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Our new Contact Manager with Contact Sync is out

Posted by Christin on April 25, 2017

Mailbird Contact Manager unifies your contacts in the best way possible The Mailbird Contact Manager deserves a full write up, because this feature is ridiculously awesome. It’s been a year in the making, so this feature release means a lot to us. We built this for email users worldwide, to make their lives better with the most critical contacts that keep our personal and business connections thriving. Let’s look at the highlights of your brilliant new Contact Manager and how to best use it. It is our ultimate obligation to you to deliver the absolute best damn unified, beautiful and synced Contact Management tool that practically manages itself. It’s beautiful. So here we go… Get started with the best Contact Manager ever Before you become a contacts managing machine, first thing is to get all your contacts into Mailbird. It’s simple and will be done in no time. A heads up, the more contacts you have, the longer it may take (we are talking, instead of 10 seconds, it may take 20 seconds). A step by step guide to get the Mailbird Contact Manager as soon as possible: 1. Activate the ‘Contacts’ app in our Mailbird App section. 2. Once you have activated the app an introduction window will pop up. Press the blue “Connect accounts” button on the final slide of the introduction.  3. Mailbird gives you the option to choose contacts from your Google and/or Outlook accounts (including Google Apps and Office 365) that you have added to…

Mailbird’s Affiliate Program Is Now Available

Posted by Christin on March 30, 2017

Earn earn over $337.50 per month with only one sale per day! We are super excited to introduce our new Mailbird Affiliate Program. Over the years we have had so many supportive users that recommended us to their friends, family and even businesses. Now, with our new affiliate program you will actually get a percentage on the sales generated per license. Hence, the more licenses you sell, the more money you will get at the end of the month. Simple as that.   The program is in cooperation with Radius Impact to provide you with a professional and market leading performance-advertising campaign. How to get started with Mailbird’s Affiliate Program Just follow the steps below and join our team of affiliates today. 1. Go to “website for affiliates” and click “Apply to Campaign“ 2. Fill in the form as detailed as possible. 3. Send the application. Once your application is approved, we will supply you links and banners that you can share on your websites and/or social media to generate sales and money:-) Any questions? Feel free to reach out to Scott Bowen in case of any questions you might have before you join the team.

New Custom Background Image Feature

Posted by Jason Ephraim on January 30, 2017

Customization: The Way of the Future The future of consumer products is customization. From smartphones to apps to email clients, the possibility to customize products to function exactly how you want them is a trend that has taken off and is here to stay. Why? It’s no secret that customization options increase a sense of ownership and in turn makes users feel loyal to the product. It also increases the value of your product to the individual user who needs to hit specific objectives. It’s easy to see why customization is ranked just as high as design, functionality and ease-of-use. Mailbird recognizes the need for personalization — and we’ve delivered. You asked for more customization and we’ve enabled users with the possibility to personalize their personal email interface. Use Any Image as Your Mailbird Email Client’s Background Image We are excited to announce Mailbird now lets you upload any image on your computer as a background image. We have released this feature for all versions of Mailbird in our latest update.   To use your own background image in Mailbird: 1. Open the Mailbird email client 2. Click on the menu, and select options 3. Select the appearance tab from the options menu 4. In the Background section, click the first box with the “+” symbol (see image)   5. You will then be presented with an explorer window with which to designate the image file you would like to use as your background image. 6. Find the image on your computer, select…

Mailbird Updates you may have missed

Posted by Christin on January 12, 2017

Our developers are working super hard, like, really hard to make email not so bad anymore. Many improvements are made and updates implemented, which usually come unnoticed. Some of these include an improved avatar (aka profile picture) search for all your important contacts. Another is an improved drag and drop email function, performance with 64bit machines are examples of the constant, yet less noticeable, improvements our team is consistently working on. For the more noticeable Mailbird developments that many of you find super awesome include: 1. Sharing Means Caring End your friend, family and colleague‘s email struggles by using the ‘Invite Friends‘ option in the Mailbird menu. We mentioned the updated referral system in our last newsletter, so in case you missed it, now its super easy for you to get Mailbird Pro Lifetime for free. Here’s how it works: 2. Join The Dark Side Have sensitive eyes when working on a computer for too long? Did you know that Mailbird has a dark theme mode? Try it by simply going into the Mailbird menu > Settings > Appearance > Select ‘Dark Theme‘ 3. Create New Thread You can now change the subject of any reply or forwarded message and with that creating a new thread from it. You can create a new email thread now, when replying to any message in an email convo, change the subject line and voila! New email thread created. We call it “I just became awesome at email convo management!” Awesome. 4. That…

Customize Your Email Accounts For Christmas

Posted by Christin on December 15, 2016

Gift Wrap Your Email Accounts and get into the Christmas mood! Remember our fun wrapping feature we have implemented? Well, now is the best time to apply the Christmas patterns or upload a background image that sets you and your email accounts into the right mood for the festive days. If you’d like to try “wrapping” your Mailbird, here is what you do: Open Mailbird Click the Menu Symbol in the upper left hand of the sidebar Select “Settings” In the “Appearance” section, you should see all the patterns you can choose from Select any pattern to immediately apply it to your Mailbird or upload your own Christmas image If you want to remove the pattern, either select another, or scroll to the first “none” option, and it will revert to your color. You can also select the color of all the other elements to match your pattern. Play around with it, have fun. We will be adding more patterns, so be sure to keep an eye out. Can’t get the patterns to show? Or the Background image won’t load? Shoot us an email or let us know in the comment section.We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.   What Christmas Image are you using? Share them it in the comment section below.  

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal 2016 – 55% off Mailbird Pro Lifetime

Posted by Christin on November 25, 2016

We are super happy to let you know that we just launched our long weekend sale. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Mailbird Pro Lifetime is available for 55% off.   Totally productive. Totally awesome. Amazing value. Get it before it’s gone at midnight on Monday, November 28th, 2016 and tell your friends!      

To celebrate our Slack app integration we are having a Sale!

Posted by Jason Ephraim on May 27, 2016

We’re so excited about our new Slack app integration that we had to have a sale From now until 5/31/2016, you can take 50% off any version of Mailbird pro. Grab your copy of Mailbird Pro for 50% off now before it’s too late  Go Pro Today. You’ll be Happy You Did 🙂

Win up to 60% Discount on Software With This Geek Test

Posted by Christin on May 25, 2016

Want to give Mailbird Pro a try without spending a penny? We just released a new feature that allows you to do just that!

Our New Slack App Integration

Posted by Jason Ephraim on May 18, 2016

2.3 Million, that's how many people use slack every day. That's why we are super excited to announce the release of our Slack integration for all Mailbird users.

Game of Thrones Inspired House Sigil Themes

Posted by Jason Ephraim on April 22, 2016

Love Game of Thrones? Well, then we’ve got good news for you! We just released 9 GoT inspired sidebar themes to celebrate season 6. Starting today, you can show off your allegiance to your favorite house – with your email client. Donning your favorite house’s sigil is easy Just click the menu icon in the Mailbird email client, click options, and then select the appearance tab. You will see all 9 sidebar themes. If you don’t yet see the new themes, you may need to update your copy of Mailbird. We’ve released these themes for all versions of Mailbird. So, if you are a Game of Thrones fan, there has never been a better time to try Mailbird on your Windows computer. Season 6 premieres this Sunday and we can’t wait! What’s the #1 thing you want to see this season on GoT?