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Posted by Christin on November 19, 2014

A core function and standard request for many email clients is a really awesome way to organize information about people you choose to stay connected with. As we work down the line of software development priorities and requests, this is the hot item we have released.

contact manager1

Moving Away From the Basics

Initially we created a very basic contacts app in Mailbird where you did not have to manually edit, add or remove contacts. If you emailed with someone, that contact automatically was added to your contact list. We also implemented auto-fill so when you started to type the name of any given email contact, their email would pop up so you could easily add it.

We were surprised to learn that many of you had several different use cases for a contacts manager. When we received your questions and requests for a contacts manager, we took the time to understand how you typically would use your ideal contacts manager with Mailbird.

Here are some brilliant ideas that you shared with us:

  1. The ability to create contact groups, a favorite one for businesses.
    contact manager6
  2. To organize contacts like business cards
  3. To import or sync contacts from any email provider. You can do this by importing vCard.
    contact manager-vcard
  4. To include Facebook and LinkedIn updates for each contact
  5. To add/delete/edit contact information like title or company information
    contact manager - individual contact
  6. To connect to all social networks.
  7. Updating a friend’s email when they change it instead of just adding a new contact entry.
  8. Remove spam/junk emails from contacts that would otherwise automatically be added.
    delete contact from contacts manager
  9. To include a Skype ID so people can call directly via Skype when clicking on the Skype ID

How To Use It?

  1. Update Mailbird from the Options menu or just restart Mailbird to get the software update with the new Contacts Manager.
  2. Go to the Mailbird apps by clicking on the three dots on the bottom left of your navigation pane.
  3. Turn on the Contacts app by clicking or sliding the slider switch from Off to On.
  4. Click on the Contacts icon that appears on your navigation pane.
  5. You’ll notice that your contact list is empty.
  6. Populate your contact list by clicking on downward arrow next to ‘Contacts’ heading and select “Collected addresses” if you want to manually create a new contact from an person you’ve emailed with at least once.
  7. Alternately, you can go to any of your email servers whether that be Gmail,, Yahoo etc. and export your contacts and save as a vCard file to your desktop.
  8. Next, in Mailbird click on the downward arrow and select “Import contacts from vCard” which will prompt you to find and select the vCard file you saved to your desktop. Once you do that, your contacts will be populated.
  9. Search for any contact using the search field at the top of the Contacts list.
  10. Hit the + sign to add a new contact
  11. To Delete a contact first select the contact then click on the trash icon in the top right of the contacts details or hit the Delete key. Delete multiple contacts by holding down Ctrl or Shift and selecting the contacts you’d like to delete then right click on the selected contacts and click Delete or just hit the Delete key.
  12. To edit a contact simply type in the available contacts fields and it will automatically save. You can include First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, even Nickname,  Company, Title, Phone, Email addresses, their Skype name and a special note.
  13. You can now create groups and email that entire group. Try creating a group by clicking “Manage groups” once you click on the downward arrow. A window will pop up where you can hit the + sign on the top to create a group.
  14. To add a Contact to any group you’ve created, simply right click on their name and select “Groups” to select which specific group you’d like that Contact to be in.
  15.  To email that group, select the group from the drop down list at the top of the contact list pane then click on the Envelope icon to the right of that group selection field to email all contacts in that group.
  16. To view and filter your contacts you can use the search field or select “All Contacts” or any groups you’ve created from the left navigation. This allows you to either view all Contacts on your list or Contacts in any given group you’ve created.
  17. You can email someone directly from their Contact listing by clicking on the email under their name or double clicking on their name in the Contact list, which will open up a full compose window.
  18. If you have Skype installed on your computer, any contact that you’ve entered a Skype ID for, will direct you to calling that person via Skype when you click on the Skype icon next to the contact name in the Contact list pane.  It’s awesome!
  19. In your inbox you can also right click on someone’s name and select ‘Add to contacts’ to add them to contact manager.
    add to contacts in mailbird inbox
  20. LinkedIn Lookup is still available to enrich and strengthen your professional network directly from Mailbird. As a reminder, to use it, simply right click on a Contact in the Contacts list and select “Look up on LinkedIn”. You can also right click on their email listed under their name in the Contact’s full view in the right pane. You don’t have to be in the Contacts Manager in order to use the “LinkedIn Lookup” feature. You can even do it directly from your inbox by opening an email so it is view-able in the right pane and right click on the Contact’s name at the top of the message to select the “LinkedIn Lookup” feature.

Need Help?

If you need any help at all with the new Mailbird Contacts Manager check out our Knowledge Base article with the “How to’s” here. Otherwise, simply email us directly at [email protected], we are here to help!

This Is Only the Beginning

So this is the second version release of an updated contact manager in Mailbird that allows you to simply add/edit/delete contacts and any relevant information about people you email with.

We are continuing to optimize the beginning of a super powered contacts manager for all of you and cannot wait for you to try it and tell us what you think. We promise to listen! With Mailbird’s new contacts manager, you always have current and up to date information on your friends, co-workers, clients and more. Crossing our fingers that you really like it!

Stay tuned for updates because there is still more to come in the Mailbird Contacts Manager, which include:

  1. Syncing contact edits and updates with the email server
  2. Social updates
  3. Ability to choose the profile picture for each contact

More Professional. More Connected.

Now you can finally help keep your team on track. No matter who is dealing with the contacts, they’ll be able to see the important information, so you can stay in touch. You’ll always be up to date on those important leads. Be smarter about your business, by always knowing exactly who you are dealing with in Mailbird’s brand new contacts manager.

Share this new addition to the most kick ass email client for Windows by clicking on the social share buttons below. Don’t forget that you can get Mailbird Pro for free by inviting more friends. Every friend that installs Mailbird from your invitation will add an extra Pro month to your account so invite more friends and you can virtually use Mailbird Pro for as long as you want. To invite them, go to menu in the top left, select “Invite friends, earn pro”. Enjoy!

Do you have other ideas for the Mailbird contacts manager? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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