Standardizing your businesses email signatures

Business communications are changing and developing all the time, and today we have more apps to help us look polished and professional than ever before. We’re starting with the signature because it reflects the company’s attitude and trustworthiness. When you have a well-designed signature, it shows your clients that you are a serious company and you promote your brand both positively and professionally.

Some parts of the signature like the logo and the name of the company should always be standardised, but including the personal contact and necessary clarification of your employees gives it a particular touch.

Sticking to the brand guidelines pays off if your objective is to present the company in a professional light. Keeping everything simple and elegant makes you look presentable. The fonts and colours used should be familiar to your customers, and there is no need to experiment with custom fonts or bright colours. You shouldn’t use a full image as your signature either, because it will be marked as spam due to the image-to-text ratio being too low. Don’t use flashy colours and keep everything consistent at all times.

A white background is the best option because it ensures accessibility. Using nicknames, numbers or inspirational quotes is not kindly looked at in the business community. When you’re managing a business’s email account, you need to let every employee in your company know that they should only include contact information relevant to their position.

Another topic is social media links in emails (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc.), and you’re the only one that can decide whether they work in your industry. The argument is that this way, you can let clients and customers know that they can connect with you outside the inbox and hear more about your offers. Adding links directly to your accounts is easy, and it can be done through social media buttons.

Out of office autoresponder messages

Out of the office, auto messages are the notifications you receive when the person you’re trying to reach is not available. These type of emails contain information about the return date of the recipient and info about the emergency contact you can reach out to instead if the matter is urgent. You can type up your autoresponder message in the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) dialogue box in your email account. On the following link, you can find some excellent, professional out of office templates that you can use for your next vacation!

Managing your business email settings

If you want to change your name or choose from which email address you want to send out your messages, then you need to go in the email account settings. In the general account settings, you will find that you can modify your name, password, recovery phone number and other basic details.

In the email settings section, you can choose the email address from which business emails are sent to your clients and customers, and revise your email signature. In the business features section, you can create email addresses for your employees or generate aliases.