Is Google the Best Email Company Today?

Posted by Viola Eva on September 18, 2018


Viola Eva

SEO Consultant from Flow SEO

Published on September 18, 2018

The Google success story began 20 years ago, in the not-so-distant 1998 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google Search, which is the most-used web-search engine of all time. In 2004, the founders decided to take the company “public” and made the initial public offering that made Google the multi-billion corporation we know today.

Gmail was launched the same year. The Google Drive was put on the market only six years later, in 2012, and today we have Google docs, sheets, slides and calendar — all part of the same powerful bundle. From July 2018, Google Drive alone is being used by over a billion users, so it is safe to assume that Google is the best email company today. According to GOBankingRates, Google is owned by parent company Alphabet, and it is worth over $279.3 billion!

For all free or low-cost business email providers there, Mailbird is also a great low-cost option for desktop email clients as this is one of the main reasons why existing businesses choose Mailbird over the competition!

However, as a business owner, the most important Google email product for you is the G Suite. The G Suite was formerly known as Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Your Domain, but it was rebranded in September 2016. The Google G Suite is more than just an email service, but a platform that combines cloud computing, productivity, collaboration tools, software and business Google products.

Gmail – is the reason why Google is the best email company today. Gmail is a web-based email service with over one billion active users worldwide, and it’s popular because it features threaded conversations, significant storage space (depends on the package) and advanced search options. The guaranteed uptime with zero scheduled downtime is 99.99 per cent. The best thing about Gmail is that it can fully synchronise with Microsoft Outlook or other email providers, and it supports third-party apps you can purchase on the G Suite Marketplace.

Google Drive – according to Google, the Drive is “a place where you can create, share, collaborate and keep all of your stuff.” It’s a storage space and a synchronisation service, which is ideal for business use because it streamlines the whole working process. Full teams can work on the same Google Doc in real-time, and that is a game-changer for every company that strives towards efficiency. The files in the Drive are synced, and they can be accessed from any device at any given time.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms – are part of the collaborative software we mentioned above, and they are very similar to their Microsoft Office counterparts. For each of these documents, there is a revision history tracker that allows everyone from your team to be updated with all the changes, comments and revisions at all times. The Google forms are a bit different, but also extremely useful for businesses that are data-oriented because they allow information gathering through surveys. The answers are automatically processed and collected in the designated spreadsheets. But when it comes to a bit more complex actions, like “if this then that” types of questions, services like JotForm are a step ahead of Google Forms.

Google Sites – is a handy website building tool for people that don’t know how to write codes or do not have a web design background. The website privacy settings will allow you to share it within your company or the whole world.

Google Calendar – is simply an online calendar, but with a smart scheduling twist and full integration with other email accounts. That means that you can put all of your events and meetings in one calendar with just one click. It’s one of the best administrative tools for businesses.

Google Hangouts – is a messaging service that can be utilised by the people in your company for text, voice and video conversations. The basic business package also offers screen-sharing and 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee with a 24/7 phone and email support. Hangouts Meet is the special video conferencing app that’s part of Google Hangouts.

Google+ – is a social networking service with enhanced privacy controls and restricted communities that allows your team to share and discuss mutual interests and ideas.

Google Keep – is a note-taking tool that includes text, lists, voice, and images. It’s also integrated with Google docs, so you’ll be able to keep notes inside the documents.

Google Vault – is an archiving and electronic discovery service, and one of the reasons G Suite is the best email service for business. In the words of Google, it gives users  “an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for managing information critical to your business and preserving important data.”

Create a professional company email address with Google

If your business still doesn’t have a professional company email address, it’s time for you to create one, and you can do that during the sign up for a Google G Suite account. Google gives you the opportunity to purchase and register a custom domain for your company for $8 to $12 per year. When you’re creating your corporate domain, you should always use the full name of your company or a logical abbreviation of the name, so your customers and clients can easily recognise your brand in their inbox.

The G Suite price plans include the following:

  • Basic – $5 – 30GB storage
  • Business – $10 – unlimited storage and archiving
  • Enterprise – priced individually depending on security and features

Since Gmail is a webmail client, you might want to consider using a desktop email client for better email management and full integration with productivity apps. Furthermore, some email clients offer additional productivity features like attachment search, in-line reply, undo-send, unified inbox and others. Mailbird, which is a Windows-based email client, for example, offers full integration with Slack, Asana, Todoist, Dropbox and most of the other popular business apps. If you’re using Mac, you can try Airmail, or if you’re a Linux user, you might like the Evolution email client.

However, every business is different and has diverse email needs and requirements, and the decision about the best email provider is subjective. Our goal was to provide you with the fundamental information about the G Suite package and Google, which is without a doubt, one of the best email companies in the world today.

For all free or low-cost business email providers there, Mailbird is also a great low-cost option for desktop email clients as this is one of the main reasons why existing businesses choose Mailbird over the competition!

Viola Eva

SEO Consultant from Flow SEO

Published on September 18, 2018