posted by Christin on July 24, 2015

At Mailbird we are preparing everything for the big Windows 10 launch next Wednesday,  July 29th. Mailbird will launch on Windows 10 with some great improvements that we will share with you in our next post, coming next week. Now leading up to the launch, we have a great promotion running to celebrate the upcoming launch with you. We give you 50% off Mailbird Lifetime “How?”  You might be asking. Simply go to our Windows 10 sign up page here. Fill in your email and wait for the great day July, 29th to come. You will receive an email with your personal discount code, that you can use to get Mailbird Lifetime for only $24.50! The sign up page will close July 29th, so sign up for it as soon as you can. Help share the joy Give everyone the chance to celebrate the upcoming Windows 10 launch with your favourite email client, by sharing the promotion. You can copy&paste this Tweet below if you want (please edit it the way it suits you best:-)..): Our friends at #Mailbird are celebrating #Windows10 launch giving 50% off Lifetime license. Join them: Thanks for your support, it does mean a lot to everyone of us at Mailbird!      

Mailbird introduces Unified Inbox Plus

Posted by Christin on July 6, 2015

Mailbird brings control back to your inbox How nice would it be to be able to say, “I am on top of my emails and in total control of my inbox”? We at Mailbird believe you should be able to say that every single day. That is why we have implemented – Unified Inbox Plus. Another great time saving feature helping you get through your emails like a productivity machine. Unified Inbox Plus in Mailbird is more than just combining messages from all your different accounts into one beautifully simple, well-managed inbox. So let’s say you have a Gmail account for your work email and a Hotmail account for your personal email. Unified Inbox Plus in Mailbird, makes it so that you are able to view emails delivered to both accounts in the same inbox. Inbox Zero has never been so close   If you currently use Mailbird, when you update you will notice a new account has appeared above your individual accounts in the left menu. Say hello to the hexagon icon, this is Mailbird’s Unified Inbox Plus. This shows up if you have more than 1 email account added to Mailbird.   The emails in that inbox are shown by the order in which they are delivered, regardless of which account they are from. They are not separated or labeled.   The unified inbox contains all of your known system folders (archived, sent, trash etc.), but the folders themselves contain all messages from all your accounts. To keep it clean and uncluttered, your “unified archived” folder will now…

Mailbird wants you!

Posted by Christin on June 25, 2015

Mailbird is hiring!   The all-star team at Mailbird is looking for a motivated, experienced Rockstar “VP of Growth“ to lead the overall growth efforts of the company by planning and executing the right levers of growth through product and marketing. You will be getting the opportunity to lead Mailbird’s exceptional growth with our passionate team and create great impact on how people use email and online communication every day. Next to bringing our awesome software to every Windows user out there, you will get the great opportunity to work from the extraordinary paradise setting of Bali. The freedom and flexibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world, while also enjoying awesome Bali Mailbird hackathon getaways. Living life and work in perfect balance #DreamJob. You will also be an equal part and play a significant role in our annual Hackathons in Bali where the entire team comes together from all over the world to get a lot done, aggressively push product updates and marketing initiatives in 30 days of intense work. While weekly sportive activities will keep your body in shape, personal development and/or professional coaching sessions can be taken to achieve new goals and to expand your knowledge and expertise.   What is Mailbird? Mailbird is a beautiful communication platform with a big vision to reinnovate the way we communicate in small and medium sized businesses and we already have more than 400.000 signups. We have won multiple prestigious awards and been voted the best email client for Windows both by…