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Effective Ways to Target Customers Using Email Marketing in 2019

Posted by Guest on January 21, 2019

Email marketing is when companies target large markets by sending commercial messages through the electronic mail. When an effective strategy is put in place, successful email marketing leads to brand awareness, customer loyalty, and highly personalized content. In its broadest sense, it is mainly used for the purpose of enhancing the customer-business relationship. In the following article we will describe some effective ways to target customers using email marketing. An effective email marketing campaign and strategy can beguile potential prospects, leads, and consumers, concurrently increasing the return on investment of the business. Attractive headline The only way content can stimulate sales is when it is visible. It can only be seen when it is opened and it can only be opened when it is attractive. A good headline can bring forth positive rewards. According to Taylor Glass, CMO of SolidEssay, consumer behavior is dependent on the attention a tag line sends across. A certain amount of attention is necessary for information to be perceived for it to activate people’s senses. Based on research, 47% of people select the emails they open or not, depending on the subject line. Crafting attractive headlines should be grounded on the ability of the content to meet the consumers’ needs. The subject line should communicate the functionality of the message and drive curiosity and urgency to potential clients. The headline should be short, language-friendly, concise and personalized. Implementing consumerism tactics in emails in the consumer-driven world is one of the ways to boost any business.…

8 Best Email Design Practices to Consider in 2019

Posted by Guest on January 16, 2019

Each day people and organizations send more than 260 billion email messages. As a marketer or vendor that means you need an edge to stand out from the billions. Before you write one word or spend one second on the email design, identify and study your target audience. You need to know who you’re trying to reach before you begin communicating. Also, use a good email analytics program. You’ll gain important information and feedback like who opened the email piece, when they read it, what they clicked on, how many recipients opened it and what device type they used. This information lets you further optimize your email design. Following industry best email design practices allows you to standout without gimmicks or expense. You provide quality content presented in an attractive easy to read manner that loads well on any device. You can break that down into eight digestible practices to adhere to that make email creation even easier. 1. Use Email Templates Start your foray into best email design practices with the most basic clever design tip for any document type. Use a well-designed template. If you find the offerings of Microsoft Word limiting, try searching online. If you use an e-mail marketing service like Mailchimp, you’ll have access to personalized templates there. Most email marketing services provide you with guidelines on comprising suitable out of office messages offer you the possibility to generate your own templates for each occasion. If you are using an email client like Mailbird, for example, the option…

13 Tricks to Build an Awesome Brand Using a Podcast in 2019

Posted by Guest on January 8, 2019

The podcast has been around for more than a decade, and has made the rounds more of a convenient way to get news or a radio broadcast on demand. However, podcasts have bloomed into a great way to do marketing in 2014, when popular podcasts such as Serial attracted the attention of a mobile population. Podcasts became so popular that big companies were willing to bet on them to engage customers. However, not all companies have the resources to commission a branded podcast series by established podcast producers, or even a mention on a popular podcast. The next best thing, then, is to launch your own podcast to build your brand. Before you start to panic, consider that podcasts are not really that much different from blogs.  The idea behind either medium is to present information that your target audience wants or needs and develop a relationship with them at the same time. You also use a certain tone to express your personality and establish a rapport with your audience. The main difference is that blogs use text, and some graphics, while podcasts use audio, and some videos.  The biggest advantage of podcasts over blogs is that the audience prefers audio-based entertainment. They can do other things while listening, which they can’t really do while reading. This is why 42 million Americans listened to podcasts weekly in 2017, and most of them play it on a mobile device. Podcast also tend to create loyalty and passion among listeners once you…

119 Facts You Need To Know About Email Marketing in 2019

Posted by Christin on January 6, 2019

In the age of modern email marketing, there is a ton of competition for the attention of your prospective customers. The secret to being successful in this arena is to write an email that customers are actually going to open, read and click through to conversion. But what kind of email marketing strategy works best? Not only do you need to know the best time and day when to send out your emails. There are a few more things you should consider in your emailing strategy to increase your opening and conversion rate. Personalize Your Emails It has been proven that emails with a personalized subject line are opened 26% more than emails with generic subjects. Simply putting the recipient’s name in the subject increases the open rate by nearly 15%. You can easily do this if you use an email service like Aweber or MailChimp. This personalized approach to emails improve the click-through-rate (CTR) by 14% and your conversions by 10%. That’s a lot for just one simple tweak! Segment Your Email List Similar to personalizing your emails is segmenting your email list. Segmenting your list basically means separating your subscribers into groups that characterize their target markets. For example, having women aged 25-40 with kids in one group and women 20-35 without kids in another. This helps to better address the reader’s interests. Marketers have experienced 29% higher open rates, 28% lower unsubscribe rates and 60% more clicks from segmenting their email campaigns. Include Offers and Incentives With so…

6 Steps To Writing The Best B2B Emails in 2019

Posted by Guest on November 29, 2018

Did you know that approximately 51% of B2B marketers use emails as their primary marketing channel? This was revealed by a recent Marketing Technology Strategy Survey Summary Report. Although new channels have emerged over the years since emails were first used, they still are the best option for businesses. However, there’s a twist to using emails, irrespective of whether you send a single or multiple emails, aspects that must be looked into if you’re to achieve the desired objective. Using emails can backfire on you. To counter this, there are some tips that you could implement to make your emails effective. Check out these 6 tips: 1. Who’s Your Audience? The only way to craft an email that will make any sense is by knowing your recipient. In this case, businesses need to identify who their target audience is and tailor the email accordingly. Without a target market in mind, chances are that your email will be irrelevant to the people who really count and therefore end up having no value. The fact is, the email isn’t really about you but rather your audience. Ensure that as you write it, you focus on them rather than your company. Make them feel as part of your brand. 2. Work On The Subject Line Any writer understands the value a heading or title holds in an article because should they not be “catchy” or interesting, you can be assured no one will bother reading the rest of your article. Email subject lines…

Infographic: 10 Myths about Instagram for Business

Posted by Guest on February 8, 2018

Those who work in social media marketing know that the field can be very stressful. For example, a failure of a single marketing strategy can make or break the business because it may undermine the reputation of the company. Social media game is constantly changing, so if you don’t follow the latest trends, you could be outperformed by your competitors very quickly. In some cases, panic is another important factor. For example, if the number of likes and followers is reducing, it is easy to believe all those myths floating around how the developers of Instagram changed algorithms and how it will reduce the effectiveness of your social media strategy. Sure, a change in the algorithm may slightly affect your performance, but that doesn’t mean that the sky is falling. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths out there, and some of them may seem legit. For example, one of them suggests that you should use the “follow for follow” strategy on Instagram. That is, you should follow others to be followed by them and build your audience this way. However, as described in the infographic created by Proessaywriting below, not a lot of Instagram users tend to return the favor and ignore follow requests. The reason is very simple: the amount of these requests can be overwhelming, so who wants to deal with every business trying to become your follower? Besides, this strategy, even if effective, will not create a quality audience. Those who agree to follow a business…

How to Boost Web Traffic and Consumer Count with Affiliate Marketing

Posted by Guest on February 1, 2018

Every business in the world is a brainchild of people who once had dreamt of making it big in the domain of corporate communication, sales and client acquisition. Well, talking of digital marketing or online businesses in today’s world where various marketing strategies and innovative approaches towards businesses play a crucial role, affiliate marketing is certainly a tool that can prove to be beneficial in driving traffic and target consumers to website, thus making the entire idea of online business more productive and efficient. Here’s what you need to know. To begin with, the concept of affiliate marketing is really simple. It is a process in which the online retailer pays to another website for sales and traffic that are produced from the references generated. Now in order to start with the technicalities of affiliate marketing, the one who is about to implement this strategy must know his/her consumer well. Without confirming the fact and knowing for whom is the service being served or the product designed, you can’t expect to get the desired affiliate revenue end of the day. What is the deal for precious and semi-precious Antiques? Secondly, if your business deals with products such as handcrafted items and antiques, then aligning your website with relevant portals can help you get the best of affiliate marketing outcomes. If you want to utilize the real benefits of affiliate marketing, then look for partners to collaborate with, which means they will serve as an extension for your already existing business…

MAILBIRD–精致、好用的WINDOWS邮件客户端 2019

Posted by Guest on January 3, 2018

好久没推荐软件了,最近真的忙得快喘不过气了T_T……. 难得十一长假,在此推荐一款好用精致的邮件客户端—Mailbird 其实这款软件吧,之前也有不少媒体有过推荐,所以我打算写一些我自己的感受,不求全面,只求真实。


Posted by Guest on December 6, 2017

Just like one of the life’s unanswered questions “Did the egg come first or the chicken?” so is this a perpetual question in the minds of the digital marketers, “Which is more important – SEO or PPC?” It holds great interest for the online marketers because it pits two significant set of traffic strategies against each other. Both have instrumental roles to play in the promotion of a business and a website. SEO and PPC – AN OVERVIEW Both of these strategies affect the boosting of your business as well as your brand visibility.  Therefore having a clear idea about these strategies is essential. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is about acquiring higher rank or a higher organic search result on targeted keywords on the most essential and important search engines. PPC (Pay Per Click), on the other hand, is about paying for an advertising space which is targeted on specific and most searched keywords on the search results page. Both are essential methods of acquiring traffic for the website. I know it is as difficult as separating two peas in a pod. But to determine the importance of each, we need to analyze them at first. SEO – ITS PROS AND CONS The pros of organic search results are plenty. It is undoubtedly very difficult to get ranked based only on organic searches. However, it showcases the premium quality of a website if it ranks high in organic searches. Let’s discuss the pros of organic search: Brand Visibility – Organic…

Mailbird 2.0 is More Than an Email Client

Posted by Christin on March 12, 2015

Are you ready for this? Mailbird has been flying this last year and the team has put every waking hour into making email stress and mismanagement a thing of the past. How did we come to this? Well, it is many thanks to those who gave Mailbird their vote of confidence. Thanks to those of you who held nothing back in telling us how you really feel so that we could take your suggestions into consideration and transform Mailbird into an even stronger productivity tool. It’s more than an email client, it’s an all-in-one communication hub. Mailbird 2.0 allows you to connect all your favorite email accounts with great apps you can choose for messaging like Facebook and WhatsApp, task management like Todoist, Evernote, Asana and, calendars like Google Calendar and Sunrise Calendar, and video meetings like Veeting Rooms and a whole lot more. Try the Pro version of Mailbird 2.0 free for 30 days. It’s freaking awesome!   The Mailbird 2.0 Goods 1) Polished Check out the design difference between the old Mailbird 1.0 and new Mailbird 2.0 below.       2) The Help Button It can take some time to learn new software and be comfortable with it, so we thought it’d be super helpful to add a nice “?” help icon to the top right of the main window allowing you quick access without navigating to the support page on our website for assistance. You can easily search for answers to your questions or hit the “Submit Request” button at…