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Email Management

How to Supercharge Microsoft Exchange Email [Guide]

Are you a Microsoft Exchange email user or thinking of using it? Smart choice! Microsoft Exchange Server is a core component of Office 365 and is constantly improving. With features like OWA and...

August 28, 2020

Email Management

Opera Mail: Features, Drawbacks, and 3 Great Alternatives

Is Opera Mail the right email client for you? We’ll try and help you answer that question in this article. We’ve prepared an in-depth Opera Mail review. Additionally, we will also share...

August 5, 2020


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Email Management

Inky Email Client: Review & Awesome Alternatives

Did you know the Inky email client was discontinued some time ago? The Inky company decided to focus solely on email security and anti-phishing software. In this article, let’s make an Inky...

July 30, 2020

Email Management

Claws Mail: Features, Drawbacks, and Two Great Alternatives

Thinking about downloading Claws Mail? In this article, we’ll give you a detailed Claws Mail review to help you decide if it’s the right solution for you. We’ll also give you two...

July 20, 2020