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Mailbird’s New Years Resolutions

Posted by Christin on January 11, 2017

Before the New Years countdown hits 0, it’s common for us to start thinking about what we want to do different or better for the upcoming year. Therefore we put together a nice list of new years resolutions. Whether you reach them or not, it’s always great to set new personal heights for yourself and the year ahead. So we’d like to share our Mailbird resolutions for 2017 with you. The Growing Mailbird Family First of all, let’s look at the super talented, motivated and fun people, that joined our team last year.   Dasha  …or as we call her: The Expert Software Testing Samurai. Dasha joined our Customer Support & QA Team. She sweats quality. She ensures your experience with Mailbird is flawless, so that you and your friends can finally experience true happiness with email, every step of the way with Mailbird.   Alexis Our Lead Growth Engineer. He analyzes data, eats data, drinks data, lives for data and helps the entire Mailbird team to build a more awesome experience for you – our lovely users. We couldn’t live without him.   Daniel THE Senior UX Designer! Constantly transforming Mailbird into a world quality experience, with attention to the finest detailed designs and UX for our awesome customers. He joined us from the beautiful country of Brazil. We surely don’t want to miss this South American spice in the Mailbird family. In growing our family of email productivity geeks, we will stop at nothing to find the most…

Mailbird CEO Andrea Loubier on #12MinConvo with Engel Jones

Posted by Christin on December 6, 2016

  Engel Jones the podcast host of twelve minute convos. I have set a goal to create the most conversations in 3 months, 1509 specifically.  The start date was Monday 5th September 2016 and I have until  Saturday 3rd December. He has set a goal to create the most conversations in 3 months, 1509 specifically, starting  5th September 2016 until 3rd December. One of his interviewees is our CEO Andrea Loubier. Listen to her story of starting her own business and rocking the world of Female Entrepreneurs. Listen to his full fun podcast interview with our CEO Andrea Loubier here:

Contact Management: The Key to Successful Event Planning  

Posted by Alexis Dolle on November 8, 2016

  Event planning takes communicating to the next level. Working with a team to gather information and details while using your expertise and enthusiasm to make an event come to life takes a lot of precision and perseverance. Contact relationship management (CRM) plays an integral role in how effectively your team can balance communicating with each other and to clients and suppliers. The Event Planning Profile The event planner is a resourceful and creative professional working with a range of tasks and clients. To stay on top of things, event planners need to be good at detecting the slightest details and problems. Coordinating and pooling resources to ensure a project is successfully implemented is only one part of what event planners do. Strong communication, supervision and adaptability are qualities event planners need to exude at all times. Where Mailbird fits in Since the event planner is working deeply with information, having the right technology and software to support this workflow is crucial. Mailbird’s contact management function allows you to profile your contacts in a way that is intuitive to you. By using our unique search functions, you can find attachments easily, search contact profile pictures to locate email correspondence and easily analyze the evolution of your upcoming events.  Project management Mailbird’s app integration is perfect for the event planner that relies on project management software. Detailed spreadsheets, cloud-based storage systems for file sharing and platforms that weave together information in an easy-to-access manner make the planning process that much smoother.…

Email Management for Remote Work: How Mailbird can Help

Posted by Alexis Dolle on October 25, 2016

If you run a virtual business (or if you’re self-employed), you know all too well how easy it is to become overwhelmed by the countless emails you receive each day. Waking up to a huge pile of emails is no fun, but staying on top of it is crucial to keeping your business running and effectively processing the work at hand. You can’t cut down on the mountain of emails… it just can’t be helped. But what you can do is optimize the productivity of your communication with strategic solutions. Mailbird is an effective email management solution for virtual businesses and self-employed workers because it fosters work relationships. Below are some of Mailbird’s best features that can be applied to this context. Integration with other apps Email management software should go beyond the inbox. If you need to coordinate work with a group of people who are not physically present, two things are crucial: the ease of sharing and accessing information and effective communication. Mailbird makes this possible by allowing you to integrate useful apps into your email interface. How does it work? Let’s say you want to conduct an online meeting. With mailbird, you can use video calling apps like and Veeting Room to set up a call or message thread with your workers or your clients. Mailbird also lets you send and retrieve large files with its cloud storage app integrations like Dropbox, Degoo or Google Docs – the most popular platforms for sharing and accessing information…

Hackathon Week 2 Update

Posted by Jason Ephraim on March 11, 2016

Hackathon 2016 Bali – Week 2 Week 2 of the month-long Mailbird Hackathon is coming to a close and we wanted to share a bit about what the team has been up to. This week the Mailbird team was lucky enough to take part in the annual Bali festival of Nyepi. Nyepi 2016 A photo posted by Jason Ephraim (@aussieaggietex) on Mar 8, 2016 at 2:21am PST Beach Trip The team also took some time to get out of the office and work from the beach. The entire team enjoyed collaborating and working on upcoming features surrounded by the most beautiful scenery found anywhere. A photo posted by Jason Ephraim (@aussieaggietex) on Mar 10, 2016 at 2:41am PST Exploring Bali For many team members, this is the first time they are experiencing Bali. The team took some time to visit all Bali has to offer including the Ubud monkey forest, Sanur, Kuta, and everywhere in between. A photo posted by Jason Ephraim (@aussieaggietex) on Mar 9, 2016 at 3:36pm PST Onwards to Week 3 We are planning on releasing a couple new features next week that we are really excited about. We are also happy to introduce a new team member who will hopefully be joining us next Hackathon.

Check out our amazing first week at our Bali Hackathon!

Posted by Jason Ephraim on March 7, 2016

We’ve had an amazing first week at our Bali Hackathon Friday Roundup of the first week of our Bali hackathon #startup #work #paradise A photo posted by Mailbird (@mailbirdemail) on Mar 4, 2016 at 1:15am PST Already, we’ve accomplished some amazing things in our short time together. We’ve planned out the next month including the goals we’d like to achieve together We’ve explored a few amazing spots on this beautiful island such as the Monkey temple at Ubud and the beaches of Sanur. We have also already begun working on two often-requested features that we will reveal later as we get closer to launch. Have you ever been to a Hackathon? Have any stories you’d like to share? Have you ever been to Bali? Any suggestions on where the Mailbird team should visit next?

Mailbird flocks to Bali for the 2016 Hackathon

Posted by Jason Ephraim on March 3, 2016

About half the Mailbird team works in Bali, Indonesia The rest of the team works remotely from all across the globe – including places like Canada, Spain, and the United States. That’s why, once a year, our entire team takes flight to meet up for a month long hackathon in Bali, Indonesia. This year’s hackathon is extra special because we have quite a few new team members making the trip for the very first time. It’s been a few days already, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on together! What the heck is a “hackathon“? Let’s get some &%€(!/* done! #mailbird #hackathon #siliconbali #remotework #distributedteam #digitalnomads #teamwork #TeamWindows A photo posted by Mailbird (@mailbirdemail) on Mar 1, 2016 at 3:11am PST A “hackathon” is typically used to describe a marathon-like event where developers come together to build something (an app, software, etc) in one sitting. Sometimes lasting days, these events usually involve alot of sweat, hoodies, tears, and very little sleep. The Mailbird Hackathon Our design and development team #startup #hackathon A photo posted by Mailbird (@mailbirdemail) on Mar 2, 2016 at 7:07pm PST For the next month, the entire Mailbird team will be working and living together 24/7 to complete projects ranging from new features, to customer service updates, to planning. Throughout the month, we also have a ton of group activities planned including: Hiking Fitness Activities Challenges And many more Burpees at work #hackathon #fitness A photo posted by Mailbird (@mailbirdemail) on Mar 2,…

Check Out Andrea Loubier’s Take on Growth Hacking Podcast

Posted by Christin on January 21, 2016

Laura Moreno has done it again. She has created yet another, awesome Growth Hacking Podcast. After featuring Neil Patel and Ari Meisel, Laura has featured our very own CEO Andrea Loubier. Andrea is sharing great insights and information on her experiences in building up Mailbird, an email client for Windows,  from scratch and why we have chosen Windows users to be our target audience. Get some awesome tips and tricks on the following areas: The Startup Community in Bali What was Mailbirds’ biggest growth Challenge and how did we overcome it How to build a good and genuine relationship with Media contacts Difference of high quality and low quality traffic and how to generate it Share your experiences Are you building a startup yourself? What challenges are you facing or have you faced and how did you overcome them? Share them with us in the comments below.  

Email Client Mailbird Celebrates 1M Email Accounts

Posted by Christin on January 15, 2016

Email Client Milestone: One Million Accounts! Wow! 1.000.000 (yes, that’s Million!) email accounts have been activated in Mailbird to date. This adds up to about 41.666 email accounts per month. Or, 1.388 email accounts per day that were added to and activated in our Mailbird email client within the past 2 years. This is HUGE, and we want to thank all our amazing users. We really appreciate your awesome support and we are grateful so many of you helped us along the way. Thanks to all of you amazing users that have participated in the Mailbird Referral Program. You really have helped us spread the word about Mailbird, and it continues to be a great way for people to find out about us. If you haven’t yet participated, now would be an awesome time to do so! Whenever you want to tell your friends and/or family about your favorite email client. You and your friends can also earn Mailbird Pro for free. In the meantime, we want to give you a little sneak peek of the features that are planned to be launched soon to make Mailbird even better. 1. Import feature: Importing your accounts and folders from other email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Win Live Mail will soon become as easy as clicking a button!   We are currently testing it like crazy and trying to break it, before we are confident enough to release it to the public. Stay tuned on our Facebook and/or Twitter for the exact release date. 2.…

What Being Featured on Product Hunt Feature Taught Us

Posted by Christin on January 7, 2016

This post was originally published by Your CEO is in Asia, your CTO is in Europe, and your marketing team is everywhere in between. So, what do you do when you find you’ve been hunted? In this post, I will go into how we discovered we’d been featured on Product Hunt, and how we came together to get over 100 upvotes for the day and attract over 1000 new visitors. First, a little background. Mailbird is a Windows-only email client designed to make you more productive by bringing together all the apps you use to communicate, plan, schedule, and incorporating them into one easy to use platform. Over the past 4 years, we’ve continued to evolve the client by adding a fresh new look, speed optimizations, enhanced email account support, and more. To date, over 500,000 people have tried Mailbird, and our growth continues to be nothing short of amazing. The main reason for the success of Mailbird has been our amazing team, which includes members from all across the globe. Reaching across the world has not only allowed us to search out the perfect people for every role, but it also allows us to more easily expand out email client to international users. However, this global team distribution can also present problems when attempting to capitalize on something like a Product Hunt feature. Especially, when it’s not something you are expecting… Gah! We were just hunted on Product Hunt That was the message I shared with my team members…